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  1. No problems here. Integrate drivers to 1607 release from my win7pe works as it should. You can check the log file in \Windows\WinNTSetup_Dism_stdout.log, to know if the problem is about integration. Or if there no error than check \Windows\Inf\setupapi.setup.log. The DISM folder in tools currently only needs the wofadk.sys and api-ms-win-downlevel*.dll files form from ADK5 (v. 9600)
  2. There are to many users, who have trouble understanding simple things like the difference of boot and installation drive. Giving them such an option by default, will certainly be dangerous. So I think it will be better to hide it. There is already a reboot option on the "Ready?" page. ImDisk will not be installed in Win10(PE) as the native driver works. Incase the imdisk service is present, the control panel item is added to the sysmenu.
  3. Beta 4 is online. See Tools\diskpart, I think it's better to have it disabled by default.
  4. Hi steve, Thanks for the feedback. I wonder that nobody brought that up til now. Not much time currently, but let me try answer the point quickly. 1) Yes, in default WinPE the file filter of dialogs does not work, caused by some missing dll files. 2) I will add all extensions to the tool tip in next version. 3) Yes, the system context menu invokes explorer.exe to mount the ISO. This will not work in WinPE. 4) Yes, the right button click doesn't make much sense. I will add the iso mount to the normal left click option. Also Imdisk integration is an good idea, certainly better than the WinNTSetup_iso.cmd. 5) Yes, Tooltips should use system default show time, but they don't do this currently.
  5. Updated to download Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393)
  6. Ok, BOOTICE could show such a message. I wanted to remove that option anyway. The "updating boot code" will be shown for bootsector update and/or BCD creation.
  7. To less information, what exactly are you doing? WinNTSetup does not show such a dialog, or you using original windows setup?
  8. Welcome Hamper, If you install Vista your PBR will be updated to load Vista's BOOTMGR loader. Also an entry to boot XP will be added to the new boot menu.
  9. Hi JFX!

  10. Hi, there is not dropbox dependency, but dropbox inject it's buggy dll's into every Process. Especially on latest Windows 10 build this causes many problems. No idea why it takes so long for you, usually it only take a couple of minutes. Maybe an antivirus program interference here, or again it's DropBox.
  11. No, I don't really like to change the GUI.
  12. Right click on VHD button to disable the checks. for that app crash, I can't reproduce it here.
  13. Hi agni, yes, currently unsigned driver can only be used via command line. I'll will add gui option in next beta. Sorry no plans for making it open source.
  14. You can select an ISO file by right-click on the source button. Starting with WinPE4 the ISO file will be mounted and if exists the \sources\install.wim will be set as source. Older OS will execute Tool\WinNTSetup_iso.cmd.
  15. Wimboot doesn't work with server editions, the wof driver does not support wants this.