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  1. Hi, Pea 0.33 was released with the new release of PeaZip. The new version of Pea executable has a renewed and better looking GUI, and implement various bugfixes and some additional features compared to the version in use in UniExtract 1.6.1, but its is totally compatible and I've tested it with no problems replacing the older executable in UniExtract 1.6.1 (portable version). I would like to suggest, for your next update, to replace the old Pea executable with the new one, please let me know if you need some feedback about that. I would also like to ask you to kindly update your entry about PeaZip on Universal Extractor's credits section, PeaZip is now hosted on Google Code instead of SourceForge (which now has a 301 permanently moved status), so links should be modified to point to Regards and many thanks in advance Giorgio Tani (author of PeaZip)