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  1. no.
  2. Allavsoft or something else?
  3. Tables->LaunchCondition. See step 5 in How to force MSI files to install on non-supported OS.
  4. The problem is with the two DLL's, not the MSI. Orca is the wrong tool. Both DLL's need to be edited with a hex editor after installation or extraction. > Hex edit AcroRd32.dll.... Be aware that the auto updater replaces the DLL so you need to keep up with it Might making AcroRd32.dll read-only defeat the updater?
  5. Looks good. In the text box add: IsDebuggerPresent=GetCurrentProcess and click the [ Patch ] button. Can you tell me more about where you got the "updated" version of Shell32? Someone used a tool on it that updated the TimeDateStamp to 2017 Jan 17 15:08:39. I would still like to find out what tool that was and test it.
  6. "this should not be an image" is not an image, it's text that I just selected, copied, and pasted between quotes. Above the box [code] Inside the box[/code] Under the box (scripting disabled)
  7. The extra half-line used as a paragraph break is generated by the javascript. Disable scripting and all breaks will be single-line. Then a paragraph tag inline breaks <p> to here.
  8. (Oops, trying again!)
  9. Thank you for continuing to test. I'm planning a larger role for Auxiliary DLLs in K17 (KernelEx 4.17) including selectable DLL "sets" instead of just one set for all configurations. My current settings (~ disables): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs] "~Ktree"="Ktree ignores entries prefixed with ~" "~ADVPACK"="IE8\\ADVPACK.DLL" "~MSVCM90"="MSVC\\MSVCM90.DLL" "~MSVCP90"="MSVC\\MSVCP90.DLL" "~MSVCR90"="MSVC\\MSVCR90.DLL" "~SHLWAPI"="IE8\\SHLWAPI.DLL" "~URLMON"="IE8\\URLMON.DLL" "~WINTRUST"="ROS\\WINTRUST.DLL" "~WLDAP32"="ROS\\WLDAP32.DLL" "IERTUTIL"="IE8\\IERTUTIL.DLL" "MSIMG32"="MSIMG32.DLL" "MSRATING"="IE8\\MSRATING.DLL" "NORMALIZ"="IE8\\NORMALIZ.DLL" "PDH"="PDH.DLL" "PSAPI"="PSAPI.DLL" "USERENV"="USERENV.DLL" "UXTHEME"="UXTHEME.DLL" "WTSAPI32"="WTSAPI32.DLL" > Seem to be working with test apps: > ...SHFOLDER.DLL (6.00.2900.5512 (xpsp.080413-2105)) Shfolder.dll on NT is a stub. 9x already has the real thing, so don't replace it! > OpenGL32.dll: OpenGL doesn't work. If from ROS, it should work with paired GDI32.dll. Otherwise try these Kexstubs definitions: [Gdi32.dll] GdiDescribePixelFormat=>gdi32.ros:DescribePixelFormat GdiSetPixelFormat=>gdi32.ros:SetPixelFormat GdiSwapBuffers=>gdi32.ros:SwapBuffers > Updated ROS section with MSVCRT20.DLL now working after adding few kext-stubs. I've added a great many stubs to Kexbases in the last few releases. Remove duplicates from Kexstubs and please post here any that are still needed. > [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs] > "ADVAPI32"="ROS\\ADVAPI32.DLL" > "ADVAPI32_VISTA"="ROS\\ADVAPI32_VISTA.DLL" K17 will support something like: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs\Win2k] "ADVAPI32"="ROS\\ADVAPI32.DLL" "KERNEL32"="ROS\\KERNEL32.DLL,2" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs\Vista] "ADVAPI32"="ROS\\ADVAPI32_VISTA.DLL" "KERNEL32"="ROS\\KERNEL32_VISTA.DLL,prestub" where ",2" or ",prestub" indicate an api search order.
  10. What tool did you use on 17th of Jan?
  11. Comos had trouble with Shell32.dll on Win95 (see his log). Compatibility reports for [ Analyze Only ] and [ Patch ] on other systems are also needed. Thanks!
  12. @Comos: Your ImportPatcher log file indicates you didn't click the [ Patch ] button after supplying a replacement string for IsDebuggerPresent. I do see the garbage strings further down in the log. IP seems to be having trouble reading Shell32.dll's import table. I'm looking into it. Thanks for the report! Edit: Importing from SHELL32.dll TimeDateStamp: 2017 Jan 17 15:08:39 It looks like the modded version of Shell32.dll you ran through ImportPatcher is not completely valid. Please try again with the original file to see if the problem is with ImportPatcher, PE Tools, or another tool that hacked the file back on January 17. Thanks.
  13. More possible features: * support replacing by ordinal: =@nn or =#nn (when name is too long or private) * replacement suggestions (for common problems) * binding + redirection to DebugBreak or code injection * detect import jmp glue that can be overwritten with actual stub/code * Fully support 95, NT4, 2K, XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, and Win32s I'll need lots of help with the OS testing--reports are highly requested.
  14. In MSCONFIG.EXE, General->Advanced...->Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown. Also TweakAll.exe, Boot Options->Automatically run Scandisk: Never. (These probably set the "AutoScan=0" in MSDOS.SYS.) This should ignore the bad shutdown and do a normal startup. Add Scandisk to your autoexec.bat to always run it regardless of how the system was shutdown. In MSDOS.SYS: [Options] AutoScan=0 bootmenu=0