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  1. This is the URL: Does it open for you? If there are no issues I will replace the current one with this.
  2. I have a feeling that Dropbox has blocked the files for ever (for other reasons than that bandwidth limit). I am uploading them to Google Drive now too but I do not know if you can access it in India. Does GDrive work for you? I will likely replace the current Dropbox link with Google Drive and then add MEGA as the secondary source.
  3. Everything should be available to download from MEGA now... and Dropbox is still not working.
  4. Dropbox is still blocked and I do not know why... I will upload the files to another service and add a backup URL to my site. Edit: The link is!2lBVBBLI!WqmqhpxuX0qyCY1LiX4-gw. The files are still being uploaded so everything will be available gradually.
  5. Repacking updates is not very difficult, but you need to know the basics and experiment a lot. The main problem is lack of proper documentation . I can help with specific issues but to explain everything would require writing a full guide which I am not capable of doing at the moment. I am aware of the problem. Dropbox has a traffic limit and apparently mine has been all used. It is kind of strange because I pay for the service which means 200 GB of daily traffic. I highly doubt that people have downloaded so many updates from my site in such a short period of time . I hope that there is no other reason for the ban. Nevertheless, everything should be back to normal in the next few days. I am considering using another cloud service as an alternative source, but uploading the files will take forever with my current Internet connection.
  6. I have finally managed to update my site. I wanted to add some more updates too but have not had enough time to do it so I only added the performance fixes mentioned above. The Updates page should now load MUCH faster. Not really . The HFSLIP2000-FullPack is compatible with English version of Windows 2000 only. You will have to download all the Japanese updates manually.
  7. You can expect a big update to my website in the upcoming days. I have managed to cut the loading time in half!
  8. I do not really know anything about the driver and probably will not have time to do any tests I have been kind of busy recently so at the moment I am trying to speed up my website a little bit and then add the remaining XP POSReady updates.
  9. I just want to say that the Add/Remove error cannot come from the .NET Framework addons because they were added only very recently (2016-08-22 to be specific) and the original post is dated 2016-08-15. I do not have any such issues in my installation (where all the updates, hotfixes and other files listed on my site are included).
  10. It is good to know that although I hope BlackWingCat will ultimately come out with a permanent solution to this problem . I personally have not been able to follow the KernelEx thread and in order to catch up would probably have to re-read at least the last few pages. I do not have much time to spend on the Windows 2000 related stuff so I want first to finish adding all the new XP/2003 updates to the Updates Lists, and improve the website itself. After that I hope to update UURollup too with the newer files from BlackWingCat. I am not sure whether concrt140.dll is required. Does it show up in red in Dependency Walker? I cannot check right now but I think it was yellow, and the executable should work without it anyway. The missing dependencies in ole32.dll are definitely a problem though.
  11. I have just very briefly checked the Firefox Nightly files with Dependency Walker and a few dependencies seem to be missing. That could be the reason why it does not start. Later I may try to compare them with those from a working release of Firefox to see what the differences are.
  12. You are right but technically Firefox ESR is a specialised release of the browser. Mozilla describes it as follows. It is not advertised as a browser for general use and most computer users have no idea it even exists. The problem is that even if you do decide to use Firefox ESR for now, we still need to get the Firefox Nightly issue fixed because the current branch of Firefox ESR will not be supported for ever. I am also wondering whether it is the UI or the engine to cause the problem. If it is the former then SeaMonkey or Palemoon could also be considered a viable alternative (especially the first one since it uses exactly the same engine as Firefox).
  13. Let us hope then that BlackWingCat will do something about this issue . There is still time as the current stable version of Firefox is 48.
  14. I have added a few XP updates / hotfixes to the Updates Lists and removed one obsolete update. Please check the changelog for details. I have also updated the HFSLIP2000-FullPack accordingly. @Hackeronte I am getting the same error with my HFSLIP2000 build and BlackWingCat's extended core and kernel installed. If possible, someone please test if the Firefox Nightly 51 runs in Windows XP.
  15. It does not always work. 1. Hit Enter. 2. Hit Backspace. 3. Hit Enter + Shift. The result is going two lines down.