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  1. Yes. Export branches or keys with REGEDIT.EXE, or just open the files and parse them according to the specs like REGEDIT and SCANREG.EXE do.
  2. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    > Any one know how to compile linux driver for windows xp? Let's call this Linux driver "L2". First we find an earlier version of the device for which exist Linux (L1) and Windows (W1) drivers. Then we apply the L2-L1 source differences to W1 to obtain W2. Compile and debug W2 normally.
  3. Are you saying youtube-flash-video-player didn't work? It's in the HTML of the served webpage, so a plugin is needed to modify the served page. Or the loaded page can be modified with a bookmarklet. Or the page can be saved locally, edited, and then reloaded.
  4. > the PC reboots itself immediately. This causes the SoftwareDistribution folder to become corrupt once again. This sounds like the HDD is getting reset before all data is written. You might want to disable write caching when doing these updates.
  5. Secur32.dll and Iphlpapi.dll from XP-SP3 cause more problems than they solve. Do not try to use them in any way on Win9x. Psapi.dll should not be present in the Windows or System folders. The 4KB version from KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates should be in the KernelEx folder. > contents=Kstub822,std,kexbases,kexbasen,K452stub Oh my! No one should still be using K452stub! Post the results from the K452stub.log file in Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions, then remove K452stub as intended. While you're at it, also post results from the Kstub822.log. :) > The data value for IPHLPAPI for the KnownDLLs key is IPHLPAPI.JMP. This setting is preventing KernelEx from providing any extensions to Iphlpapi.dll. Your IPHLPAPI.JMP is a renamed version of Iphlpapi.dll that doesn't contain CancelIPChangeNotify. This .jmp technique from 4-1/2 years ago requires manual updates that have not been done. Instead, just change the KnownDLLs key value back to IPHLPAPI.DLL and delete IPHLPAPI.JMP. > Has anyone thought of adding an ascii <-> unicode translator into Kex so that when a (W) function is called, Kex translates the call to Ascii and performs the function call using a native module (if present) ? This is exactly how KernelEx and Unicows implement most of the "W" functions. > Maybe there's a way to use unicows to do this? KernelEx does make heavy use of Unicows by forwarding functions to it. That's why Unicows.dll (1.1.3790.0) is a KernelEx system requirement.
  6. I wonder what the app is actually doing that whole time.... What does your network traffic look like during the search? And your file system traffic?
  7. Do Verify.exe and the KernelEx Properties tab both report "v4.5.2016"? At this time, the ImportPatcher executable must be named "ImportPatcher.exe" or be UPX'd to be able to delay-load most stubs.
  8. > So I shouldn't be seeing those in Import Patcher - right? But I am. Put ImportPatcher in Vista (or higher) compatibility mode in the KernelEx Properties tab. > Where do I put that? Doesn't look like you need it, but it would go in the [Kernel32.dll] section of stubs.ini.
  9. disable_flash_watch=false javascript:with(document.body)innerHTML=innerHTML.split('web_player_disable_flash_watch=true').join('web_player_disable_flash_watch=false');void(0) ->/v/ javascript:location.href=location.href.replace("/watch?v=","/v/"); addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-flash-video-player -- Options for viewing in HTML5 or flash A Google search for "youtube bookmarklets" yields lots of options for direct downloading and viewing at various resolutions, and altering the interface. Google search for "youtube url options": url modding tricks ->YouTubeHD -- bookmarklet I found among my FF2 bookmarks. javascript:function ythq(url){if(!url||url.indexOf('youtube.com')==-1){url=prompt('Enter YouTube URL','http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=');}if(!url||url.indexOf('youtube.com')==-1){return;}if(url.indexOf('fmt=')==-1){url+='&fmt=6';}else{url=url.replace(/fmt=\d+/i,'fmt=6');}window.location.href=url;}ythq(window.location.href);
  10. All of those functions except SetProcessDEPPolicy are now supported by the latest KernelEx 2016.17. And SetProcessDEPPolicy will be supported by Kex 2016.18 (I just now added it). For now, use Kexstubs.dll with the definition: SetProcessDEPPolicy=f1e50 Do not check "Process delay imports" in ImportPatcher. It is unrelated to KernelEx support.
  11. Research on AM3+ board and chipsets: Resume

    In Windows 9x? Check the ">1GB" thread--it contains a large list of high-end hardware success stories.
  12. Analyze in ImportPatcher with "Test by loading (KernelEx)" option enabled.
  13. Login at Youtube and check your preferences. Also, if you ever watched from a slow connection Youtube or Flash might have set a cookie....
  14. > How write in assembler instruction call to resource in other DLL not exported function. To access a resource call LoadResource(): call dword ptr [LoadResource] > I want call from dll to dll procedure. > call "FunctionName" ex. call SetLastError call dword ptr [SetLastError] To call an unexported function that starts 100h (256) bytes after exported function ExportedAPI: call dword ptr [ExportedAPI] + 100h or: mov eax, dword ptr [ExportedAPI] + 100 call eax To call an absolute address (very dangerous as DLLs might be relocated): mov eax, 77F9B13Ah call eax
  15. If the new data won't fit in the old section, the section must be expanded which is much more difficult than adding a new section. KernelEx adds a new section because it is simpler and works just fine. If your goal is to modify KernelEx, don't. If your goal is finding sample code for robustly adding new data to an existing section, don't look at KernelEx, look elsewhere.