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  1. These scams are getting cleverer. Received a phone call this morning claiming to be from Microsoft Support responding to an error report sent from my computer (sic). As I run a LAN with 5 pcs this was a bit vague and I was immediately suspicious. The caller went on to say that several reports had been received in the last week which was enough for me to know it was a scam, especially when he said the most recent was this morning. Since I was having a day off, the office was still locked with not a single pc running. Also, last week I'd been ill and, again, no pcs had been running. He wanted to direct me to a web site and run a program to 'help him diagnose my problem'! I asked him if this was a MS free service - he had to admit there would be a charge but wouldn't tell me how much. By this time I was sick of the joke and told him to p*** off. Why can't MS with all their power do something to stop these scams, especially as there is a web site claiming to be one of theirs?