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  1. Can anyone recommend a uk supplier of either a 232 side powered 232 to TTL or an ebay supplier of a nokia cable that actually works? most of the links in this thread are US based
  2. Hello. Like many others I have found my way here after suffering a failure of my Seagate drive A Barracuda 7200.11 500GB which was working fine until the weekend when it stopped being detected by the BIOS. So I am 99% sure I have the BSY issue. Finding this thread has been great as it has provided me some hope that I will be able to recover my data (mostly backed up but certain family photos not so much ) So, I have some reading to do, (starting with the READ_ME_FIRST), some kit to buy, (I need to work out the best/easiest TTL device that I can get in the UK) and some nervous wiring/data entry once I am ready to go! I am sure that I will have questions, hopefully you will be gentle with me! Cheers. rmg.