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  1. I haven't got any problem with the integration itself, but... After OS installation, everytime I start up an IE9, it always opens up with two tabs. The second one is "Beauty of the Web" or something like that. I checked, but there is only one homepage in the settings dialog. Not only that, but everytime it pops up the dialog where you have to select whether you want to use recommended settings or set up things manually. These symptoms do not appear at all when IE9 is installed after OS setup via either .exe or .msu. I've managed to fix my problem (the integration type) by creating a config only package with IEAK9 RC. I'm using autounattended with no errors so far, though not touching any IE settings in it, so... It seems to me that the integration fails somehow, I haven't found anyone with similar problem. Anyone got a clue? Oh, I've tried integrating both the .cab and the .msu with no difference. Thx