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  1. Yeah, but at least it has been reported to not be a problem before , and you are already past the difficult stage, so it *should* be easy (except for the nerves ) to get it working again Woohoo! It seems to have worked - can see all my precious files, just copying them off now. Glad it didn't take much longer, don't think my poor heart could have taken much more! Think the problem with it 'hanging' on that command is because I didn't power off/on the drive before running it. Doing as Escalera did (power off when it hangs, wait for a minute, back on, ctrl + z, and then "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22") seems to have done the tick. Thanks to everyone!
  2. Hi drr104, There were some reports (also here and here) of that happening before . In those cases they just powered down, and redid the procedure, after which it worked first time. Thanks BlouBul! I guess I'll give that a try - pretty scary though!
  3. Hi all, So I'm trying to fix my drive... I've got it all connected and working with HyperTerminal and I've gotten to the "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22" stage but it's been sat there for over an hour now. Has it taken this long for anyone else? Guess I'm being a bit optimistic that someone will reply so quick! What should I do if I don't get a response from this command? Can't leave it plugged in forever... Thanks!