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  1. Hey I manage to save my RAID1. I decided to reinstall windows, and when windows asked wich disk I wanted to install, he saw that disk c: was already windows. So he proposed me to repair it. I agree, and after a long long long reparation, he succeeded in repairing the disc. Some skin and updates seems to be loosed, but all the system is like before, no soft installation, no lost files !!! So it's good for me. Thanx you Fernando for your efforts ! ++
  2. thanx. I've done chkdsk c: /f and chkdsk c: /p but always the blue screen. I'll save the data and reinstall, the problem seems too complex... Thanx a lot for your advices ! ++
  3. Here is the blue Screen. You think a chkdsk /f could resolve this ? Another thing, in the console, with MAP i get that : C: 100 Go D: NTFS 300 Go E: NTFS 300 Go C: is no more specified with NTFS file system...
  4. no, it's too fast. I go to bed... good night
  5. Sadly, no more evolution after Fixboot c: It found some problems and fix them. At reboot, blue screen after windows logo. Re-install is my only hope ?
  6. Thanx. Yes, it was the settings you describe. HARD DISK BOOT PRIORITY = array RAID1 # First bootable device: CD-ROM # Second bootable device: HDD I'll try FIXBOOT
  7. So I tried your method, but the Repair function is strange. First, I've got no more floppy disk. So I inserted the RAID drivers with n-lite in a windows XP SP3. -The bios is SATA as RAID, - I boot on the CD of n-lite Windows first. - I do not press F6 because drivers are in the CD, I'm right ? - I choose "Repair" in the menu, - and after a short time, I come to black screen like DOS : "Recuperation console from Windows". A sentence say : "The recuperation console gives system reparation and recuperation functions..." And the cursor waits for me. But I don't know how it works... I type "dir", but I see no folder, nothing, and typing "help" give me Help for DOS. What can I do ? Have you got an idea ? Thanx a lot
  8. Thanx for the advice, I will try this today. And I'll be back to say how it happens. ++
  9. Hello Fernando, and thanx a looooootttt ! Yes, in the RAID utility (F10), the RAID1 is healthy. If I put SATA as Raid in the bios, I can select RAID for boot in the priority. It seems good. But Windows does'nt start. In the second black sreen after booting, the computer verify DMA Pool..., and just appears "Y∞Y∞" and nothing happens. Perhaps it is because my first disk is now different from the second. I've launched Windows in IDE yesterday, and I think the second drive is no more the exact copy of the first. I've got an option in Raid Utility (F10) : Rebuild RAID Perhaps this option could copy the good info on the second disk. But I'm anxious about that "Rebuild" function ; it could work, or he could erase all and it should be very long for a 750Go disk to rebuild... Thanx for all advice.
  10. thanx a lot Fernando, I will try this ! Perhaps I will have to rebuild the Raid1 (key F10 at boot) ? Because I think that the 2 disks have no more the same information, since they are separated in Windows. I've done the test after my problem, one file copied on the first disk is not present on the second. What do you think ? Thanx
  11. Hello everybody You seem to have some ressource about Nvidia Disk controller. I've got a big problem with RAID and AHCI, and perhaps you could help me. Sorry for the "french" english... Windows XP (legal SP3) is installed for 1 year and work perfectly. I've got a Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H motherboard, with Nvidia MCP79 SATA Controller. There are 2 HD in RAID1 mirror, but I don't remember if the 2 HD was in AHCI or IDE. There are 3 partitions on this RAID. All worked good,until now... 1 - I've inserted a new HD disk in SATA (to repair another computer), 2 - after booting, a message disappear after 5 seconds, it was about AHCI but too short, no way to read, 3 - my Windows boot, so I can format my new disk and copy web files that I nedded. So I take it out and reboot, 4 - the logo of windows appears but the PC reboot after a blue screen. So I put SATA Bios on IDE, and Windows start. He succes to read my RAID0, and I come to the desktop without problem. But now my partitions are doubled. C:(system) is G:(system) too. D:(work) is H:(work) I see 6 partitions instead 3. The RAID is dead and the 2 HD are separate now ? I'm very anxious about the security of my RAID1, with this duplication of the HD in windows... What do you think ? Thanx a lot