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  1. New member, first post. Current Suite Office 2003 Pro SP3 Installed Outlook 2007 **ONLY Outlook** via SMS 2003 using the following command: setup.exe /adminfile outlook.msp That works fine, upgrades Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 and leaves remaining apps (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) as the 2003 version - no issues. The problem is that if I try to install an additional 2007 app (Publisher 2007) using the following command: msiexec /p Publisher.msp uninstalls Outlook 2007. The "Set feature installation states" option within the OCT for Publisher.msp has "Microsoft Office Publisher" set to "Run from My Computer" and all other apps are set to "Not Available". I trust that this is where my problem lies and I could probably set "Microsoft Office Outlook" to "Run for My Computer" and it would solve my problem BUT that would mean that, if I wanted someone to have JUST Publisher 2007 installed (using the same MSP), they would also get Outlook 2007. I hope I explained that clearly enough. My question is: How should I have it setup in the OCT to NOT uninstall existing Office 2007 apps when installing an additional Office 2007 app?? Any ideas? I've searched high and low but no one seems to have done the same scenario.