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  1. > it based on 5.0.2195.7365 Why is it 5.00.2195.7367 and why is it based on 5.0.2195.7365 instead of 5.00.2195.7369 (Windows2000-KB2508429-v12-x86-ENU)? > and backport from MS16-114 to MS17-010 fix only This doesn't make sense because MS16-114 is older than MS17-010 and doesn't contain the MS17-010 fix.
  2. @MiKl: What SeaMonkey version did you test? Try SM 2.32 (Gecko 29) or KM 74_31 (Gecko 31). @Dibya: ReactOS is an NT clone. Win9x lacks the NT core, so most of ReactOS will not port as-is. The easy stuff was ported years ago. If ReactOS itself could run "pretty much everything" we would all be using it instead of Windows.
  3. Search for _all_ file types!
  4. A search for files modified on 11 May 17 might remind you of what you were doing that day.
  5. This spoof works on SM 2.0.14 without browser restart or cookies reset. Tested with javascript disabled on Win98se+KernelEx. Retested with JS on:
  6. >and cannot find a download file for.... Microsoft never offered Windows 95 as a download and doesn't sell licenses for it anymore, anyway. >and no i cannot get access to an original floppy and cd-rom otherwise i wouldnt be here Keep trying to get an original Win95 CD or floppy disk set. We'll help you install it once you actually have it.
  7. wmcap (60KB) is the bare-bones classic. StoikCap.exe (260KB) also works well.
  8. Are your Palemoon and Logitech Gaming Software versions 32- or 64-bit? I think 12.0.40660.0 is 64-bit-only. The latest 32-bit mscvrt120 might still be 12.0.21005.1.
  9. Duplex should default to "auto" which should then auto-negotiate to full duplex. You can try setting it to "full" for all network devices. What MTU are you using? Make sure you set it to 1500, reboot and test for "Largest MTU" with TCP Optimizer. Then set it to that and reboot again. On T-Mobile this is 1440 for me. My TCP Receive Window is 128800. When setting the MTU, make sure you select the correct adapter. (I have four listed.)
  10. If Skylake supports AVX and FMA3 instructions, you should use msvcr120.dll version 12.0.40660.0 or later: The article contains direct download links.
  11. Looks like KB3191899 was refreshed today:
  12. Please check. This is the version I have multiple copies of from various older versions of gecko browsers.
  13. I use Microsoft's Windiff.exe on both 98se and XP. It does folder compare and/or individual file compare. - file version: 5.2.3790.0 (srv03_rtm.030324-2048) I have backup folder trees of source code for a great many versions of KernelEx. Windiff is very helpful in tracking the changes from version to version.
  14. Welcome to MSFN.org, xtj. I use SumatraPDF 2.1.1 myself. Viewing a file in SumatraPDF 2.1.1, I see that libmupdf.dll is not loaded. Delete (or rename) it and try again. Libmupdf.dll is an optional component only used by some builds of SumatraPDF and usually doesn't depend on Ntdll at all (v.2.2 doesn't). With the latest KernelEx 4.5.2016 updates, Kexstubs is not needed for SumatraPDF versions up through 2.2.
  15. Is the msvcr120 version now "12.00.21005.1 built by: REL" ?