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  1. Great. For anyone else in the same difficulty: Paypal are quite helpful if you call them. https://www.paypal.com/ca/selfhelp/contact/call or email: https://www.paypal.com/ca/selfhelp/contact/email
  2. PayPal records go back earlier than that, have you tried searching for it on their website?
  3. I didn't see any window like that, that I recall. Maybe Big Muscle removed it. Thanks for the info anyway though.
  4. Where is a working download link for that please?
  5. I totally agree. Much kudos to Bigmuscle.
  6. Yes, sorry for straying off-topic.
  7. It's such a shame. It's almost as if Microsoft planned their own demise as the OS-supplier of choice for non-Mac people. Vista Ultimate was, in my opinion, the last great OS. Pity one couldn't just settle for an OS and keep it forever....safely. I upgraded mine to 7 Ultimate and regretted it, however, it's easy to carry forward Vista features to that OS. Above that it gets harder and harder. I'd settle for 10 over 8.1 any day but why they made it so plain and drab looking and so unfriendly (as in Windows Updates and many other settings) only they know.
  8. So the solid titlebar on Windows Apps should be regarded as normal as it's a Win 10 "fault".
  9. When did you see that choice? I didn't see any such window come up.
  10. New 1.5. Why is my Title bar opaque on Windows Update but not when I open software etc.?
  11. Yes, unless BigMuscle gave you a secret download page then it varies.
  12. Try http://www.glass8.eu/
  13. ..and while we are all waiting, all of you who haven't already got one, may I suggest installing Google Translate add-on to your browsers? These are International forums after all. That or at least keep a shortcut to the web version: http://translate.google.com/ Very useful to have. (Referring to earlier remarks).