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  1. Windows cannot possibly clear the target path / location of the folder! And it might help if you actually describe in detail what you are trying to do.... Is an extra service or background CBT app acceptable?
  2. In the Change Icon dialog, paste or type the desired location path (with trailing backslash) into the File name box before clicking on [Browse]. You can also paste or type the full path of an icon-containing file before clicking [OK]. Hint: The text you want to paste might be the target path located on the previous sheet/dialog before clicking [Change Icon].
  3. User agent string is reporting Win98. You can try spoofing Win95 by setting Kex mode on FF to Win95. Retrozilla is basically FF2/SM with updated security support. It might also be worth a try.
  4. @MiKl Even after transferring hundreds of definitions to kexbases, I still have over 450 entries in my stubs.ini, including 188 for Ntdll! I'll add these Ntdll stubs to Kexbases: NtAcceptConnectPort=r0xC0000002s6 NtCompleteConnectPort=r0xC0000002s1 NtConnectPort=r0xC0000002s8 NtCreatePort=r0xC0000002s5 NtListenPort=r0xC0000002s2 NtCreateEvent=r0xC0000002s5 NtCreateIoCompletion=r0xC0000002s4 NtCreateKey=r0xC0000002s7 NtCreateNamedPipeFile=r0xC0000002s14 NtCreateSection=r0xC0000002s7 Because you are using ROS, try forwarding like: NtConnectPort=>ROS\Ntdll: > Are you with 4.17 then reaching XP SP3 level ? Better, but not fully. 4.17 will have a more flexible architecture that will allow better support for XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8.
  5. > @Jumper: which gcc you use? it reject def the way you use MSVC5 and 6, not gcc. Both @101 and #101 seem to work for both implicit and explicite loads by ordinal, however, shell.#@101 (in shellxp.dll v0.2a) probably will not! > and you can delete the attachment you made like dencorso said. I *missed* the bin icon previously, since I always turned off the JS and images (only turn JS on to upload) No bin icon for me, even with Chrome fully enabled.
  6. Are the extra deleted emails replies to the selected email? If so, Windows Live Mail might be in a Tree-View mode--showing replies under the original email. Deleting the original email would then also delete the whole tree of replies. Googling "Windows Live Mail might be in a Tree-View mode": How to Disable / Turn Off “Conversations” View in Windows Live Mail
  7. Yes, that's it. I have an "Enable status updates? [_]" line between the Birthday and Contact Methods lines. I use Seamonkey 2.0.14 which is like FF3.6. Selecting text from Birthday through Contact Methods, right-click->View Selection Source shows me: Birthday </label> <div class="ipsFieldRow_content"> <select name="bday[month]"> <option value="0" selected="selected"></option> <option value="1">January</option> { . . . } <option value="12">December</option> </select> / <select name="bday[day]"> <option value="0" selected="selected"></option> <option value="1">1</option> { . . . } <option value="31">31</option> </select> / <select name="bday[year]"> <option value="0">Not Telling</option> <option value="2016">2016</option> { . . . } <option value="1866">1866</option> </select> </div> </li> <li class="ipsFieldRow ipsClearfix " id="form_enable_status_updates"> <label class="ipsFieldRow_label" for="enable_status_updates"> Enable status updates? </label> <div class="ipsFieldRow_content"> <input name="enable_status_updates" value="0" type="hidden"> <input role="checkbox" name="enable_status_updates_checkbox" value="1" id="check_enable_status_updates" data-toggle-id="enable_status_updates" checked="checked" aria-checked="true" data-ipstoggle="" type="checkbox"> </div> </li> <li id="form_header_core_pfieldgroups_1"> <h2 class="ipsFieldRow_section">Contact Methods</h2> You can also try View->Use Style->None on both pages.
  8. KernelEx 4.5.2015 is not an open beta. Registration at MSFN.org is required! This encourages feedback, allows me to track the downloads, and supports MSFN.org. Please do not host copies of my update test files on other sites. Of course, anyone who rebuilds some or all of the project themself may host their builds wherever they choose. KernelEx is an open-source project. :-) And that brings us to the development timeline. I finally have some time, so I'd like to finalize this branch by the end of November, and release it as KernelEx 4.5.2016 in December as a complete package for end users. Discussion of what else that is ready and should go into it is highly encouraged: Iphlpapi5? NetapiEx? More stubs or Kexstubs itself? Any Kexaux updates? Property sheet changes? DebugWindow/ApiLogger tweaks? In the meantime, I'm already working on Kex 4.17 with: dynamic, never-fail DLL and API stub creation; cascading SxS KnownDLLs for MSVCRT and IE by target OS; expanded get_api_table2 interface with OS and level-of-support info.
  9. Disable scripting and reload your profile page. The "Write a public message on your own feed..." will disappear from within the text edit box and a "Submit Status" button will appear under it. "Enable status updates?" needs to be enabled under "Basic Info" on "Edit Profile" page.
  10. No, we can't--it's still broken with no way to select or delete a file. :-(
  11. abc=kernel32.@122 @55 NONAME
  12. In xompie-0.1a.exe, advapixp.dll has an export forward to advapi32.dll ordinal 1000 that does not exist in XP (sp3). install.bat and xpatcher.bat are not legal batch files, they are CMD files and should be renamed. I rewrote the Xompie-0.0.1a xpatcher.bat as a valid batch file that does not require installation first, and it worked in 98se. I'll post it once I update it for Xompie-0.1a for those who wish to try Xompie without installing it first.
  13. On impulse this past summer, I bought a WinCleaner dongle at my local dollar store. It looks like a swivel thumb drive. It claims to support XP through 8.1, so I fearlessly plugged it into my 98se machine hoping to be able to reformat it. It is recognized as an external CD-ROM drive containing a finalized read-only disc. Discussion here with photos suggests it may be just an 8-pin ROM chip and a USB interface chip. There also appears to be a second 8-pad chip location vacant. Any ideas for further analysis or repurposing of the hardware? I'm good with a soldering iron!
  14. "display : block" is not a problem, it just means give the element its own line and allow it to stretch out across as much of the page as it wants (like a div). "display : inline" is like a span or a (anchor). "display : none" would be a problem as it means "hide and collapse the layout space as if it doesn't exist". "visibility : hidden" would also be a problem as it means "hide but preserve layout space". See: http://learnlayout.com/display.html