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  1. It sounds like a DEAD interface , see also the homepage of the specific adapter: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/126 BUT, try first making a loopback on just the USB to RS232 adapter, in order to make sure that THAT part is working. AND/OR try the Pololu adapter on a PC WITH an actual RS232 port (I mean, don't you have a friend from which you can borrow one for a few minutes in order to test the adapter?) jaclaz Thanks for your reply Jaclaz, yesterday a friend lend me his computer with a serial port, but i got no luck with the loop-back test, seems to me my adapter was either DOA or something damaged it when trying to hook it up... I got no answer on hyperterminal, not even the connection settings showed up on the status bar of the terminal....this really sucks.... Im gonna have to find a cheaper way to do it... Shipping was more expensive than the adapter LOL..
  2. Hello everyone! I'm posting this from Chihuahua, Mexico... A couple months ago my Seagate HD went dead on me, after researching I was referred to this website http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html , I bought the parts listed on that website, the only difference is that I am using a Usb to Serial adapter, since my computer didn't had a serial port. So the issue is, that I have connected everything, I tested my adapter for voltage and I am getting a constant 5.13v reading on the vcc and ground pins.... I configured the Hyperterminal with the instructions 38400 8-n-1, but when attempting to do a loopback test I am not getting any reading on the screen.... what can I be doing wrong? Needless to say I have around 200gb of essential stuff on that drive..... So I need to get this done! My best regards, and sorry for the noob questions, Ill try to listen to the unbricking masters! Ed