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  1. I have a bricked Segate Barracuda 7200.11 750GB I read a couple guides and FAQ sticky, I have a problem I did not see anyone mention except that you get this message if I hit ctrl-z too soon I Type ctrl+z F3 T> I Type /2 F3 2> I Type Z and press enter LED:000000CE FAddr:0025A261 LED:000000CE FAddr:0025A261 LED:000000CE FAddr:0025A261 i don't get "Spin Down Complete, Elapsed Time 0.146 msecs" and yes I have the PCB disconnected using a card UPDATE: I just tried it by removing the pcb completely and now it worked. so putting the card in to disconnecting is not a good idea. Thanks for the fix! hope my data is there, still working on it at this time.