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  1. It does not always work. 1. Hit Enter. 2. Hit Backspace. 3. Hit Enter + Shift. The result is going two lines down.
  2. I also find this quite annoying as quoting only one post often makes no sense without the previous replies. You can still insert the older ones manually but it is quite troublesome and takes much more time than just quoting everything at once. I wonder whether that notification was really supposed to be black . At the moment it is kind of useless as you are unable to read the text in there... I have also experienced problems in Palemoon when writing posts and hitting the ENTER key to insert a new line. It is very difficult to go to the next line without a line break.
  3. 1. You are right about the BWC driver. I thought the URL was posted in this thread but now I see that I actually received it from the OP by a PM. The link to the driver is with the current version being 2. By FullPack I really meant just a fully updated Windows 2000 source, with no unofficially modified kernel files added. Also, when it comes to the FullPack, there is always only one release available at a given time as I keep updating the package without changing the URL. In this case I meant the release as of 2016-08-22. 3. As far as I understand, the OP only tested the Fernando's driver and not the BlackWingCat's one.
  4. I do not think that you need any extended kernel files for the BlackWingCat's driver. I have not tested it on a real hardware but the driver files themselves are from 2009 and seem to be compatible with Windows 2000. As far as I can see, only the INF files have been modified, probably to add additional hardware IDs. I have just tried to integrate the driver using nLite and there is indeed a problem in the very beginning: which leads to the TXTSETUP.SIF file where the invalid line states: = "Intel(R) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller" After removing the line the installer seems to work fine though . My test configuration was just my HFSLIP2000-FullPack with all the official updates and hotfixes slipstreamed but without any unofficial kernel extensions.
  5. I have updated the site again today! This is an important update as I have reintroduced several unofficial updates to the lists (apart from adding a few other regular / XP updates). I have more updates to add on my to-do list but have not had enough time to process them yet. You can check the changelog for details. The HFSLIP2000-FullPack.7z has also been updated accordingly. As always, you can find it in the Download Archive in the Windows2000/USP5 folder. Not really, except for some minor fixes . The site is still loading slowly simply because the code has grown massively in the recent months. I will probably need to rewrite (simplify) some of the code to really visibly improve the current state but I need more time to work on it. At the moment Opera 12 seems to load the site fastest due to its superior table rendering. Thank you for your continuing support! It is good to hear that Firefox is working for you as in my case the browser freezes for several seconds while trying to load the site... I rely mostly on Chrome (actually SRWare Iron) and Opera 12 when testing it on my desktop as the two are much, much faster. Of course, I am only talking about the Updates page as the main page is very lightweight and quick to load .
  6. I would really suggest not using Windows Update after a Windows 2000 installation that has been based on the updates lists from my website. The reason is that there are many hotfixes, Windows XP updates, etc. which replace older official M$ updates. Yet, Windows Update will likely try to still apply those replaced updates which in the worst case may overwrite the newer files. I really have to ask - how have you downloaded all those files? You have things like windows2000-kb891861-x86-enu.exe instead of Windows2000-KB891861-v2-x86-ENU.exe, no hotfixes, no Windows XP updates, and even many regular updates missing in your installation. Just by looking at the log file I can see many potential issues in such a partial installation. Please remember that the updates, hotfixes and all the other files listed on my site are often interconnected and should be used together. No-one can predict what will happen if you decide to only apply some of the updates.
  7. I am not sure I will be able to help as I only do my testing with a full (non-modified) version of the FullPack where all the updates, hotfixes and other files listed on my site are included . I can guarantee that everything works correctly with such a full installation. However, in case of a customised installation like yours it is really difficult to deduct what the problem may be about. With my limited time, I am not able to do any other type of testing except for the full installation which means all updates, all hotfixes and all other packages slipstreamed. Because of that, the FullPack includes everything from the Updates Lists. As for Windows Update related files, they are not included on purpose simply because they are not needed (as long as all the updates and hotfixes have been slipstreamed).
  8. I have checked your log file. Are you sure that you have the right version of the HFSLIP2000-FullPack? There are plenty of updates missing from your HFSLIP folders. I would suggest to download the current release of the FullPack from my download Archive (located in the Windows2000/USP5 folder), unpack it, add your Windows 2000 source to the SOURCE folder and run the script. Also, do not delete any files from the FullPack folder and make sure that your source is clean because at the moment in your log file you have CDTAG - Undefined which normally should be CDTAG - CDROM_NT.5 meaning that file file is probably missing. If you are not sure which files are needed you can always just copy all files from your Windows 2000 CD to the SOURCE folder.
  9. It seems that something might have not been slipstreamed correctly. It should not matter whether you use VMWare or VirtualBox (which I myself prefer). Everything should still install properly without any errors. I would suggest slipstreaming the updates again. Please remember that if your host OS is Vista or newer you must run the HFSLIP script as administrator. Otherwise some updates (especially the very old ones) will not be unpacked correctly, and thus will either fail to or only partially integrate.
  10. Could you explain in details when you are getting those errors? I have just checked the newest version of the FullPack on my machine and everything seems to be working fine, at least when it comes to the installation process. Is your Windows 2000 source original and clean (with no 3rd party modifications)?
  11. I have updated my site today! I have replaced all the remaining links with direct URLs . The only remaining non-direct URL is 890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool) which is updated monthly and I kind of doubt if it even still works in Windows 2000. I should probably check it and remove from the list if that is the case.
  12. Just a quick update on the topic . I finally upgraded both devices to Windows 10 (really did a fresh installation) on the last day of the free upgrade period. I will probably just use the OS although I must say that the learning curve on the 8" tablet after using Windows 8.1 for all that time has been very steep. As far as touch only goes, Windows 8.1 felt much more natural with all the swiping, etc. Windows 10 is usable but feels kind of clunky when used without a mouse or a keyboard. The former just felt much more fluid, and the tablet mode in Windows 10 is somewhat annoying, limited and glitchy with some desktop applications that do not like to be maximized. Also, I really wonder what is the reason to hardcode the taskbar colour to black only in the tablet mode?
  13. Thank you for all the engagement although in case of the HFSLIP package I think it will be better to limit it only to official M$ files. At the moment the package strictly follows my website when it comes to the updates included, and is also compatible with vanilla Windows 2000 (without any unofficial updates). For the time being I would prefer to keep it this way as only by doing so I can guarantee wide compatibility. Although I and many other users here are very open to the unofficial kernel, etc. there are still cases (like servers and such) where unofficially modified files are not welcome. I believe that it is still very useful to have such a basic package with all the official updates (and other compatible official M$ files / components) that can be used in any Windows 2000 configuration. On the other hand, UURollup is where this kind of modified files belong to. However, as @jaclaz pointed out, I tend to be quite conservative as far as adding new files goes. Even excluding all the external factors (like me being busy, etc.) I have never been very quick to update packages like UURollup simply because there is always very high risk of bugs and other system incompatibilities. In a situation where Windows 2000 is not used by many people any more, and only a few people make unofficial packages we always should test every new file thoroughly before installation, and especially files that have been modified since any potential issues may lead to broken systems. In other words, both the risk and the responsibility are very high. This does not mean that I am opposed to new files / components that could improve the system. I just believe they need to be tested very well before adding them to any larger unofficial package. Creating a separate addon may actually be a good way to test the files first! I personally have not used / tested the non-destructive method thoroughly but could you just check whether the 48-Bit LBA support is even enabled? Please follow and let me know what the EnableBigLba is currently set to. As for the USB ports, I believe all of them should be intercompatible. I think I myself even used a USB 3.0 external drive with a computer that only had USB 1.1 ports before. I only had to use a USB Y-cable to make it work .
  14. I am happy that you like it :) I hope I will be able to find an easy way to solve the performance issues without having to e.g. split the tables into multiple pages, etc. As far as the HFSLIP-FullPack is concerned, at the moment it has been strictly following all the changes made to the site itself. I always try to update the package simultaneously so you just need to check the change log on the website for everything. In case of the current release, I only added the hotfix (listed in the change log) that could not previously be slipstreamed. My plans for now are to change all the remaining indirect URLs to direct links. I am also considering adding (actually re-adding) the .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 addons created by OnePiece. Although these are unofficial updates in a strict sense, what they really are are just official M$ installers and updates repacked and merged together, i.e. the files themselves are unmodified. My .NET Framework combined installer is a completely different story as 1) it is not an addon but rather an SFXCAB archive, 2) it cannot be slipstreamed, and 3) it requires the BWC kernel to work. On the other hand, the OnePiece's addons are intended for Windows 2000 and do not require any unofficial modifications to work. Apart from these addons, there are also a few other unofficial updates which simply install official M$ files that are otherwise not available for Windows 2000, and I am considering (re)adding those to the lists too. As far as the other unofficial packages go, and especially the packages which overwrite original system files with unofficially modified versions, they are covered by UURollup and/or the BWC kernel so I have no plans to (re)add them to the updates lists. I hope I will manage to update the UURollup itself later. I also really need to have a look at the newly released XP POSReady updates as I am sure that some of them can be applied to 2000 too.
  15. I am very sorry for the 3 year delay but I have finally examined the hotfix and updated the information on how to slipstream it. Please check my website for details.