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  1. Hi alacran, 1. if you mean the that titlebar icon is missing, than there is really something broken in your WinPE. But don't need to click on the icon, just right click anywhere on the titlebar or press alt+space. 2. Easiest way is to rename the wanted xxxx.dll to language.dll. Or set the enviroment variable "set WinNTSetup_lng=xxxx" I add an ini option to next version. 3. Yes an update would be nice, I don't plan to make any language related changes.
  2. Hi Sergei, Version should fix this.
  3. Great job on the taskbar! Just wonder if the font rendering, can be fixed? If I'm not mistaken, Windows 7 start menu used GDI and Sib on Windows 10 used the blurry DirectWrite.
  4. Version is up and should fix a few bugs that were reported.
  5. Hi Atari800XL, sorry but I don't care about the insider builds and only focus on RTM version. No idea for what UUP stands here
  6. No, with the fast install way, there is no way to change the drive letter for Windows Vista. You can however use the original setup.exe to install Vista and than generalize and capture it. The resulting WIM will always have the system drive C:.
  7. @AlexCeed Sounds like that old bug with some shellextentions of Teamviewer and dropbox. Do you have any software installed that injects dll's into other processes. @sergey.stels67 Not sure what you mean by that, nothing changed about answer files. They are just copied to the locations where windows will search them. For XP version: \$WIN_NT$.~BT\winnt.sif \sysprep\sysprep.inf ; in case of WIM XP distribution. For Win Vista and later \Windows\\Panther\unattend.xml
  8. You have to identify the storage controller with the help of device manager. Than search the Internet for the HWID your hardware have. DriverPack Solution is a good place to search.
  9. Hi Rustem, I have no idea why it should be that slow. Even on a 8 years old Core2Duo notebook, it just took a 5 minutes to apply the wim file from an USB2.0 flash stick.
  10. No problems here. Integrate drivers to 1607 release from my win7pe works as it should. You can check the log file in \Windows\WinNTSetup_Dism_stdout.log, to know if the problem is about integration. Or if there no error than check \Windows\Inf\setupapi.setup.log. The DISM folder in tools currently only needs the wofadk.sys and api-ms-win-downlevel*.dll files form from ADK5 (v. 9600)
  11. There are to many users, who have trouble understanding simple things like the difference of boot and installation drive. Giving them such an option by default, will certainly be dangerous. So I think it will be better to hide it. There is already a reboot option on the "Ready?" page. ImDisk will not be installed in Win10(PE) as the native driver works. Incase the imdisk service is present, the control panel item is added to the sysmenu.
  12. Beta 4 is online. See Tools\diskpart, I think it's better to have it disabled by default.
  13. Hi steve, Thanks for the feedback. I wonder that nobody brought that up til now. Not much time currently, but let me try answer the point quickly. 1) Yes, in default WinPE the file filter of dialogs does not work, caused by some missing dll files. 2) I will add all extensions to the tool tip in next version. 3) Yes, the system context menu invokes explorer.exe to mount the ISO. This will not work in WinPE. 4) Yes, the right button click doesn't make much sense. I will add the iso mount to the normal left click option. Also Imdisk integration is an good idea, certainly better than the WinNTSetup_iso.cmd. 5) Yes, Tooltips should use system default show time, but they don't do this currently.
  14. Updated to download Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393)
  15. Ok, BOOTICE could show such a message. I wanted to remove that option anyway. The "updating boot code" will be shown for bootsector update and/or BCD creation.