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  1. SD73 - thanks for suggestion. Belarc comfirms the four are installed.
  2. Hmmm. During the installation of the four, I had both an explorer.exe crash with a Dr. Watson small window and a dumprep crash that dumprep wasn't working with a second Dr. Watson small window. The installations seemed to continue, and I rebooted. No problems so far, and MS Update shows them at the top of the installed list. But are they really installed? (Do I really exist?) Three years ago, August 2014, right in the middle of prepping for my wife's business's tax returns, my old Dell Opti 755 XP PC blew but I was able to do a Frankenstein revival by buying a used Dell Opti 755 without a hard drive and moving everything into it. (Actually had a slightly better CPU.) Got lucky. But here is tax time again, and I'm superstitious. Anyone else having explorer.exe problems?
  3. heinoganda - done: Has everyone installed the new four?
  4. Dencorso wrote Can you even begin to imagine what might happen if I wrote that guide? The disaster unleashed would make NotPetya seem like a misspelled email. We'd end up in adjoining jail cells. Roffen would have to come by occasionally to bring care packages with coffee beans and more questions.
  5. dencorso, jaclaz, heinoganda and other wizards - for nostalgia sake, I just took a look at page 1 of this mighty thread. May I suggest that you insert at the very top a compressed guide to what we're doing now? In case others stumble upon this only three years late. (A new post in AskWoody asked how to do the XP POS hack and was introduced to a page on ghacks. But that hasn't been updated since 2014.) I think we're now all using the simplest one-item reg hack, with particular single updates to WU and maybe IE so that everything continues to work. You all have discovered and repeated those steps for the rest of us from time to time, but they are somewhere in the past of this time-tube. I was a newbie when I started here, but today I am a man!
  6. Yup, Dave-H, twelve in and good for me. Niko - not to worry, buddy, we led the way for you. (Ha.) By the way, niko, that 2002 forum thread was some find! And it is correct - my folder WINDOWS\\PCHEALTH\\HELPCTR\\OfflineCache does not have that index.dat, and probably due to the very reason mentioned - my use of Spider, remember that one? It's probably the oldest privacy app I have. Impressive, pal ! dencorso - we love you baby !!! (PS - In case that's not what you needed, I just have a shortcut .lnk that runs the msinfo32.exe program but with /showcategories in the link parameters.)
  7. Hey, Dave-H, niko wants to know if you're OK with this week's updates.
  8. dencorso and niko32 - Dat's interesting. First, did you really mean msinfo32.exe, with a "32" in the file name? Second, right now, before this update, msinfo32.exe in that folder is version 5.1.2600.0, last modified August 4, 2004. BUT ... it has not worked well for a long time - invoking it brings me only to the generic "Help and Support Center" function. To get it to work well, I have a shortcut that invokes "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe" /showcategories . I haven't run this week's updates yet -- you know I always wait to see if your PCs survive or get updated to Win 3.1 against your will -- but if I run this one, do you think it will fix my minor problem with msinfo32.exe ?
  9. conductor71 - please time this. I wonder how long it will take your laptop (obviously meant for Win 2000) to ingest all 80. It's my kind of thing. My wife says I could be a PC repairman if I did only Windows 98.
  10. Bersaglio - thanks again. Turns out KB3203427 was already installed; it just wasn't showing in my history list in Microsoft Updates. (But it does show in Belarc Advisor.) And my USP10.dll is version 1.626.6002.24099 with file date May 5, 2017. And your other must-haves on bottom of page 99 are also installed. Always happy to be safe (with the doors locked). EDIT - but it turns out that KB3203427 was NOT on my wife's two small office PCs, which (thanks to my cheapness) are still running Office 2003 even though they are Win 7 Pro 64-bit. So I installed it manually on both from your links on page 99. (I bought her two PCs used - old Optiplex 780s - with used beat-up screens too. Makes me proud.) So much for Office 2003 getting any emergency updates automatically. If MS provides a late-day urgent update for Office 2003, why doesn't it show up automatically? Do MS's in-house lawyers say they should provide an emergency update for XP nuts like us but not Win 7 people? How do non-nuts keep safe?
  11. Dave-H - You are quite right, as always. No smiley face in IE 11. (Too bad!) But the update seems to be for "Viewer". Should I really install it for my full Office 2003 on my XP machine? The other KBs suggested by Bersaglio as well? Thanks.
  12. Bersaglio - you write on June 17, "Before searching for updates: 1. If You have Office 2003 download and install manually KB3203427 and KB3203484 (see my list earlier in this topic)." (Here's the link: JUNE 17 POST .) I just started looking for KB3203427 in MS Update Catalog, and it appears only for Viewer, not Office 2003 directly. And - total crazy - when I click to read the KB article, all I get is a screen with a smiley face, on MS !!!! No kidding !!!! Still install it? Thanks.
  13. den - Nice selfie! As it turned out, the problem may have been that I had ceased using Socks5 proxies and had been pushed to HTTP proxies. Originally, HideMyAss had Socks5 proxies on its free list, but then stopped and showed only HTTP proxies, which I then used, and now not even any free proxies at all. Late yesterday, I found a new source of free proxies for Socks5, and as soon as I tested one of them and inserted it into uTorrent, the downloads started fast. Try https://www.socks-proxy.net/# But thanks for new yoga position.
  14. Used uTorrent for many years, with free proxies from HideMyAss or other sources. (I always check the free proxy IPs first to be sure they show as proxies and will connect on to https websites.) uTorrent was always a bit slow to start a download but would get up to speed once a download finally started. (uTorrent will speed up when "Peer Exchange" finally shows many seeds.) All downloads and uploads are always encrypted (the E flag always shows in the Peers list). Well, not this weekend. Have the torrents and good tracker lists with many trackers "working" for each torrent and showing many seeds. But it just won't start downloading - even through four different proxies that otherwise test good. (And "Peer Exchange" stays at zero.) What to do? If my favorite forum MSFN isn't the right place to ask, please suggest a good forum. Thanks.
  15. BleepingComputer reports a "vaccination" against the new ransomware. See https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/vaccine-not-killswitch-found-for-petya-notpetya-ransomware-outbreak/