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  1. In xompie-0.1a.exe, advapixp.dll has an export forward to advapi32.dll ordinal 1000 that does not exist in XP (sp3). install.bat and xpatcher.bat are not legal batch files, they are CMD files and should be renamed. I rewrote the Xompie-0.0.1a xpatcher.bat as a valid batch file that does not require installation first, and it worked in 98se. I'll post it once I update it for Xompie-0.1a for those who wish to try Xompie without installing it first.
  2. On impulse this past summer, I bought a WinCleaner dongle at my local dollar store. It looks like a swivel thumb drive. It claims to support XP through 8.1, so I fearlessly plugged it into my 98se machine hoping to be able to reformat it. It is recognized as an external CD-ROM drive containing a finalized read-only disc. Discussion here with photos suggests it may be just an 8-pin ROM chip and a USB interface chip. There also appears to be a second 8-pad chip location vacant. Any ideas for further analysis or repurposing of the hardware? I'm good with a soldering iron!
  3. "display : block" is not a problem, it just means give the element its own line and allow it to stretch out across as much of the page as it wants (like a div). "display : inline" is like a span or a (anchor). "display : none" would be a problem as it means "hide and collapse the layout space as if it doesn't exist". "visibility : hidden" would also be a problem as it means "hide but preserve layout space". See: http://learnlayout.com/display.html
  4. This compiled sample might help: http://www.whitneyland.com/2009/03/directx-10-and-net-a-simple-example.html but it does contain some 64-bit dlls. Is DX10 and 11 support really an issue for 32-bit apps on a 32-bit OS? > DaveKick Did you mean DiveKick?
  5. > All the Microsoft support pages are still just plain white pages with apparently no content, although if you look at their source, everything appears to be there, it's just not being displayed! The content is likely styled as hidden by default and needs an external stylesheet or scripting to make it visible. Try menu option View->Style->No Style. (It often works for non-IE browsers.) Enable scripting and check the error log (F12 ?). Check the Hosts file for blocked servers. HTTPS is obviously a problem. The CSS file might be linked via https on a secure server using encryption not supported on your system. If we can upgrade your security support so that pages like WMP load via https, then CSS support files might also load properly. If a scripting update is needed, we might be able to use xompie to get the IE9 or 10 Jscript.dll file to work in XP. My only XP/IE8 system is not Internet connected, so I can't test any of this myself. :-(
  6. SE shipped with IE5.0. Did ME ship with IE5.5? There were a few API updates in IE5.5, so some apps may "require" ME but also work with SE+IE5.5.
  7. I recommend that everyone add these entries. FlsAlloc is the first new function in several years to be identified as needing its scope limited in CORE.INI, but there have been others in the past. Theoretically, all new functions (stubs and full) should have corresponding entries in CORE.INI to limit their scope. In practice, however, that would bloat CORE.INI beyond usability. The UPX support hack treats "want" requests as "need" requests, exposing any Vista-aware modules that are UPX'ed to potential compatability problems. I'm working on an updated architecture that solves the UPX problem and also allows new functions to be assigned a minimum OS mode. I hope to deprecate CORE.INI eventually.
  8. You didn't mention the capacity of the new HDD. If it is greater than ~120GB, FDISK and SE will likely have trouble with it. See: Important "Stickified" [Pinned] 95/98/98 SE/ME Topics
  9. Please clarify "anymore". (FlsAlloc didn't change in .15) Un-UPX opera.dll Edit CORE.INI to disable Fls in modes lower than WIN2K3 Try ME mode. Solved: in CORE.INI add: [DCFG1.names.98] KERNEL32.FlsAlloc=none [DCFG1.names.Me] KERNEL32.FlsAlloc=none [WIN2K3.names] KERNEL32.FlsAlloc=kexbases.0
  10. Actually, the HD logo is only on the diskettes that are both high density and double-sided. The single-sided 720KB diskettes (that I had to drill a hole through to convert to 1440KB/1.4MB) don't have the HD logo even though they are high density at 18-21 sectors per track. ...And now in the closet I find a box of ten 5.25" diskettes that go back ~30 years: Memorox 2S/HD Double Sided High Density (1.6 MB) Flexible Disks TEN: 5 1/4" FOR: IBM PC-AT AND OTHERS and 5660 Recording Sides: Two Media Density: High Sectoring: Soft Tracks Per Side: 80 Memorex 2S/HD Flexible Disk
  11. Firing up my XPsp3 machine, address 0x77b51d4a appears to be in function ApphelpCheckInstallShieldPackage in Apphelp.dll. You may need to find a newer version of Apphelp.dll. Also try portable versions of Opera and Chrome (that don't use an installer).
  12. Most of the 3.5" floppies stacked at the back of my desktop have an "HD" logo. Some date back over 25 years! Several read: maxell SUPER RD MF2 HD DOUBLE SIDED HIGH DENSITY DOUBLE TRACK/135 TPI
  13. The Wow64*Wow64FsRedirection functions should be in Kernel32, not Ntdll. I've moved them--Thanks MiKl! I've also corrected minor issues with the FLS* function stubs. kexbases.15.7z
  14. Perhaps a shortcut to the Floppy was added to your desktop or SendTo folder. If you already have one on your desktop, something is triggering desktop refreshes (select a desktop item and hit F5 to trigger manually). Perhaps something is trying to load the icon of a recently used app from the floppy, or is displaying thumbnails of recently opens docs and checking for their existance. Check the registry for references to A: It not an app, then try flushing your system ShellIconCache.
  15. "Need-only" means functions are only used if a module won't load without them. They are not used for delay-loading. If a module is UPXed, Need-only status is ignored and all functions (including stubs) can be used at any time. This will break some features and some complete apps. UPX support is still highly experimental. Un-UPX any files that do not work as expected. Almost all of the new functions in v.14 are Need-only stubs that are only used if a module won't load without them. These will not affect any currently working apps that are not UPX'ed. They are definitions from my Kexstubs.ini file tested to help run additional apps and dlls that previously did not load. LockFileEx was converted to Need-only because its incomplete implementation could cause a thread to hang (based upon SeaMonkey debugging). The other new functions are just forwards: - Ntdll.RtlGetCurrentDirectory_U - Ntdll.RtlSetCriticalSectionSpinCount - Rpcrt4.UuidCreateSequential