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  1. I did as you said and skipped the gallon of gas. My truck died 18 miles away from work. I'll send you my road side assist bill Doh! ! ! !
  2. 3 dollars for license - 3 dollars = 6.6 US 1st class postage stamps 3 dollars = 1 big mac, with change left over 3 dollars = less then one US gallon of gasoline 3 dollars = 1 large bag of potato chips at the local supermarket 3 dollars = 1 average size birthday greeting card Skip JUST ONE of the above JUST ONE TIME in your entire life and you have paid for a license that never expires. My God! I cannot stand up under the crushing weight of this horrendous expense!!! :lol: (edit: 1st time I pressed Add reply noting happened . This may be a double post - please accept my apologies)
  3. great job Tihiy. I've tried just about every windows 8 start menu replacer out there and yours is at the top of the pack as far as I'm concerned. BTW, not criticizing anyone by any means but geez, complaining about the cost....5 bucks for 5 licenses...., that's a burger with fries.