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  1. If you read "More information for this update can be found at ", it seems that at least two time zone changes were decided upon last year and a third was decided two months ago. Who's the MS officer in charge of time zone changes? HE SHOULD BE FIRED. Has anyone here heard of Saratov?
  2. Hey, Bersaglio - I followed your advice and also installed the other three updates for Excel 2003-2007 and now my version is 11.8412.8438. That's .0004 higher than you!! Wow !!!! However, should I now RE-install the three Office 2007 Compatibility Pack updates that came this past Tuesday, KB3127945, KB3178677 and KB3178682 ? How can I do that? Downloading these from, extracting each zip to a folder and "Applying" the .msp file (or "Opening with" Windows Iinstaller) does not seem to do anything. EDIT - Belay that. I found the Office Admin Update Center in Administrator Options in Microsoft Update, it brought me to Popular Office downloads, its search box worked for the three KB numbers, I downloaded the three -glb.exe self-install files, and running each of them tells me I already have the update installed. Another accomplishment with XP !!! Did I tell you that the front panel of my XP computer is held on with black electrical tape? Thanks, Bersaglio !!!
  3. Bersaglio - I ran your special Office update KB2883042, and my Excel now shows higher version 11.8412.8405. However, that is not QUITE as high as yours, which ends in .8434. Why am I .0029 sub-sub-sub versions back? Thanks.
  4. Heinoganda - thanks for asking! I didn't send you files because pCloud was suggesting a few things. Unfortunately nothing worked, including trying an earlier version of pCloud. On my XP machine, there's some conflict between my explorer.exe and pCloud, starting with its SimpleExt.dll, possibly as a new shell item. But apparently only my XP has this problem with pCloud - nobody else. If I find time, I'll get back into it and send you a PM.
  5. Bersaglio - many thanks. My Excel version is lower! I'll try this when I get up enough courage to run the latest 11 updates. Hey - Dave-H, you OK? Never mind you - what about your PC?
  6. Bersaglio - When it comes to MSFN, my attention is always "special", although my wife uses a different word. Is there a way to check whether I already have that ancient KB2883042 (other than by reviewing all 400 screens of updates)? And, by the way, what does it do that I haven't had the last 14 years?
  7. GL - Thanks. Same logic as putting 64-bit files in system32. What do you think about WRP (my SECOND thing above)?
  8. Updates !!!! Hey, Happy New Year everyone !!! Is anyone else enjoying the late blizzard in NYC? It's very pretty and mildly annoying. So, I mean, are they GOOD updates? Do you LIKE them? Are any of them MISBEHAVING? My yellow shield shows ELEVEN updates, including THREE for my Office 2003-with-2007-compatibility-pack. That sound right? XP forever (until my old PC just disintegrates) !!!
  9. dencorso, jaclaz, heinoganda, GL, trip and team - THREE THINGS: FIRST -- Is it possible that TIdo.cmd is not QUITE as powerful as we want? Please take a look at the two attached .txt files. They are the results of my running whoami /all -- the first time in only an elevated cmd, the second time in TIdo.cmd. Note that, in TIdo.cmd, some of the Privileges are still disabled, including "SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege - Take ownership of files or other objects - Disabled". Why so? Do we need a stronger flavor of TIdo.cmd for what I'm doing? SuperTIdo? SECOND -- Microsoft has something called "Windows Resource Protection", or "WRP". Maybe that's what is protecting these keys? If so, how do I defeat it? See these links: >WRP 1< , >WRP 2< , >WRP 3< , >WRP 4< , >WRP 5< . Any thoughts about adding WRP-busting super-strength to TIdo.cmd or (better) the setup64.exe in the re-install folder that I make from the .img file for installing O365 Home? THIRD -- There is a service called "osppsvc" and "Office Software Protection Platform". It runs when I'm running Office (together with a process called "OSPPSVC.EXE" and "Microsoft Office Software Protection Platform"). Are these the things that are "protecting" the registry keys when I (re-)install or update O365 Home? Is there a way to sedate them? If we ever win this one, we can make T-shirts that say "SuperTIdo beats WRP" and wear them to the next IT trade show. whoami elev cmd only.txt whoamiTIDO.txt
  10. Curiouser and curiouser. Is really like jumping down the rabbit hole after all. I'm tempted to delete all the "protected" keys and try a re-install. But not today. Thanks, dencorso and GL.
  11. dencorso - I just looked at a third key. This time, in Advanced - Permissions, there is only one "SYSTEM" (not two) and it has Full Control. However, before I hit Advanced, the initial right-click Permissions window shows one System with BOTH "Full Control" and "Read" checked. That is common to all three keys I have now looked at. The other settings (in Advanced) vary slightly. Hmmmm. Why both "Full Control" and "Read" in the initial right-click window? Is that a clue? Should I go through these 41 "protected" keys and UNcheck the "Read" but leave checked the "Full Control"? Maybe not, as apparently having both checked is common elsewhere. So what is "protecting" these? Should I ALSO give "Administrators" Full Control permission?
  12. EDIT WITH CORRECTIONS FOR LAST KEY dencorso - I agree - MSFN beats Spiceworks ! In my most recent Update of Office yesterday, it generated 41 of these Warnings. - The first protected key says "Product: Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component. The application tried to modify a protected Windows registry key \Software\Classes\CLSID\{0BE35203-8F91-11CE-9DE3-00AA004BB851}\InprocServer32." If I go to that key, I first see that System has both Full Control and Read permissions. If I hit Advanced and stay on the Permissions tab, I see two Systems. One has Full Control and the other one has Read. TrustedInstaller also has Full Control permissions. If I go to the tab Owner, I see that the Owner is Administrators (WINDOWS-B686H5R\Administrators). - The last protected key says "Product: Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component. The application tried to modify a protected Windows registry key \Software\Classes\Interface\{85AEE342-48B0-4244-9DD5-1ED435410FAB}\TypeLib." If I go to that key, I first see that System has both Full Control and Read permissions. If I hit Advanced and stay on the Permissions tab, I see two Systems. This time both have Full Control. TrustedInstaller also has Full Control permissions. If I go to the tab Owner, this time Owner is SYSTEM. See the attached Word docx for some screenshots. Are there any clues here? Why are there two Systems? And what might I try to do to make these keys modifiable? Thanks. 3-10-17 more info re permissions.docx
  13. Update - I've also posted this problem on Spiceworks, and here is one suggestion and my reply - any thoughts? FYI - in the brief conversation below, Phil did not get back to me. Thanks.
  14. heinoganda - a few details - 1) First, you and I are having this very nice conversation in this thread while the world holds its breath for more XP POS updates. If you want me to move this to a new topic, please let me know. But, who knows, maybe this issue is helpful to others still clinging to their XP life preservers. (Mine is getting waterlogged.) 2) Your link for the C++ Redistributable 2008 installer was for version 9.0.30729.6161, which certainly seems correct. However, the version of C++ Redistributable 2008 which pCloud always installs (no option) is 9.0.21022. Would that be a possible issue? Actually, I would guess that is NOT the problem. But just FYI. 3) Other forums discussing other explorer problems suggest that either DEP or too many shell extensions might be the problem, and I have downloaded two nirsoft utilities to check later. What do you think? 4) Got your PM and will be sending you stuff later. 5) I have written that explorer.exe crashes. Correct, but the actual symptom is this: Immediately after I install pcloud (and before I start pcloud.exe), if I open any explorer window showing a folder and its files, as soon as I right-click anywhere in that window, explorer freezes, I get error messages and there are errors later in Event viewer. Thanks.
  15. heinoganda - thanks for info. I downloaded the C++ Redistributable 2008 installer and ran it; it "Repaired" my existing 2008 C++ Redistributable; but a re-install of pCloud again caused errors and a freeze as soon as I clicked in any Explorer window, even before I actually ran pCloud. As soon as I uninstall pCloud, explorer works again. Would you want to see - and would it be safe to upload here - a minidump file? If not safe to upload here, how do I send you? Thanks.