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  1. heinoganda - holiday in that part of Chile or along its Eastern arm at the very bottom of Argentina? I also looked at that neighboring tip of Argentina in Street View - it's the very definition of "forlorn". Brazil and colored paper is MUCH MUCH better.
  2. heinoganda - thanks for map link (and look at Google Earth). Talk about an isolated, unpopulated area !! I get chills just looking down on it. There are "estancias" in the eastern arm - do you think the cattle get good WiFi?
  3. KB4015193? DST changes in Windows for Magallanes (Chile)? Only Magallanes? Today, after three years using it non-stop, I completely forgot that my Blackberry Classic uses a lock screen password that's different from the password for my office email account. So when the email account password had to change (and I changed it), I forgot how to get in to my Blackberry. Almost pushed my IT guy to kill me. What am I doing keeping my XP alive if I can't remember how to tie my shoelaces?
  4. New update on April 16, 2017 - Nothing has ever worked to stop the "cannot modify the protected key" warnings. The new Update Now yesterday to this O365 Home generated the same 41 Warnings. So, today, after first creating a restore point, I DELETED the 41 keys, then went to Control Panel -- Programs and Features -- right-clicked Microsoft Office 365-en us and did a Repair - Online. No help. In fact, it caused new problems, so I Restored from the restore point and went back to where I was. What in tarnation is "protecting" those keys? Ideas?
  5. Hey nomen - I had a similar problem and an Intel guy provided the fix. Please see my thread on the Intel forum: INTEL BLOG POST Hope it works for you.
  6. Wow - those 13 went fast. Probably because I remembered to turn off Avast AV Free. See y'all next month - Happy Springtime !
  7. Heinoganda - thanks. Has everyone installed these OK? Anybody's PC turn into a toaster oven?
  8. Brothers - My yellow shield shows twelve, being the same as Bersaglio's list of fourteen less Silverlight (which I uninstalled a long time ago) and KB4017018. Does anyone know what is that KB4017018?
  9. GL - Your advice is quite wise. But I am not. I thought I'd try a "lesser" repair by right-click-repairing C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Integration\C2RInt.16.msi , which is an installer (maybe the installer) for the Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component that is generating the warnings. The repair ran very briefly and that created again the same 41 Warnings as an "Update Now" of Word. Just now. Back to square one. I see in the Warnings in eventvwr that "Source" is "MsiInstaller", not "TrustedInstaller". Hmmm. Is there a way to add "MsiInstaller" to the Registry keys and then give it Full Control permission? The Registry Keys already list TrustedInstaller and give it Full Control, but "MsiInstaller" is not mentioned in any of them. Look, if I win the Nobel, we can share it.
  10. Update - So 41± "protected" registry keys have been showing up in Event Viewer Warnings when I run any update of Word or Excel (from this second O365 Home installation). NOW, in regedit, I have given "Full Control" permission to Administrators in each of these 41± keys. (I run regedit and regscanner64 as TrustedInstaller with the wonderful TIdo.cmd tool. So I don't have to change Ownership to change Permissions. Goes much faster.) Result - in yesterday's normal "Update Now" of Word, which ran some updates, I did NOT get the 41± Warnings. Progress ?? Risks ?? I might go back to my earlier lists of "protected" keys (which were more than 41), do the same, and then run a "Repair" of O365. (Or a total UNinstall and REinstall.) What do you think? Will a Repair or UN+REinstall create different keys and so progress will be lost?
  11. If you read "More information for this update can be found at ", it seems that at least two time zone changes were decided upon last year and a third was decided two months ago. Who's the MS officer in charge of time zone changes? HE SHOULD BE FIRED. Has anyone here heard of Saratov?
  12. Hey, Bersaglio - I followed your advice and also installed the other three updates for Excel 2003-2007 and now my version is 11.8412.8438. That's .0004 higher than you!! Wow !!!! However, should I now RE-install the three Office 2007 Compatibility Pack updates that came this past Tuesday, KB3127945, KB3178677 and KB3178682 ? How can I do that? Downloading these from, extracting each zip to a folder and "Applying" the .msp file (or "Opening with" Windows Iinstaller) does not seem to do anything. EDIT - Belay that. I found the Office Admin Update Center in Administrator Options in Microsoft Update, it brought me to Popular Office downloads, its search box worked for the three KB numbers, I downloaded the three -glb.exe self-install files, and running each of them tells me I already have the update installed. Another accomplishment with XP !!! Did I tell you that the front panel of my XP computer is held on with black electrical tape? Thanks, Bersaglio !!!
  13. Bersaglio - I ran your special Office update KB2883042, and my Excel now shows higher version 11.8412.8405. However, that is not QUITE as high as yours, which ends in .8434. Why am I .0029 sub-sub-sub versions back? Thanks.
  14. Heinoganda - thanks for asking! I didn't send you files because pCloud was suggesting a few things. Unfortunately nothing worked, including trying an earlier version of pCloud. On my XP machine, there's some conflict between my explorer.exe and pCloud, starting with its SimpleExt.dll, possibly as a new shell item. But apparently only my XP has this problem with pCloud - nobody else. If I find time, I'll get back into it and send you a PM.
  15. Bersaglio - many thanks. My Excel version is lower! I'll try this when I get up enough courage to run the latest 11 updates. Hey - Dave-H, you OK? Never mind you - what about your PC?