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  1. XP fans - little by little the usability of my trusty XP Optiplex 755 is whittled away. The most recent loss was the free 5GB of Cubby, which I used both (a) to back up and (b) to sync across some different PCs a bunch of small business files. In turn, Cubby had replaced the free 5GB of SugarSync. Both gone. So, what should I use for free that will both back up designated folders AND sync them across a bunch of different PCs, starting with folders on my XP but syncing them with the same folders on a few Win 7s? The nice thing about Cubby and (before that) SugarSync was that all I needed to do was right-click the folder (wherever it is) and designate it to start backing up/syncing in the program. No need to move the folder into a fake "drive". And even in a fake "drive" like OneDrive, it just won't run on XP. I know this is off-topic a bit, so please just point me in right direction. Or soon these machines will just be attractive table ornaments. Thanks.
  2. Today, in my Optiplex 780 Desktop with Win 7 Pro 64-bit and 8GB RAM, I cloned my hard drive from old drive to new drive. To do that, I went into BIOS (which is the A14 version), went to Drives, enabled SATA2, and plugged the new empty hard drive into the SATA2 socket on the motherboard. The original drive has always been in the SATA0 socket, and the CD-DVD has always been in the SATA1 socket. The clone went well (using Macrium Reflect Free in a USB stick). When I took out the old drive and connected the new cloned drive to the original SATA0 socket, the Optiplex gave me errors on the reboot. It said it was missing a drive in SATA2 and did i want to Continue, go into System or run Diagnostics. After a few reboots with that error, I went back into BIOS - Drives and disabled SATA2. Then reboot went very well without errors, a few times. All good. However, those errors aren't right. I should be able to enable SATA2 in BIOS and not get errors just because no actual drive is plugged into the SATA2 socket on the motherboard. (That's how it works in a different Dell Optiplex 3010 I have). So what's going on? Why am I getting this error? (By the way, the old drive was a 10-year old Maxtor 500GB, and the new drive is a Seagate Firecuda ST1000DX002. Do you think the SATA2 socket fell so in love with the Firecuda that it just can't let go?) Thanks. \ /
  3. SD73 - Eleven? I'm envious. What is the 11th?
  4. Ten updates (including for Office 2003-7). So, who's going first? (Not me - water's too cold.)
  5. Sherylinrm and jaclaz - unfortunately, the XP machine with the Seagate HD-SSD glitched again yesterday - it froze. (Did not see whether it was also a BSOD - probably not because BlueScreenView doesn't show anything from yesterday.) I think you're right about the Hard Drive. Too bad, as the machine's original Western Digital Velociraptor HD was nice (10,000 RPM). Since this HD is a hybrid HD-SSD, will cloning software like Aomei Backupper or Macrium Reflect have any difficulty "reading" everything on the drive and then "restoring" to a normal (NON-hybrid) HD? By the way, when I first "backed up" from the Velociraptor and "restored" into this Seagate a year ago using Aomei, I needed to recreate its bootability using my Macrium CD - it wasn't booting. But that went well. One last question - do you think it might be TeamViewer causing my HD to freeze? Is it possible that the latest versions of TV don't like XP?
  6. EDITED - FOUND REPORTS For the second time this past week, an Avast Boot-Time scan has some odd error messages but its "Scan History" says there were NO bad files. See my post on the Avast forum at . (<-- You might have to try the link twice to get to my thread.) Any thought whether the error messages are linked to the freezes the last two months and my two BSODs? (The Boot-Time scan meant I rebooted, but still no new BSODs or freezes last 48 hours.)
  7. drugwash - Ran memtest and also the Diagnostics boot option in my Dell (selected after F12). All good - no errors with my CPU or RAM. Thanks for suggestion.
  8. Dave-H - Thanks for the link to Nirsoft's bluescreenview. It let me see that there WAS a cause to the latest BSOD - namely mbam.sys with a STOP 0x00000019. Yes, it was running in the tray (and I have since UNchecked it as a startup item, so it's not running now). Should I upload here anything from bluescreenview? Does it reveal confidential info? Drugwash - I might try AFT later. By the way, so far almost 24 hours no BSOD and no freeze when I try to access using Teamviewer (which I'm doing now). Thanks.
  9. OK - OK - I get it! Jeez - talk about touchy! The first of my two recent BSODs blamed aswsp.sys with a STOP 0x00000050. That's an Avast file for its own software protection. The second BSOD yesterday didn't blame any file at all, and I did not shoot a photo of it. (I remember a lovely shade of blue and a lot of white letters that reminded me of clouds or soft, fluffy cotton.) There was nothing useful in Event Viewer. I suppose I could look for a minidump file and maybe attach it here? (What's its exact file name, and where is it likely to be in XP?) On one of my recent reboots the last 48 hours after starting to fiddle with msconfig, I saw that Avast was off, so I Repaired it. I set msconfig to full "Normal" after that, and that's how it's been going since. No BSODs since. Yes, a bunch of .sys lines in the ntbtlog are from third party software I've installed over the last 30 years. From your posts here, sounds like those .sys entries aren't so important. One service I shut off the last 24 hours after going to full Normal on msconfig was related to Aomei Backupper - its automatic scheduler, which I never set and never used. So, even with all the .sys lines, after I'm completely booted up and have a coffee, I have 2.6± GB showing as available RAM (from 4GB installed), which is pretty good. Well, let's see whether I get any more BSODs or freezes. I forgot to say at the beginning -- Before I got these two BSODs, my PC has been freezing about once per day the past month or so, requiring a manual reboot. Again, nothing interesting in Event Viewer. (I frequently access this PC from my work office using TeamViewer - to check on private emails at home. The past month or so, about once per day, this PC has shown in the TV list but then won't connect and then drops off the list.) Well, now that I'm using Normal in msconfig, let's see if that continues as well. Cheers!
  10. I'm a bit ... concerned. My trusty old XP machine is giving me some BSODs. I started a new thread on this forum at xp-growing-hair-need-a-barber-how-to-cut-back-msconfig-load-everything . Could it be some of the recent updates? Thanks.
  11. I'm a BIG fan of this forum's top-notch thread on the POS hack for keeping XP updated through the 24th century. But, just the last week, my trusty old Dell Optiplex 755 XP machine (4GB RAM) is getting CRANKY. A few BSODs. Various sweeps by Avast and MalwareBytes and last August's MRT don't show anything. So I ran sfc /scannow, but I saw in Event Viewer that it couldn't check or replace a whole bunch of files. So I re-ran sfc /scannow after setting msconfig to diagnostic mode. Twice. Then, when I returned msconfig to its typical combination of Selective Startup - Process SYSTEM.INI files + Process WIN.INI files + Use Original BOOT.INI, I had more problems. So I am now rebooting with msconfig set to "Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services and run the dishwasher." After a few reboots, I am really getting bored. But I also ran a Boot Log reboot, and its list of drivers loaded is much longer than I remember. Here it is (or look nearby - I uploaded it). glnz's latest XP reboot ntbtlog 10-27-16.txt What do you think? What drivers (.SYS files) should I turn off, and how do I do that anyway? PLEASE NOTE that my list of Services has stayed fairly slim. The numerous services that I changed to Disable or Manual over the years have stayed that way. (Thanks again to trusty old CodeStuff Starter.) This is not a Services issue, as far as I can tell. However, I'm a real estate lawyer, not a techy, so what do I know? NOTE - Since last year, my hard drive has been a Seagate Momentus XT hybrid HD-SSD that we bought for a different computer in 2013 ±. I think it's getting a bit skittish, and it might be a source of the BSODs. However, it passes the Seagate SeaTools for Windows tests. The Momentus XT is model no. ST95005620AS (500GB). What do you think about my ntbtlog.txt file?
  12. Gents - on my XP machine (kept updated with the POS hack thanks to dencorso and friends), will the transition to ESR happen automatically, or will I have to do something? Also, I don't know what ESR means (Extra Special Rubberband?), but the important question is: will it continue to get security updates from Mozilla? Thanks. PS Ever since FF dropped "Ask Me Every Time" for cookies, I don't like them so much anymore. Like how I feel about Delta Airlines. But I love NoScript, BetterPrivacy and Disconnect, so I'm still there.
  13. Installed the seven and (manually) the two .NET updates listed above. However, now, Microsoft Update is prompting me to install "Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB2756918)" as an Important update. Is that one OK, or is this a glitch? Thanks.
  14. Ok, everyone - I see seven in my list. But I admit it - I'm a coward. Has anyone been braver than I?