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  1. Are drivers that are located in subfolders supported?
  2. I retested the disc. As I thought, there is something that goes wrong because of the "hdc" (SP/ich5id2.inf) Intel chipset driver. Any ideas why?
  3. When I removed the "hdc" chipset driver (SP/ich5id2.inf) and left only the "system" chipset driver (865.inf) the installation worked. I will try it with the "hdc" driver again, just to confirm that it is the problem.
  4. I have determined that the Intel chipset driver is the culprit. It has two parts. I will try each one and see which part (or if both) are the problem.
  5. FYI, I just tried slipstreaming this update to a Professional version, and I did MSO.msi first, and then it wouldn't let me slipstream PVMSO.msi, so it probably doesn't need it. However, I didn't try PVMSO.msi first, so I will double check that; probably doesn't matter. Edit: Nope, it wouldn't take PVMSO.msi, even if I try it before MSO.msi. FYI, I am using a Volume Licensing Version.
  6. I don't have a RAIDed hard drive. I have a SATA hard drive, but it doesn't need a third party SATA driver. My chipset driver, along with everything else, were included when I made the disc with 1.0.1; the same as with 1.0. So why would actually HAVING the drivers included mess things up, but NOT having them work? I have nLite set to remove any other drivers. Do you suggest that I try each one separately and then let you know which one is the culprit?
  7. Well, without any of the drivers integrated, it worked. So, what changed with 1.0.1 that would break driver integration?
  8. Did anyone ever figure this out? I am trying to do this properly with SP2 for Proofing Tools. Should it be 1.21 GB? I can burn it to a DVD if there is no alternative.
  9. I have now tried 1.0.1 with the same config file as above, except now without any addons except RyanVM post-sp2 2.0.7a and drivers, and it still does the same thing. I will be trying it without drivers next, just for kicks, but my system is not going to run properly without them.
  10. I will try doing that later tonight, but honestly I don't follow why that needs to be ruled out, because this configuration, along with the extras,WORKS in 1.0 but is broken in 1.0.1. I even initially tried multiple combinations of settings and RyanVM packs before, thinking that it wasn't nlite, and none of them worked either. I didn't think that you changed any compatibilities between the two versions, but maybe you did in some subtle way?
  11. I am still having this problem. I had to go back to nLite 1.0 so that this would not happen, which is limiting my use of the newest RyanVM updates. Any ideas?
  12. Is there a way to get this to not happen with sysprep? A registry setting or something?
  13. I have corrected the Compatibility list. It didn't intially include the options that were required by more than one.
  14. I am having some issues with nLite 1.0.1. This configuration file worked with nLite 1.0, but doesn't with 1.0.1. The install works all the way to the Windows loading icon screen, and then reboots and asks to go into safe mode. I have attached the configuration file without the automated networking section. Last_Session_nonet.ini
  15. Yep, that is what I do every time. I just left work, and at the end of the night, I had tried 1.0.1 with the same settings files from before that worked with 1.0, except that I am now also removing Bluetooth, OOBE, Secondary Logon, Modem Support, and am choosing to have a Black setup screen. Do any of those ring a bell for not being able to boot into Windows? It almost sounds like an nLite 1.0.1 bug, but I will check tomorrow by using the same EXACT settings that I used before when it worked. (that would also rule out RyanVM) FYI, tonight these are some of the ways that I tried it: I have tried both RyanVM 2.1.0 and I also went back to 2.0.7a. I tried 2.1.0 while leaving OOBE on and Secondary Logon off, and while leaving Secondary Logon on and having OOBE off. Neither worked. I didn't try Secondary Logon AND OOBE both back on, because I assumed that they are unrelated, and I am going to try the last settings that did work previously tommorrow which left both in, anyway. In the end, both 2.1.0 and 2.0.7a did the same thing, they would loop at the icon, and then would ask to go into Safe Mode. However, with 2.1.0, it wouldn't go into Networked Safe Mode, but 2.07a WOULD. If that isn't the craziest stuff... Please help if you've got any ideas!