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  1. I can't do anything with this program anymore. Before it would freeze and not respond when I tried to remove any kind of drivers, now even if I don't remove drivers it just gets to about 98% on removing components and then it stops responding for hours, sometimes gives a .NET framework crash but most of the time nothing, then I have to do the whole "unmount WIM" BS over again every time. No idea what's up.
  2. Hi, that didn't help me. I can boot from the USB HDD. But! When I do this, the unattended section does not work! It's as if "autounattend.xml" didn't even exist, but it is on the USB-HDD. What to do? Does it matter that I have 5 partitions on my main HDD + 1 on my USB-HDD and I already have Win 7 on one of them?
  3. Hi, I have a problem. I have made my image but I am trying to do an unattended install from a 250 GB USB HDD. I formatted a 10 GB partition, set as active and done the bootsect thing. It boots up fine, but none of the unattended options work! It still asks for license agreement, version select, username creation etc... Why is this happening? When testing the image in vmware the unattended install works fine, I just select partition and it installs everything by itself. The "USB Bootable" option in RT7lite doesn't work (doesn't detect my hard drive, I guess it is only for USB FLASH drives not HDD, wtf) so I can't use that either. Can someone tell me what the USB Bootable option does so I can do that for my USB-HDD and make the unattended options work? Thanks