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  1. I fixed my drive tonite. Thanks for your advice about the PSU. I tried with a 300W causing Windows and Hyperterminal to freeze when powering up the Barracuda. Switching to a 450W PSU pulled the trick. 2 notes : i have firmware SD25 i followed this excellent tutorial http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html but before regenerating the partitions pull out the sata power cable and wait 1 minute (not doing so caused a very long wait and nothing happened) Thanks BlouBul you made my day.
  2. I've got the setup of this guy (http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html) and i get just till the moment that i have to power on my sata drive. Sata data cable not attached Thanks for having a look at this. Dirk I do hope your SATA data cable is not connected? Otherwise give more info of exactly what you are trying to commit there, since I normally leave my crystal ball at work and do not have access to it during weekends.
  3. Hi people, i'm also trying to unbrick my seagate but at the moment when i power on my harddrive some moments later hyperterminal and windows xp freezes. Can somebody help me ?