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  1. Hi, Once it happened to me, and I used File Scavenger 2.1 and File Recovery 5 to recover my personal data. First, don't write on your deleted partition anymore (the best would be to turn it read-only). Also, a lot of patience and self-control is required as not to apply some irreversible process on that disk.
  2. Hi there, pleased to join you on this forum. The title is in relation with my real name (french name), but nobody ain't to get the signification of my pseudo. Cheers
  3. Hi Eagle, I hope you will recover at 100% soon, and wich you a merry Xmas. Tilo
  4. Aaron, I would like you also consider a link to the device driver section, which is a very useful thread. Thx in advance. PS: My first post, it's worth a smiley