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  1. The second you said. ok.. well i bought a $5 ca42 from a local guy (hi-etech in brooklyn).. radio shack had the tiny connectors.. fixed the drive on the first attempt the only info i might be able to add to all of this stuff is a terminal app to use with OS X.. (others have said z term but i didn't want to install rosetta on the intels to get it to run) i found goSerial which for the most part, looks the same (well, it's prettier ) and will let you follow the same exact instructions as the hyperterminal tuts. seagate, bsy, apple, mac, macintosh, osx, os x, leopard, snow leopard
  2. lol.. i dunno, the thing is recognized by zterm, has necessary software installed, there's rx/dx stuff in there.. etc.. it's worth asking about. i mean, who the hell knows what ttl means anyway? (redundant) thanks for answering my question though.
  3. does anyone if an internal modem (on a 2003 powerbook) could be configured to talk to the seagate? if so, i could probably unbrick my 7200.11 with things lying around the house.. otherwise, i'll start buying the cables, accessories, etc.. thanks for any info.