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  1. Yes, the folder you select will be recrusively scanned for *.inf files. However Dism will create a driver package for every inf file, so don't add too many.
  2. Hi ilkertezcan, 1) It's no bug, I'm going to remove support for WinNTSetup_x86.exe running on x64 OS. Reason: There are some API's that can not work in WoW64 emulation, I though i could find a good solution, but it would just makes thinks to complicated. Also there is an faster x64 version available, don't know why sp many people want to run the x86 version. 2) Good, will add it to help. 4) Not so sure I like to add that.
  3. Hi Sergei, The name comes from the XML of the WIM file. <DISPLAYNAME> is used. If this does not exists than <Name> is used. See: imagex -info wimfile.wim
  4. Good, the ini option would be: [WinNT6\READY] BootSect=0 But better you set all GUI options and create a new ini file.
  5. Your log file is from version, the bug should be already be fixed in the current version.
  6. Log file is in the ?:\Windows\WinNTSetup.log. How you disable the bootsector update, command line or ini file?
  7. During setup or during WinNTSetup ? In case WinNTSetup update the bootsector, it will be logged in the logfile. I tried with Terabyle MBR.exe utlility, that add Press F?? Key boot option. Works with NT6.x installs.
  8. @click-click Tweaks are now read and save from the new ini sections [WinNT5\TWEAKS] and [WinNT6\TWEAKS] Same with bootsector and BCD stuff [WinNT5\READY] Yes, it breaks old ini files, but makes it easier to edit then with an editor.
  9. Any chance to get the new context menu option of SIB 2.0 also for ONE?
  10. Seems to happen whenever one clicks on a transparent pixel of the startbutton.
  11. @click-click The ini file has changed, all GUI options can now be saved in the INI. They all go now into separate section depending on the window the options are located. I've fixed to MBR update, however there is no way to stop Windows XP from doing an update itself. New Version accepts Language default form ini [Options] Lang=2058
  12. Hi alacran, 1. if you mean the that titlebar icon is missing, than there is really something broken in your WinPE. But don't need to click on the icon, just right click anywhere on the titlebar or press alt+space. 2. Easiest way is to rename the wanted xxxx.dll to language.dll. Or set the enviroment variable "set WinNTSetup_lng=xxxx" I add an ini option to next version. 3. Yes an update would be nice, I don't plan to make any language related changes.
  13. Hi Sergei, Version should fix this.
  14. Great job on the taskbar! Just wonder if the font rendering, can be fixed? If I'm not mistaken, Windows 7 start menu used GDI and Sib on Windows 10 used the blurry DirectWrite.
  15. Version is up and should fix a few bugs that were reported.