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  1. Installed the seven and (manually) the two .NET updates listed above. However, now, Microsoft Update is prompting me to install "Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB2756918)" as an Important update. Is that one OK, or is this a glitch? Thanks.
  2. Ok, everyone - I see seven in my list. But I admit it - I'm a coward. Has anyone been braver than I?
  3. Frank - when do the pubs close? 10pm? Let's ask MS to stop GMT at 9:30. Cheers to Novosibirsk!
  4. Novosibirsk ?? Do people in Novosibirsk even care what time it is? It's either 24 hours sunlight or 24 hours darkness, but always vodka time. Uber is a reindeer.
  5. Trip - I am assuming that very few people have this problem, so who knows maybe it WAS tested by MS. Or very few people first installed O365 32-bit by mistake and then uninstalled and reinstalled with 64-bit. Or nobody checks their Event Viewer. Problem is - the MS tech 2 who is "helping" me insists it's my OS and he wants me to repair my Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS by doing an "inplace upgrade". But my sfc /scannows are 100% pristine clean. I just want help with these "cannot change protected registry key" Warnings in Event Viewer.
  6. Attached is an evtx file of the 70 or so Warnings in Event Viewer. This evtx file will open in your Event Viewer. Any ideas? Thanks. 70 Warnings of protected registry keys.evtx
  7. Alas, my "scrub" idea above didn't work any better than anything else, and again on UN and REinstall of O365 I have 70+ Warnings that protected registry keys could not be modified. The MS tech person sees some .dll errors in netdll.dll and KernelBase.dll and so is recommending I do a non-destructive repair of my Win 7 Pro 64-bit via an "inplace upgrade" off a Win 7 Pro 64-bit iso. Comment? Thanks.
  8. jaclaz - many thanks. Two Qs: 1) I think I saw on this forum guidance about downloading a "technical" copy of the Win 7 Pro 64-bit .iso and pointing to it when doing a scannow or some other file-repairing cmd command. Do you recall that, or can you give me the link? I remember it only worked with the right "technical" and not "other-typical" download. (Or am I confusing this with Win 10?) 2) The SHA1 code matches, but how do I check the MD5? Thanks.
  9. I've been bugging MS to help me with a problem doing a 100% clean Reinstall of Office 365 Home 64-bit on my Win 7 Pro 64-bit PC. Each Reinstall of O365 creates 70± Warning messages in Event Viewer that certain registry keys are protected and cannot be modified by Office 365 Click-to-Run. (O365 actually works fine so far - I just don't like those Warning messages and want to Reinstall without them.) The MS O365 help line tech 2 level person accessed my PC and showed me how my further Event Viewer error messages show errors with ntdll.dll and kernelbase.dll. He says the only way we can fix the problem with Reinstall of Office 365 Home 64-bit is to repair those dll's in my Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS, and the only way to do that in a non-destructive fashion is to do an "inplace upgrade" of my Win 7 off the .iso image of Win 7 Pro 64-bit. What do you think? First, please see the very interesting article about non-destructive repair using inplace upgrade at (I have also attached that article to this post.) Second, following the instructions of the MS tech 2, I am downloading an .iso of Win 7 Pro 64-bit from 7/Eng/ . Do you like that source? The .iso I am downloading is called en_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676939.iso. I see that the file's date is August of 2015 (last year), so that means I'll have to do a lot of Windows Updates afterwards (and carefully so as to avoid the updates that install the Win 10 "spy" features)? Do you think there are better .iso sources for the install, maybe already updated? The Third, he also showed me the normal MS Windows .iso download page , but when I inserted my perfectly good Key for my Win 7 at the bottom of that page, it did NOT verify. He said that MS's verification server is down, and has been down for some days. (Really?) I know my key is good because I used it for a re-install of the OS almost two years ago on this PC. Fourth, my PC is actually dual-boot Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit and Win 10 Pro 64-bit. (FYI - I have separate keys/licenses for each - the 10 is NOT an upgrade of the 7.) Do you think the non-destructive repair of Win 7 using inplace upgrade will wipe out the 10? I think I'm OK because I did a destructive 7 repair about 1½ years ago, and that did not wipe out the other OS (which was then 8.1, since changed to 10). But is there anything special I should do to preserve the 10? Fifth - reminder that my core problem isn't with the OS, which seems to be 100% fine. It's only that I am getting 70+ Warning messages about non-modifiable registry keys whenever I reinstall my O365 Home 64-bit. Hey, what do you think???? Easy, huh? Thanks. Win 7 non-destructive reinstall instructions.htm
  10. 5eraph, Bersaglio and FranceBB - Many thanks. All installed. Belarc Advisor says so. But what shall we do about the end of mrt.exe? Isn't that another chink in our old, dented, squeaking armor? Stuxnet, here we come (keeping our dishwasher on the Extra Rinse cycle forever)! FranceBB -- may I call you Frank? -- are you an Avast person? If so, many thanks for good free product. Please keep it XP-usable.
  11. Also, I ran the eight updates, but my PC glitched on the first run-through, and I am now unable to get KB3184122. It shows in results only with a question mark, and it doesn't come up again if I run MS Update again. The others eventually all installed with green checkmarks (although I had to stop Avast AV to finish KB3185319). How can I get KB3184122 manually? Thanks.
  12. There's no new Malicious Software Removal Tool (mrt.exe)? It's not in my list of eight updates.
  13. Bersaglio - I saw an update to Silverlight in the MS Updates list just now. Same as yours? I see eight updates, including three for my old Office. Anyone have any issues with these?
  14. To readers - I have a clue how to a fix this problem with non-modificable registry keys, but need your suggestions. I am now looking for "Scrub" that will truly UNinstall Office and O365 from my PC, including the registry keys that cannot be modified during the REinstall process. A MS tech suggested this "Scrub" but only if he runs it on my machine - not something he'll send me. Do you know what he means by "Scrub"? Do you believe what he tells me, that it will actually delete those 60 - 70 non-modifiable registry keys? Where can I get this on my own (or at least research it before he wrecks my PC and kills two of my work days)? After the call with the tech, I found something on the web about "Offscrub", and it might be helpful. It also might be very helpful when you are UNinstalling Office from many PCs. Go to the following great article and then please come back here to comment: After you read the above, here are my questions: If I open cmd as administrator, what would be the single command line (from that article) to run either O15CTRRemove.diagcab (easier for me) or offscrub?.vbs (more work for me) in the strongest flavor? (I assume I would first have to create the CScriptNative.cmd described in that article.) I am hoping this approach will delete those 60 - 70 registry keys as well, so I can then do a REinstall without the Warnings. (By the way, before I got to the article above, an MS office tech called me this morning. His first recommendation was to Repair or Reset my operating system, Win 7 Pro 64-bit. Instead of telling him what I thought about that (and him), I bit my tongue and asked him (a) whether he'd read my txt files with copies of the Event Viewer Warnings and (b) whether an OS Repair or Reset would focus on those keys. I continued to ask questions, and he eventually mentioned "Scrub" as the answer, which later inspired me to the link above. Anyway, I asked him to call me back in two weeks when I would have time to do this, and he promised to do so. I don't trust this guy's knowledge, and I would prefer to find a more reliable solution.) Thanks, and I hope you all find this link helpful in your work.
  15. FranceBB - Tell them never to throw out that machine. We'll pay them to keep it!!