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  1. Hello everyone. I downloaded a script which shows a tool tip box on a mouse over. Here it is: /* --- BoxOver --- /* --- v 2.1 17th June 2006 By Oliver Bryant with help of Matthew Tagg */ if (typeof document.attachEvent!='undefined') { window.attachEvent('onload',init); document.attachEvent('onmousemove',moveMouse); document.attachEvent('onclick',checkMove); } else { window.addEventListener('load',init,false); document.addEventListener('mousemove',moveMouse,false); document.addEventListener('click',checkMove,false); } var oDv=document.createElement("div"); var dvHdr=document.createElement("div"); var dvBdy=document.createElement("div"); var windowlock,boxMove,fixposx,fixposy,lockX,lockY,fixx,fixy,ox,oy,boxLeft,boxRight,boxTop,boxBottom,evt,mouseX,mouseY,boxOpen,totalScrollTop,totalScrollLeft; boxOpen=false; ox=10; oy=10; function init() { oDv.appendChild(dvHdr); oDv.appendChild(dvBdy);"absolute";'hidden'; document.body.appendChild(oDv); } function defHdrStyle() { dvHdr.innerHTML=' '+dvHdr.innerHTML;'bold';'300px';'arial';'1px solid #A5CFE9';'3';'11';'#4B7A98';'#D5EBF9';'alpha(opacity=100)'; // IE'1'; // FF } function defBdyStyle() {'1px solid #A5CFE9';'1px solid #A5CFE9';'1px solid #A5CFE9';'300px';'arial';'11';'3';'#1B4966';'#FFFFFF';'alpha(opacity=100)'; // IE'1'; // FF } function checkElemBO(txt) { if (!txt || typeof(txt) != 'string') return false; if ((txt.indexOf('header')>-1)&&(txt.indexOf('body')>-1)&&(txt.indexOf('[')>-1)&&(txt.indexOf('[')>-1)) return true; else return false; } function scanBO(curNode) { if (checkElemBO(curNode.title)) { curNode.boHDR=getParam('header',curNode.title); curNode.boBDY=getParam('body',curNode.title); curNode.boCSSBDY=getParam('cssbody',curNode.title); curNode.boCSSHDR=getParam('cssheader',curNode.title); curNode.IEbugfix=(getParam('hideselects',curNode.title)=='on')?true:false; curNode.fixX=parseInt(getParam('fixedrelx',curNode.title)); curNode.fixY=parseInt(getParam('fixedrely',curNode.title)); curNode.absX=parseInt(getParam('fixedabsx',curNode.title)); curNode.absY=parseInt(getParam('fixedabsy',curNode.title)); curNode.offY=(getParam('offsety',curNode.title)!='')?parseInt(getParam('offsety',curNode.title)):10; curNode.offX=(getParam('offsetx',curNode.title)!='')?parseInt(getParam('offsetx',curNode.title)):10; curNode.fade=(getParam('fade',curNode.title)=='on')?true:false; curNode.fadespeed=(getParam('fadespeed',curNode.title)!='')?getParam('fadespeed',curNode.title):0.04; curNode.delay=(getParam('delay',curNode.title)!='')?parseInt(getParam('delay',curNode.title)):0; if (getParam('requireclick',curNode.title)=='on') { curNode.requireclick=true; document.all?curNode.attachEvent('onclick',showHideBox):curNode.addEventListener('click',showHideBox,false); document.all?curNode.attachEvent('onmouseover',hideBox):curNode.addEventListener('mouseover',hideBox,false); } else {// Note : if requireclick is on the stop clicks are ignored if (getParam('doubleclickstop',curNode.title)!='off') { document.all?curNode.attachEvent('ondblclick',pauseBox):curNode.addEventListener('dblclick',pauseBox,false); } if (getParam('singleclickstop',curNode.title)=='on') { document.all?curNode.attachEvent('onclick',pauseBox):curNode.addEventListener('click',pauseBox,false); } } curNode.windowLock=getParam('windowlock',curNode.title).toLowerCase()=='off'?false:true; curNode.title=''; curNode.hasbox=1; } else curNode.hasbox=2; } function getParam(param,list) { var reg = new RegExp('([^a-zA-Z]' + param + '|^' + param + ')\\s*=\\s*\\[\\s*(((\\[\\[)|(\\]\\])|([^\\]\\[]))*)\\s*\\]'); var res = reg.exec(list); var returnvar; if(res) return res[2].replace('[[','[').replace(']]',']'); else return ''; } function Left(elem){ var x=0; if (elem.calcLeft) return elem.calcLeft; var oElem=elem; while(elem){ if ((elem.currentStyle)&& (!isNaN(parseInt(elem.currentStyle.borderLeftWidth)))&&(x!=0)) x+=parseInt(elem.currentStyle.borderLeftWidth); x+=elem.offsetLeft; elem=elem.offsetParent; } oElem.calcLeft=x; return x; } function Top(elem){ var x=0; if (elem.calcTop) return elem.calcTop; var oElem=elem; while(elem){ if ((elem.currentStyle)&& (!isNaN(parseInt(elem.currentStyle.borderTopWidth)))&&(x!=0)) x+=parseInt(elem.currentStyle.borderTopWidth); x+=elem.offsetTop; elem=elem.offsetParent; } oElem.calcTop=x; return x; } var ah,ab; function applyStyles() { if(ab) oDv.removeChild(dvBdy); if (ah) oDv.removeChild(dvHdr); dvHdr=document.createElement("div"); dvBdy=document.createElement("div"); CBE.boCSSBDY?dvBdy.className=CBE.boCSSBDY:defBdyStyle(); CBE.boCSSHDR?dvHdr.className=CBE.boCSSHDR:defHdrStyle(); dvHdr.innerHTML=CBE.boHDR; dvBdy.innerHTML=CBE.boBDY; ah=false; ab=false; if (CBE.boHDR!='') { oDv.appendChild(dvHdr); ah=true; } if (CBE.boBDY!=''){ oDv.appendChild(dvBdy); ab=true; } } var CSE,iterElem,LSE,CBE,LBE, totalScrollLeft, totalScrollTop, width, height ; var ini=false; // Customised function for inner window dimension function SHW() { if (document.body && (document.body.clientWidth !=0)) { width=document.body.clientWidth; height=document.body.clientHeight; } if (document.documentElement && (document.documentElement.clientWidth!=0) && (document.body.clientWidth + 20 >= document.documentElement.clientWidth)) { width=document.documentElement.clientWidth; height=document.documentElement.clientHeight; } return [width,height]; } var ID=null; function moveMouse(e) { //boxMove=true; e?evt=e:evt=event;; if (!CSE.hasbox) { // Note we need to scan up DOM here, some elements like TR don't get triggered as srcElement iElem=CSE; while ((iElem.parentNode) && (!iElem.hasbox)) { scanBO(iElem); iElem=iElem.parentNode; } } if ((CSE!=LSE)&&(!isChild(CSE,dvHdr))&&(!isChild(CSE,dvBdy))){ if (!CSE.boxItem) { iterElem=CSE; while ((iterElem.hasbox==2)&&(iterElem.parentNode)) iterElem=iterElem.parentNode; CSE.boxItem=iterElem; } iterElem=CSE.boxItem; if (CSE.boxItem&&(CSE.boxItem.hasbox==1)) { LBE=CBE; CBE=iterElem; if (CBE!=LBE) { applyStyles(); if (!CBE.requireclick) if (CBE.fade) { if (ID!=null) clearTimeout(ID); ID=setTimeout("fadeIn("+CBE.fadespeed+")",CBE.delay); } else { if (ID!=null) clearTimeout(ID); COL=1; ID=setTimeout("'visible';ID=null;",CBE.delay); } if (CBE.IEbugfix) {hideSelects();} fixposx=!isNaN(CBE.fixX)?Left(CBE)+CBE.fixX:CBE.absX; fixposy=!isNaN(CBE.fixY)?Top(CBE)+CBE.fixY:CBE.absY; lockX=0; lockY=0; boxMove=true; ox=CBE.offX?CBE.offX:10; oy=CBE.offY?CBE.offY:10; } } else if (!isChild(CSE,dvHdr) && !isChild(CSE,dvBdy) && (boxMove)) { // The conditional here fixes flickering between tables cells. if ((!isChild(CBE,CSE)) || (CSE.tagName!='TABLE')) { CBE=null; if (ID!=null) clearTimeout(ID); fadeOut(); showSelects(); } } LSE=CSE; } else if (((isChild(CSE,dvHdr) || isChild(CSE,dvBdy))&&(boxMove))) { totalScrollLeft=0; totalScrollTop=0; iterElem=CSE; while(iterElem) { if(!isNaN(parseInt(iterElem.scrollTop))) totalScrollTop+=parseInt(iterElem.scrollTop); if(!isNaN(parseInt(iterElem.scrollLeft))) totalScrollLeft+=parseInt(iterElem.scrollLeft); iterElem=iterElem.parentNode; } if (CBE!=null) { boxLeft=Left(CBE)-totalScrollLeft; boxRight=parseInt(Left(CBE)+CBE.offsetWidth)-totalScrollLeft; boxTop=Top(CBE)-totalScrollTop; boxBottom=parseInt(Top(CBE)+CBE.offsetHeight)-totalScrollTop; doCheck(); } } if (boxMove&&CBE) { // This added to alleviate bug in IE6 w.r.t DOCTYPE bodyScrollTop=document.documentElement&&document.documentElement.scrollTop?document.documentElement.scrollTop:document.body.scrollTop; bodyScrollLet=document.documentElement&&document.documentElement.scrollLeft?document.documentElement.scrollLeft:document.body.scrollLeft; mouseX=evt.pageX?evt.pageX-bodyScrollLet:evt.clientX-document.body.clientLeft; mouseY=evt.pageY?evt.pageY-bodyScrollTop:evt.clientY-document.body.clientTop; if ((CBE)&&(CBE.windowLock)) { mouseY < -oy?lockY=-mouseY-oy:lockY=0; mouseX < -ox?lockX=-mouseX-ox:lockX=0; mouseY > (SHW()[1]-oDv.offsetHeight-oy)?lockY=-mouseY+SHW()[1]-oDv.offsetHeight-oy:lockY=lockY; mouseX > (SHW()[0]-dvBdy.offsetWidth-ox)?lockX=-mouseX-ox+SHW()[0]-dvBdy.offsetWidth:lockX=lockX; }||(fixposx==0))?fixposx:bodyScrollLet+mouseX+ox+lockX+"px";||(fixposy==0))?fixposy:bodyScrollTop+mouseY+oy+lockY+"px"; } } function doCheck() { if ( (mouseX < boxLeft) || (mouseX >boxRight) || (mouseY < boxTop) || (mouseY > boxBottom)) { if (!CBE.requireclick) fadeOut(); if (CBE.IEbugfix) {showSelects();} CBE=null; } } function pauseBox(e) { e?evt=e:evt=event; boxMove=false; evt.cancelBubble=true; } function showHideBox(e) {!='visible')?'visible':'hidden'; } function hideBox(e) {'hidden'; } var COL=0; var stopfade=false; function fadeIn(fs) { ID=null; COL=0;'visible'; fadeIn2(fs); } function fadeIn2(fs) { COL=COL+fs; COL=(COL>1)?1:COL;'alpha(opacity='+parseInt(100*COL)+')';; if (COL<1) setTimeout("fadeIn2("+fs+")",20); } function fadeOut() {'hidden'; } function isChild(s,d) { while(s) { if (s==d) return true; s=s.parentNode; } return false; } var cSrc; function checkMove(e) { e?evt=e:evt=event;; if ((!boxMove)&&(!isChild(cSrc,oDv))) { fadeOut(); if (CBE&&CBE.IEbugfix) {showSelects();} boxMove=true; CBE=null; } } function showSelects(){ var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("select"); for (i=0;i< elements.length;i++){ elements[i].style.visibility='visible'; } } function hideSelects(){ var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("select"); for (i=0;i< elements.length;i++){ elements[i].style.visibility='hidden'; } } How does it work: <div title="head=[Your text here] body=[Your text here]"> So, that box has it's own header and body. Now, because I don't know javascript (yet) , I would like someone to help me, I need it. I need the same script, but edited, so it can show header and 3 bodies. To explain: <div title="head=[Your text here] body=[Your text here]> body2=[Your text here] body3=[Your text here] Make "body2" and "body3" look same as "body". Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry if I posted in wrong section, but this forum is really complicated. I am wondering if it is true that connecting a PC(laptop) to a TV harms a TV. I mean connecting via VGA cable (like dual monitors) Additional Info: Laptop: Dell Inspiron N7110 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 2670QM Speed: 2.2 GHz,Turbo boost to 3.1Ghz, 4GB of RAM, nVidia GeForce GT 525M (With 2GB memory) TV: I don't really know. The manufacturer is NEO. It's a LCD one. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks! I've done it. It works.
  4. no, I meant php or html... i need a simple form, like adress bar- with textbox and navigate button which can redirect me to client.swf(like a simple webpage)
  5. Since I'm not a programmer, I would like to if someone could give me a script for the following application: Colors: black means label/text red means textbox blue means button v3.0.swf Navigate. so when i click "Navigate" button, it navigates me to the following url: Thanks!
  6. Is there a program which can download certain folser from a server? I need that, because I'm playing a game "War of Ninja" and there are pictures of unreleased characters uploaded on the site, but I don't know how to find them. The format of character image is: (Its not sorted by name or anything, its all random, for example 15-40 dont exist and then again there is a picture in 41) and so on, so the name of each picture is 'squad.png' but folder is different. So, how to find those unreleased chars? And if its not "images/characters/" folder where should I look for? I hope you understand me, and you will help me.
  7. I created a WinXP installation with nLite,and when I boot it it says: Line 9450 of the INF file \i386\txtsetup.sif is invalid Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit. Then i opened txtsetup.sif with notepad and jumped to line 9450: AB__AddressBand_[1].png = 1984,,,,,,,1984,0,0 What does it mean? Why is it invalid? I attached my Last sesion.ini file, but becouse I'm using nLite on Serbian Language, it's name is diferent. @johnhc Source: My installation CD, got it from friend. I tried it once more the same way, but its still displaying that message.. I didn't modified files after runing nLite. ZADNJA SESIJA.INI