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  1. What are the cpu requirements? Needs to be non-SSE for most 95 and many 98/ME users (like me).
  2. Are the old games DOS, Win16, or Win32? From what years? Is the mobo socket 5 or 7?
  3. > main intent of the app to redirect to wrapper library.
  4. "Remodeling Windows XP Kernel32" means an OS update. That means administrative privileges for the installer so it can do things like place wrapper DLL's in System32 and modify KnownDLLs.
  5. And I was hoping to get in a free plug for ImportPatcher which can do all of those things. (Of course he could use KnownDLLs to redirect all supported dependency requests directly to his wrappers without any patching.)
  6. It does fix the Win9x limit, but your IDE BIOS must also support LBA-48 for it to work correctly. >I hope I haven't posted in the wrong section here... You have. Post in the support thread for the project you are asking about, or in the general Win9x forum.
  7. Try modifying the .inf file of the Saffire Pro 26 I/O XP drivers using strings from the .inf file you already have. If the hardware is compatible, you might get partial functionality.
  8. The Saffire Pro 26 doesn't support WInXP. Neither does saffire-mixcontrol-3.4. For WinXPsp2+, you need the discontinued Saffire Pro 26 I/O.
  9. > Downgrading kernelex.dll to the one from v12 works !! Kernelex.dll is functionally the same. Only the version and timestamps were bumped--nothing that would affect any app. > What were the changes? API changes now detailed in download post. > By the way, my main system is "just KernelEx" -- no Kext/Kstubs or ROS, so as to not complicate testing. (98SE with USP3x, 98SE2ME, RP7, IEradicator, etc.) Did you mean without? Please clarify. > this function as a kext stub caused only problems The new stubs are all implicit-only. They are only used if the module would otherwise fail to load. Kexstubs definitions are (currently) also used for explicit/delay loading of API's.
  10. A persistent cookie is needed for auto-login. For Style options, Opera has Author and User modes. There is something called My Style Sheet that can be used to customize most elements of a web page. Firefox can be styled by modding the master style sheet, or by adding a user style (undocumented?). Firefox4 / SM2.1 and later can be styled with the Stylish add-on. See also userstyles.org.
  11. View->Page Style->No Style
  12. +1 DougB :yes: (emoticons only get processed when quoted by someone using a "modern" browser :( ) For MSFN I am using SeaMonkey 2.0.14 (Gecko, very comparable to PaleMoon v3.6.32, but with no SSE requirement. Scripting hides the display of the reply box and slows page loads incredibly. It is only good for hiding Spoiler content, so I leave it turned off. To edit a post, click the invisible button at lower-left of post (below and to the left of pale horizontal rule and vertical separator.) To add attachment, edit existing post, "Browse..." to file and save post. To add another attachment, reedit post.... To position attachments, reedit post.... To save edited post with scripting enabled, click "Edit" button if there is no "Save" button. In FF2 and other browsers, View->Use Style->None to make the login "Remember me" checkbox work correctly. This should avoid random logoffs when navigating various sections of MSFN. OffByOne and Dillo are very fast because they don't/can't process most of the complex CSS-based layout. I recently downloaded the source for Dillo and am considering modding it to make a custom MSFN portal.
  13. Release.13.7z API lists for all 4.5.2015 versions through ...13: apilist.4.5.2015.13.7z Use Windiff on version pairs to highlight API changes. === Under Construction ===
  14. Thank you for the error report. Fwd currently only works in very simple cases. One requirement is that the export table to be expanded must be at the end of a section. Now that I have more experience with the PE file format, I do have plans, but no time table, for rewriting this tool from scratch.
  15. The mangled code is from a served ad. Disable scripting or block "tags-cdn.deployads.com/a/sciencedaily.com.js" to solve. <div class="mobile-middle-rectangle hidden-md hidden-lg"> <div class="ad-tag" data-ad-name="Rectangle2" data-ad-size="300x250"></div> <script src="//tags-cdn.deployads.com/a/sciencedaily.com.js" async=""></script><script>(deployads = window.deployads || []).push({});</script> </div>