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  1. Could it be Transdniester sabotaging Moldova? (Maybe we need another time zone change.)
  2. Agat - I see that I CAN remove KB4018556 using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. But if I leave it in for now, and it causes a BSOD later, how then would I be able to remove it? Reboot into SafeMode cmd only, and use wusa /uninstall /kb:4018556 ? Спасибо.
  3. Hey gang - AskWoody has a post that KB4018556 -- which we all installed earlier this month -- might be a problem. It's causing a winlogon problem in some XP machines. And there's an update that MS has pulled it except for Server 2008. See AskWoody_Link What do you think?
  4. den - that's how you avoided the "upgrade to Win 10" against your will?
  5. Replying to mixit's post above at LINK --> So, if we POS people have previously installed KB4012598 in mid-March and recently installed KB4018466 (which I did three days ago), we're as good as we can be on our old beat-up XP SP3 x86 machines? We don't need to throw our PCs down the garbage chute before they explode? Or add more electrical tape to the front panel? Just want to be sure I don't have to put on my sneakers and bomb-disposal gear. (I suppose Dave-H would call them "trainers" and "UXB tunics".)
  6. I'm lucky - all 13 installed very smoothly and all show up on Belarc Advisor. Some notes: 1) I installed kb4020535 manually, thanks to Bersaglio, as it did not appear in Microsoft Update by itself. Belarc Advisor shows it as installed, but it does not appear in Review Update History in Microsoft Update. Is that wrong? 2) Belarc Advisor's long list of Installed Hotfixes says I should re-install these old ones - and there are more now than before. Why so? Is it because later updates are UNinstalling these? Here's the list (and the dates are when these were installed the first time): KB952287 on 8/21/2008 (details...) Reinstall! KB970483 on 12/8/2012 (details...) Reinstall! KB976323 on 12/8/2012 (details...) Reinstall! KB2124261 on 12/8/2012 (details...) Reinstall! KB2290570 on 12/8/2012 (details...) Reinstall! Thanks, all!
  7. Hey, Bersaglio - you had a fling with his great-great-grand-daughter? Send me a PM with a pic!!
  8. My yellow shield shows 12 out of Bersaglio's 13. My shield is missing kb4020535. (Thanks, Bersaglio! Any relation to Marconi?) As a great leader from behind, I ask: How are these on your machines?
  9. Heinoganda and everyone - Regarding heinoganda's post just above at LINK TO ABOVE, do you think these will also appear on Tuesday? It's a beautiful Spring in NYC - Central Park trees are all young green with a dusting of lemon.
  10. heinoganda - holiday in that part of Chile or along its Eastern arm at the very bottom of Argentina? I also looked at that neighboring tip of Argentina in Street View - it's the very definition of "forlorn". Brazil and colored paper is MUCH MUCH better.
  11. heinoganda - thanks for map link (and look at Google Earth). Talk about an isolated, unpopulated area !! I get chills just looking down on it. There are "estancias" in the eastern arm - do you think the cattle get good WiFi?
  12. KB4015193? DST changes in Windows for Magallanes (Chile)? Only Magallanes? Today, after three years using it non-stop, I completely forgot that my Blackberry Classic uses a lock screen password that's different from the password for my office email account. So when the email account password had to change (and I changed it), I forgot how to get in to my Blackberry. Almost pushed my IT guy to kill me. What am I doing keeping my XP alive if I can't remember how to tie my shoelaces?
  13. New update on April 16, 2017 - Nothing has ever worked to stop the "cannot modify the protected key" warnings. The new Update Now yesterday to this O365 Home generated the same 41 Warnings. So, today, after first creating a restore point, I DELETED the 41 keys, then went to Control Panel -- Programs and Features -- right-clicked Microsoft Office 365-en us and did a Repair - Online. No help. In fact, it caused new problems, so I Restored from the restore point and went back to where I was. What in tarnation is "protecting" those keys? Ideas?
  14. Hey nomen - I had a similar problem and an Intel guy provided the fix. Please see my thread on the Intel forum: INTEL BLOG POST Hope it works for you.
  15. Wow - those 13 went fast. Probably because I remembered to turn off Avast AV Free. See y'all next month - Happy Springtime !