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  1. I have had success using a company called PCB Solution at this ebay link: Cost was US$50 with free shipping of returned controller card. I had to purchase a set of Torx screwdrivers to detach the controller card. I have been able to recover all the data from the hard drive. Very happy about this! Derryl
  2. I have a drive to add to the list. Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:(manufac. date):SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of User:fail reason/fine:OS:PSU ============================================================================================================================================ :9QMABJJD:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD1A:09306::KRATSG:2010-04-08:2011-01-04:RETAIL:DerrylCocks:USA:not powering up:WinXP:Dell Dimension 4600