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  1. Issues with Windows 7 Media Center - does not recognize the Xbox 360, (this is with the Kinect dashboard update – November 2010) - go to “Network and Sharing Center” and click on “Choose homegroup and sharing options” and then click “Change advanced sharing options” - Ensure media sharing is enabled, and click “Choose media streaming options” - This will display a list of devices allowed or not allowed to communicate with your PC’s media. - If you Xbox 360 is appearing as a device allowed, and still not communicating with your PC, double click on it, and confirm the IP address. If it is different than your Xbox 360’s actual IP address, you will need to ‘remove’ it from the list of known devices. Don’t worry, it is going to reappear. - Open command prompt with elevated rights and run an “ipconfig /flushdns” on your PC. - restart your Xbox 360, go to Settings – Computer – and remove any PC connections that may be listed. Then select ’setup’ - Open Windows Media Center, go to settings and click ‘Extender’ add new extender, and your Xbox 360 will appear.