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  1. What about the Platform Update for Vista that Microsoft released in 2009 (and refreshed in 2011)? It adds Win7.0 API support to Vista SP2.
  2. The modified 0.9.8 package contains three small source files--one for OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms and one for each of the two patches. Very simple. If I can recreate the modified package using MSVC6, then it should be easy to update it with three more 2007 patches listed at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.openssl.org/news/*. The changelog states: We can probably port the old init code (with lock) forward, or do it in the DLL init. If so, we might be able to go all the way to 0.9.8zh....
  3. Thanks, supem. Can you tell us more about the printpdf@pavlov.net and printedit@DW-dev add-ons you have installed? Describe your usual method of printing including what you see at each point of the print process. Use Dependency Walker to determine what Winspool.drv API's are used by FF and the print add-ons. Also which PrintDlg* functions from Comdlg32.dll. In Core.ini, what is your contents definition? For example: contents=std,Kstub822,kexbasen,kexbases
  4. @schwups: please test printing. Not having a printer installed is an important test case! @MiKl: Was this after the print dialog closed? Which print dialog and winspool functions were called?
  5. It only works with 9.6 or the special build of 9.8 on the Proxomitron website. This feature is obsolete by almost ten years...I wouldn't bother.
  6. @cov3rt: Please edit your post to remove the quote, it's superfluous. TIA. Thanks! Yes, this package is still a collection of updated files to be copied over a standard 4.5.2 installation. While the 195KB package size is slightly smaller than the full 4.5.2 installer, once the six files are extracted you'll see that they are much larger than the originals they replace. This is because they contain some extra information to aid in debugging (in addition to all the new code).
  7. No screenshot is available. Find the original submit button and the second should be just to the right of or below it. If it's there, it'll be obvious. Update: the ReCAPTCHA demo at https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo doesn't have a hidden button, but also seems to have been fixed for the better in the last few months. It now works in SeaMonkey 2.0.14 (like FF3.6) with scripting disabled. Click in the proper check boxes, click Verify, copy the text that appears into the lower box, and click Submit. ->"Verification Success... Hooray!"
  8. @Kippykip: Thanks for the kexCOM bugfix alert. I added the PersistStream support fix to CShellLink::GetClassID and also to ::IsDirty (these two functions service multiple object types). I also added more robust parameter checking to all CShellLink functions (but they probably don't need it unless invoked from a buggy app!) And I also added a kexCOM version resource and debug strings. @MiKl: This is good news. Please post to the KEXT topic the details about the email fix and your kexstubs output logs for SeaMonkey and OpenOffice. @Aiko: Stay tuned--we'll need help with testing/bug reporting, debugging, and sometimes research on MSDN or with Google. KernelEx2016.16.7z 195KB KernelEx 4.5.2016.16 update contains files: * KernelEx.dll * kexbasen.dll * kexbases.dll * kexCOM.dll * sheet.dll * verify.exe and features: * multiple new PrintDlgW, PrintDlgExA, and PrintDlgExW versions in kexbasen * kexbasen.dll: 6 stubs moved to kexbases, 6 new forwards * kexbases.dll: 6 stubs moved to kexbasen, 118 new stubs, 2 FIXMEs moved to kexbasen ...(a FIXME is a partial implementation that needs more work) * kexCOM.dll: CShellLink fixes, Version resource, Debug strings * updated versioning in sheet.dll and verify.exe ---< more details soon >---
  9. There is sometimes a hidden, secondary submit button that will bypass the reCAPTCHA. Try View->Use Style->None to display hidden page elements. This trick got me through several job-related website registrations during the Fall. I think the problem is ECMAscript-related.
  10. Non-IE browsers that use the Trident engine just use whatever version is installed on your system. To get Trident 7 onto the system for them to use, you have to install IE11 first. You might be able to extract the files without installing IE11, but the Trident 7 files are highly unlikely to be able to run on Vista because of missing dependencies.
  11. We can modify GPU drivers, but we might not need to. It might be easier to solve the problem via API hooking. Whichever method is easier is more likely to be effected.
  12. The files should not be put in the global system32 folder! The readme says to put them in an app's local directory. This is because incompatible versions all use the same file name.
  13. Apps use an API to talk to the drivers; we can intercept those calls in user-space! Lot of work :yes: Impossible :no:
  14. If this proxy can be run on a secondary system on a user's local network, it could also offload the decryption work currently slowing down the cpu on older hardware and single-cpu OSes.
  15. My XP system for KernelEx development hasn't been rebooted for 25 months, but does hibernate much of the time. It is not Internet-connected, but has been used to watch a couple of DVD movies with VisualStudio still running in the background.