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  1. Just recovered a ST3500320AS SD15 using a Nokia DKU-5 cable (6 wire, similar to CA-42) Pin2(Grnd), Pin4(3.3v+), Pin6(Rx), Pin7(Tx) Used a 3.3 volt motherboard battery for power and grounded all to the molex of the fix PC. Did the procedure and like magic, I got my stuff back safe and sound. Once recovered, flashed to SD1A and all is still well. SMART reports healthy and the drive is now a backup drive. Very pleased with everyone's efforts to document the problem and fix. v/r -Tony
  2. Hi, Thanks for posting the info regarding debricking a Seagate 7200.11 from BSY state.

    I just want to report I unbricked my ST3500320AS SD15 with a Nokia DKU-5 (6wire cable) similar to CA-42.

    From the pop-port specs I figured out that mine needed Pin2(grnd), Pin4(3.3v+), Pin6(Rx), Pin7(Tx)

    I used a button cell motherboard battery and added a ground via molex and was good to go af...