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  1. hello every winsxs killers' just to give info: i have done it in French win7 by on a vlited 7 pro x64 native French, right now on a vm it works and should work on my T61 thinkpad. windows seven + 500Mb of drivers is about 4.5Gb hdd used (-hibernate -pagefiles.sys -rescue) about 250mb for winsxs. why i did it , because 50Gb ssd and to verify if winsxs grow up after this mod: with a standard winsxs, after installing ms office 2003, i have space hdd growth plus 1Gb!!! on a xp it is about 400Mb, yes the same prog take 1gb on w7 and 400mb on a xp, strange... so installing my office now without winsxs it add about 50Mb in winsxs... and save 600Mb!!! then every prog i should install won't mod a lot th winsxs folder, and save my ssd did not verify winupdate, but i dislike winupdate, i prefere DIY update i am to try method 3