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  1. Hi CylonWolf, Welcome back! No problem to do the fix even on a drive that is not bricked. It just resets the settings to factory default (and thereby clearing the error that caused it to brick). Good luck! There should be no good luck involved. Is not right that seagate get away with this - this is my second "brick"courtesy of them. Files contained on both my "bricks" are irreplacable. I've paid my hard earned money in order to keep files which are important to me. Best case scenario is a replacement of my bricks and/or a hugely expensive attempted recovery process. Not good enough - if they can't provide a reliable product - then they shouldn't try to sell second rate crap and expect us to "suck it up". Here's a thought - how about we consider taking out a class action against them? Apologise in advance for such a strong first post - but am very p*ssed off. Edit: Spelling