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  1. I tried using both winsxslite as well as this method by aviv00 to change a win7x64 install. (I dd this in an attempt to fix the 800+MB of file size that is added to my drive after installing 30 or so small windows updates.) for aviv00's, the program (whereisit) wasn't allowed to delete any of the files, even though I gave the command prompt commands and they executed successfully. for winsxslite, phase 1 didn't seem to work (kept saying "could not find file "c:\""), and while phase 2 scan seemed to work (it said it would change 800-900MB of stuff I think), it was let with some files that couldn't be reverted, and couldn't be replaced. If a reschedule was executed, then absolutely everything fubars up (almost no executable file will run in windows anymore). Even ignoring the few files it left stuck, the windows directory wasn't any smaller after the change. In fact, it was actually a bit larger. I am aware that these are both rather old, but have not heard of alternatives. I thought I'd let people know that this didn't work for me, and very likely wouldn't work for you (unless something is pointed out that i should do different of course).
  2. I remember Recoil. It could have been a much better game than it was, but it was still a great game. I remember it was one of the first games I played with my first 3D video card (which it came with). I loved the graphics and was surprised how fast it ran. I cannot say I've heard of any games similar to it recently though.
  3. I assume someone knows the answer to this... seems pretty straightforward. Maybe I should post in a different forum section?
  4. I don't know if this is the best place to post about this, but it seems like at least a decent spot. So I recently made a few of my own slimmed windows 7 versions various ways, and most recently did this one: (7elite64, slightly modified) (I also tried dead0's but ran into problems; Quite strange IMO) It was 4.8GB installed, which is satisfactory for me. I then installed 35 of the critical windows updates - none for IE8, all of the bugfixes, all of the dotNET ones, then just a handful of others (DST or something, none of the reliability ones) The download size was like 35MB maybe. After installation of the updates, my windows size became 5.6 GB. That's 800MBs from windows updates.... (and not even all of them) I was wondering, does slipstreaming these updates change that amount of space dramatically? by how much? Most importantly, is there a way to shrink the windows folder after the updates are applied on an installed system?
  5. Thanks for this info. I thought Internet explorer could be removed with vlite, but I suppose it cannot without doing more advanced things. I see there's 2-3 packages that are available to remove using dism, perhaps that is the way to remove it, the troubleshooters one? the optional one? or both? (and probably NOT the HTML engine one though right?)
  6. This time that I retry, my untouched dvd, it doesn't get far at all! the dism batch doesn't work- all the actions receive error 5: access is denied. I honestly don't see how this will help me, as I didn't have this issue when I used another install source, but now I am getting the problem all of a sudden. I tried it anyway though. It took a very long time!! One folder, "documents and settings" was NOT allowed access to change permissions. Whether or not that was the reaon, Most (not all) of the dism batch actions failed. I think it's possible some of them succeeded last time also, but the large majority of them failed, just like now. Why would (seemingly just) a different source cause such a huge difference?
  7. I think my problem may be due to either the modified install I was using (or still possibly the fact that I'm running vlite on an OS that wasn't slimmed down right so some things are buggy). Anyway, I'll try some other stuff and see if I can get things working better.
  8. Really? (or is this specific to 7lite but not vlite? because vlite says it removes the indexing) Also, problems occur if UPNP is not installed? How is it important to have if many people just end up disabling it when it is installed? Also Windows Image Acquisition isn't on your list. AFAIK it should be under either "do not remove" or "critical component".
  9. So I tried doing this prodecure, but the windows 7 installed saying "cannot install required files". Also during vlite while applying changes had a similar error "cannot find file" or something which I think is related to why the install didn't work either. I did make some mistakes though (used an older session file, possible other files older as well. It was rather confusing since dead0 didn't post his latest file package in his original post), so I'm retrying the procedure again, with just the new files, and hopefully with no mistakes. Anyway, the main reason that I'm posting, is I'd like an explanation of what is being removed by the dism bat and removal bat (and/or the vlite preset)for win7x64 of dead0's latest file package, and what impact it has on the functionality of windows. I can see the components obviously from vlite, so that's less of an issue, but with the dism, there's no description of the components that it removes, so it's harder for me to understand it's impact. Is there a basic explanation of the functionality that is still there or the functionality that isn't? For instance I saw some diagnostic and/or network things were removed with both vlite and the dism bat - does that mean I wouldn't be able to view the network (or even system) performance section of (task manager's?) resource manager? Also, Windows Remote Management is on vlite's removal list, but it says it's required for event log. Is this false, or should I uncheck remote management if I want to use the event log? Same thing goes on with "quality of service" (network section) and "IPSec Policy agent" (service), to have enabled windows update (service). Or is it possible that the remove/dism already removed components that allow the event log or windows update to work already? One big thing I was wondering about is that the removal batch file says something like ".net framework will not be installable in the future" I assume this is still true, or is there some sort of fix or what? I was just wondering because what if a more recent net framework (or small, but critical for some, update for it) pops up in 1-5 years down the road? Will I just be screwed? I don't want an OS that won't last for a long time. Oh another thing: I am using an ISO which already has updates slipstreamed onto it, I presume I can skip the add an remove stages of the guide fine, right? Edit: so I tried doing the guide procedure again and It didn't work perfectly. When vlite was just finishing up the modification it said "The system could not find the file specified" (although it didn't SEEM to abort the whole process, but the ISO file size was hardly shrunk at all, so maybe it did abort). The only things different is when I ran vlite I kept zip/cab viewing, Quality of Service, Digital Rights Management, and IPSec Policy agent. Also the Windows ISO has updates on it already, and I skipped the updating steps. Also errored on install, something like "windows cannot find install files". This occurs before even doing step 12 or 13.