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  1. 13 updates installed and seems OK. As noted by all, even an update to Office 2003! I feel young again!! Happy summer weekend.
  2. MS seems to be offering MANY updates for XP. See the three "older platform" tables at Are Bersaglio's list (five posts above this) and MS's three tables the same? If not, then, after installing Bersaglio's list (directly or through the yellow shield), should we also be downloading and installing from those three MS tables? Or have our POS updates already picked up most of those three MS tables? Thanks.
  3. dencorso and heinoganda - how many people have looked at this thread, including those who just look and don't post? And how has that number changed over time? Do those numbers track the chart above? Are we ten or so the last people with XP?
  4. heinoganda - I just installed KB4018556, and it also solved a problem I was having. This morning, my CD-DVD unit had an error! in Device Manager, it was not showing in Explorer, I couldn't fix it, but after installing KB4018556, that is fixed. Same for a virtual CD function in my Western Digital external drive - exact same symptoms and fix. Very nice !!!! Thanks, as always.
  5. Mathwiz and heinoganda - For those of us with typical XP machines at home or small offices - workgroup, not domain - do we need to worry about EsteemAudit? Heinoganda - your researchcenter article has a comment at bottom that non-domain PCs need not worry. My system32 folder has these files: scardsvr.exe, scarddlg.dll, scardssp.dll and winscard.dll. In services.msc, my Smart Card service is set to "Manual". In regedit, the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services] has nothing in it - no entries at all. In Accessories, Control Panel and Open Network Connections, I have not found anything related to Smart Cards. Thanks. PS - you both OK after installing the new KB4018556 ?
  6. So is all good with this new KB4018556? Mathwiz - you OK?
  7. PKCano sent me a PM: So it was just another FALSE ALARM.
  8. den - I have an idea! If you were to compare our last XP-valid mrt.exe (from August 2016) to this new one, would the comparison show other changes/differences you could undo in the new one to get it to work? I don't have the savvy, but you do.
  9. Dave-H - You are correct. Same here. I'll go back to AskWoody and give PKCano a piece of your mind.
  10. Esteemed colleagues and pen-pals - Although I too had assumed that recent versions of mrt.exe would not run on our immortal XPs, please see LINK TO ASK WOODY POST Is it possible that MS decided to make this mrt.exe more universally usable, as it is specifically a defense against WannaGetABeer ? Those of you with extra experimental XP machines - WannaTry?
  11. Two Qs to the team - 1) Will the latest May 22 MSRT (MRT.exe) run on our Win XP SP3 machines that we've kept updated with the POS hack? (Microsoft Update does NOT present it to me for download or installation.) 2) A search in my XP Registry does NOT show any entry for KB982316. However, my Microsoft Update does NOT present it to me for download or installation. Should I look for it manually and install it? Danke.
  12. Could it be Transdniester sabotaging Moldova? (Maybe we need another time zone change.)
  13. Agat - I see that I CAN remove KB4018556 using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. But if I leave it in for now, and it causes a BSOD later, how then would I be able to remove it? Reboot into SafeMode cmd only, and use wusa /uninstall /kb:4018556 ? Спасибо.
  14. Hey gang - AskWoody has a post that KB4018556 -- which we all installed earlier this month -- might be a problem. It's causing a winlogon problem in some XP machines. And there's an update that MS has pulled it except for Server 2008. See AskWoody_Link What do you think?