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  1. Thank you. I assume OK until MS break it again, darn it. I was hoping there was a simpler way, a simple registry edit for example.
  2. @bigmuscle this pops up now at every boot yet, as you can see, the Aeroglass effect is still active. This is since the last major Win 10 update (10586). Any simple solution?
  3. Big Muscle sends you a key or more than 1 depending on your donation.
  4. It's up: http://www.glass8.eu/
  5. Yes, serves me right for not redisplaying the thread. ;-)
  6. Mega is perfectly safe. I suspect it's your browser at fault. Try a different one
  7. No need to install anything...if you look at the options it offers to allow downloads via your browser.
  8. I don't want to digress form the thread subject but has anyone had this behaviour in any of their installations? Open a Windows Explorer window and the Title bar displays a totally different colour from the rest of the frame? This only happens in 1 out of 3 of my Win 10 OS's and only if I select any warm colour for "Taskbar, Window Border and Start Menu". Grey is fine. It's got to be something I've done.
  9. Turn off hardware acceleration - may help.
  10. Does it have to spell it out? BigMuscle's first language is not English so give him a break for goodness sake. When you donate he acknowledges it with an email, as stated on that page, it will allow you to install AeroGlass without the Watermark
  11. It works fine in Win 10 Pro x64 btw, thanks very much.
  12. Thank you, how do I do that? Sorry, old man's memory lapse. Edit: Ignore, have redonated. The trouble is I thought I had stored your email and somehow it was lost. Now have it sorted out....I think.
  13. Bigmuscle, it's been so long since I installed the software in my old Win 8.1 that I've forgotten how to apply the key. Can I use the same key for Windows 10 or shoudl I re-donate? (I upgraded to Win 10 Pro).
  14. Thanks for all your hard work BigMuscle. Am waiting with anticipation for the final Win 10 version until I reinstall the software.