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  1. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    Thanks for testing this new browser! Looks like we have a cascading failure. What to do: * The "box of stuff" is very important--please report it exactly. You probably don't have enough CPU (FineSSE might help). * Profile in Dependency Walker to see what module is failing to load. * Enable API logging on modules that fail to init and retest/profile with DebugWindow/KexApiLog open. * Test each (and every) module with Import Patcher. That version of Msvcr120 loads on my Via C3 system (no SSE or CMOV). I put it in C:\Windows\KernelEx\Msvc and enabled it with this registry setting: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\KnownDLLs] "MSVCR120"="MSVC\\MSVCR120.DLL"
  2. > How hard would it be to use Goanna engine in kmelon and back-port kmelon so it could work on 98se with kernelex. KM74_31 works enough to be usable, so maybe KM76+Goana 3.4.1 already does, too. I haven't had time to test it yet. > it complained that msvcr120 had missing exports in kernel32 Not for me. Should load using KernelEx 4.5.2016.17. Ask for help in Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions.
  3. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    Every version of WMP seems to have a different way to enable captions: Accessibility for Windows Media Player Videos: Captions
  4. Programs won't launch on Windows ME!

    Might be trying to write to a local configuration file. Try installing to a writable drive.
  5. http://www.msfn.org/board/uploads/css_built_*_custom.css.* *custom.css* Working in Opera 10.63 with theme IPS Default. Font quality better at 90% scaling.
  6. Printer Software for HP Deskjet

    Agreed. Even my 656c never worked very well, but you might want to try its 9x drivers for USB. I haven't been able to find a timeline (or list) anywhere of HP printers (that supported 9x), so have no idea what was the last for 9x. If we knew, those would be the drivers to try.
  7. > > > third_party/rust/kernel32-sys/src/lib.rs: pub fn K32GetModuleInformation( > > Most of these new dependencies are likely in third party code, not the core code. Or they might be generated by newer compilers. > How to avoid such dependency? Rather than create an OS stub, modify the source to assume failure (or success) and remove the call. If an api is called multiple times, it might be easier to redefine it: #define IsUserWin10Fanboy() FALSE if (IsUserWin10Fanboy()) {...} Or remove the third-party module entirely.
  8. > NewMoonXP? It emphasizes New Moon's mission to serve XP, just as TenFourFox serves Mac OS X 10.4 users. A new moon can't be seen (it's below the horizon) so: FauxMoon -> FOMoon -> FiveOneMoon > third_party/rust/kernel32-sys/src/lib.rs: pub fn K32GetModuleInformation( Most of these new dependencies are likely in third party code, not the core code. Or they might be generated by newer compilers.
  9. Printer Software for HP Deskjet

    Must-read guide to getting USB printers recognized by Win98 and drivers installed (see third and fifth posts).
  10. > Settings: MaxPhysPage=2000, MaxFileCache=65536 Try: MaxPhysPage=20000, MaxFileCache=65536 You can also disable the swapfile if your games don't need it. ATI 9600 AGP: 128MB or 256MB? You probably will need RLoew's RAM patch to get everything that you want without compromising.
  11. Disassembling A Compaq Presario 1065 Laptop

    Isn't the screen in the other half of the chassis? You probably need to open the lower chassis from the bottom--screws can be visible or hidden inside or under rubber feet or stickers.
  12. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    I don't have a file with subtitles to test with, but my WMP6.01 does have View->Captions. Help counts it as an Accessibility feature. So two more questions to help narrow things down: - Does WMP7.1 have the View->Captions (or equivalent) Accessibility option? - Does WMP6.04 display the subtitles as captions even without VobSub? According to Videohelp.com, VobSub (up to 2.23) may only be for VirtualDub. WinDVD needs VSFilter: The latest (2.41 and also xy-VSFilter) requires Windows XP SP3. The earlier ones (2.24-2.37) all look okay in Dependency Walker on my 98se system.
  13. View->Style->Manage Modes... Uncheck Page style sheet Page should appear, but without any formatting. Using Opera 10.63, I saved the complete webpage as type .mht (mime-encoded html, like an email with attachments). The string "html{content:'ipsfocus42-november1';}" is from file: http://www.msfn.org/board/uploads/css_built_39/258adbb6e4f3e83cd3b355f84e3fa002_custom.css.10dc6ff2c45a645d7d18ddc234ce91e8.css?v=90cbeee145 Modified: Thursday, November 09, 2017 3:40:02 AM Size: 179 KB If xper can't fix the file, perhaps we can craft a custom style sheet and have Opera apply it to the site.
  14. Printer Software for HP Deskjet

    HP printer utilities for previous 9x-compatible printers might work with the D4260 once drivers are installed. (I have the Deskjet 656c utilities installed on this very 98se system I'm posting from.) However, unless you are reporting that the W2K drivers did install on 98se and allow you to print at least a test page, then you already provided the answer to the underlying question: "...it's not compatible with 98SE." Minimum system requirements are a 128MB Pentium II with Windows 2000. All that said, if you are interested in creating a 9x driver/software pack for the D4260 you can try updating the last one from HP with driver files for the D4260 (and maybe wdmstub or wdmex).
  15. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    VobSub 2.23 itself should run on 95, but might require a later version of DirectSound than you have installed. What versions of VobSub and DirectSound have your tried? And what exactly do you mean by "works under Win 95C"?