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  1. It is included in Windows2000-KB891861-v2.reg.
  2. It was replaced by KB961501 (first reported by acus back in 2012). The info is actually present in the old changelog that is not on the site right now. I still need to reformat it to match the new style and then re-add everything...
  3. The log file is created in the HFSLIP folder each time you run the script. Mine looks like this: The SP4 is included in the FullPack so it should not matter. Using nLite may cause issues though, especially when used after HFSLIP. An ISO file is automatically created when using the FullPack so if possible try to use that to install the system. This way we will see if nLite is the culprit or not. WINNT.SIF is used for automated installation. I have mine set up so that the whole process is 100% automatic. This is especially handy for testing the ISO in VirtualBox. Basic information: Detailed information: Here you can check mine (without the serial key): Be careful! Using this file as it is will remove all existing partitions from the drive! Also, I have used this file for Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP too so not all sections / entries are relevant to 2000 Pro. Those are ignored during the setup process anyway.
  4. As always, thanks a lot for testing and all the kind words. To tell the truth, I have not really tested slipstreaming drivers for a very long time. I have not experienced any issues with the stock ones though. I will need to have a look at your HFSLIP log file. Can you upload it here? Also, is your Windows source modified in any way? Have you used any other tools than HFSLIP to modify it? I always test my HFSLIP packages before uploading with a clean copy of Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 pre-integrated. I only add my WINNT.SIF, run the HFSLIP script and then test the ISO file in VirtualBox.
  5. A big update today! 1. Many new updates added (mostly from XP POSReady but not only). 2. HFSLIP 2000 updated (check the changelog in the ZIP archive). 3. HFSLIP2000-FullPack also updated accordingly with the new updates and the updated HFSLIP 2000 script. Check the changelog on for all the details, and please let me know if you find any issues with the new updates.
  6. I have just updated my website. The Archive now links to Google Drive instead of Dropbox. I have also fixed several broken URLs (thanks @MattRoot1616). Please let me know if there any other issues with the site!
  7. I am not sure if creating a new topic was a good idea because the combined .NET installer is discussed and available only through the main USP 5.2 thread. Anyhow, my guess would be that you have not installed either UURollup or the BlackWingCat's kernel. The .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 files require the kernel extension to run. I would suggest to install the newest version of BWC kernel (and other BWC kernel related packages) and then reinstall the .NET package. On a side note, there is also a possibility that not all .NET dependant applications will work, regardless of the kernel, but you should still try first.
  8. This is the URL: Does it open for you? If there are no issues I will replace the current one with this.
  9. I have a feeling that Dropbox has blocked the files for ever (for other reasons than that bandwidth limit). I am uploading them to Google Drive now too but I do not know if you can access it in India. Does GDrive work for you? I will likely replace the current Dropbox link with Google Drive and then add MEGA as the secondary source.
  10. Everything should be available to download from MEGA now... and Dropbox is still not working.
  11. Dropbox is still blocked and I do not know why... I will upload the files to another service and add a backup URL to my site. Edit: The link is!2lBVBBLI!WqmqhpxuX0qyCY1LiX4-gw. The files are still being uploaded so everything will be available gradually.
  12. Repacking updates is not very difficult, but you need to know the basics and experiment a lot. The main problem is lack of proper documentation . I can help with specific issues but to explain everything would require writing a full guide which I am not capable of doing at the moment. I am aware of the problem. Dropbox has a traffic limit and apparently mine has been all used. It is kind of strange because I pay for the service which means 200 GB of daily traffic. I highly doubt that people have downloaded so many updates from my site in such a short period of time . I hope that there is no other reason for the ban. Nevertheless, everything should be back to normal in the next few days. I am considering using another cloud service as an alternative source, but uploading the files will take forever with my current Internet connection.
  13. I have finally managed to update my site. I wanted to add some more updates too but have not had enough time to do it so I only added the performance fixes mentioned above. The Updates page should now load MUCH faster. Not really . The HFSLIP2000-FullPack is compatible with English version of Windows 2000 only. You will have to download all the Japanese updates manually.
  14. You can expect a big update to my website in the upcoming days. I have managed to cut the loading time in half!
  15. I do not really know anything about the driver and probably will not have time to do any tests I have been kind of busy recently so at the moment I am trying to speed up my website a little bit and then add the remaining XP POSReady updates.