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  1. Bersaglio - just found that KB3213647 self-installed on my wife's SOHO PC running Win 7 64-bit but on which we still have Office 2003 with the 2007 Compatibility Pack. Hmmm. And this is the last time ever, yes? Even for Win 7 PCs? Maybe we should now put one of our five included installations of O365 Home on that machine, yes? (I still prefer Office 2003 to the following versions, which are a pain.) Thanks.
  2. dencorso - Thanks again - that did the trick! Some of the reasons I update my XP Mode on Win 7 are (a) no sense of real-world priorities and (b) I can sometimes compare the XP Mode's info to my important Optiplex XP duct-tape machine. Now that my XP Mode started working again, it downloaded and installed KB4039111, but my Optiplex had NOT. So I manually installed KB4039111 on the Optiplex. Balance has returned ... except that I need the equivalent of duct tape for a VM.
  3. Heinoganda and Bersaglio - Two things: 1) On my good old Optiplex 755 with XP and black duct tape, Bersaglio's suggestion worked - all updated. No 50% svchost problem. Thanks and Danke. 2) In XP Mode on my Win 7 machine, a svchost.exe takes up 99.99999% of the CPU, unless I STOP the service "Automatic Updates". Then CPU goes to almost zero. However, when I try to run Microsoft Updates, that service "Automatic Updates" restarts, the same svchost.exe again grabs 99.99999% of the CPU, and I am just sitting here getting older and older. By the time I get the XP updates, I'll be a skeleton staring at the Microsoft Updates screen that has that green bar over and over and over ... and over. I ran sfc /scanonce a few times. Had an issue at first but now running clean. However, that has not fixed the problem. What to do? Should I run Bersaglio's list of update links manually? But the XP Mode does NOT have any version of Office. Thanks for suggestions.
  4. All - my good old Dell Optiplex 755 with XP and black duct tape holding the front panel on has been scanning for 24 hours now. This never happened before. I'm very, very upset. And it's really boring to watch! From Bersaglio's links above, I manually installed only kb4040685. What else should I manually install first? All the others? (But then there won't be anything left.) This XP is getting exasperating. ►EDIT -- A svchost is running 50% of the CPU non-stop. That's new also. Yesterday, I had uninstalled and reinstalled "the latest KB4025398 from August 28, 2017" per Heinoganda above before going for the updates, and I think that started the high CPU usage. Hmmm. Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Is everyone happy with the updates? (Just finished my tax-prep work for the accountant, which means a gremlin somewhere is just waiting for a chance to zots my XP machine ...)
  6. Well, tomorrow's the big day. Sort of like New Year's Eve, and we should get reports from around the globe as the clock passes midnight. Is anyone monitoring from Vanuatu? How about New Zealand? Japan? (New Jersey) At worst, Dave-H will stand on the Greenwich Meridian and let us know at precisely 12:01 am GMT.
  7. Heinoganda - Belarc Advisor says I already have KB4039384 but not KB4039111. Do you recommend I install KB4039111? Thanks again.
  8. Heinoganda - thanks. But do you recommend that I install KB4039384 and KB4039111 ? I'm a little confused because you wrote "There is no need for action." (I'm always looking for a reason to be lazy, but in this case....)
  9. Heinoganda, Bersaglio and Dave-H - Recent discussions about KB4039384 and KB4039111 have left me feeling confused, not to mention delirious and fatalistic. I don't think I've installed them yet, but then I can't remember what I had for breakfast. Before trying to [re?]install them, I checked System32, and I have these versions of these files: xpsp2res.dll: 5.1.2600.7248 USP10.dll: 1.420.2600.7334 GDIPLUS.dll: 5.2.6002.24180 So - should I go to https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=posready and download and [re?!?]install KB4039384 and KB4039111 ? Or just stay out of harm's way?
  10. Bersaglio - thanks again for detail on KB4011134 and KB4011125. I shall try them in my XP machine shortly. Now, back to a related question - in my disguise as El Cheapo, we are running Office 2003 on my wife's important Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine. To make matters more confusing, she then separately installed a newer version of Excel on top of it (probably 2013 - 32-bit). So the machine has Excel 2013 and Office 2003 with the 2007 Compatibility Pack. Are there any versions of KB4011134 and KB4011125 we should install on that Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine? What happens if we don't? Yes, I know this is .00001% off topic, but I am also El Shameless. Thanks.
  11. Catching up to bersaglio's excellent set of links -- 1) Should I install KB4039111 on my XP Pro SP3? It didn't self-install. But why does bersgalio criticize it? Does it smell bad or something? 2) Since I have Office 2003 on my XP machine (with the 2007 compatibility pack), should I manually install KB4011134 and KB4011125? 3) In my wife's mini-office running Win 7 Pro 64-bit, we are also using Office 2003 (with the 2007 compatibility pack). Are there similar KBs for that combination of stuff? (I am Mr. El Cheapo so we wouldn't spend more money on more recent Office, and it just works.) Grazie - danke - merci. _________________________ Edit - hold on hold on !!!! According to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/20170912/security-update-deployment-information-september-12-2017 and https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4011125/descriptionofthesecurityupdateforwordviewerseptember12-2017 and https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4011134/descriptionofthesecurityupdateforwordviewerseptember12-2017 KB4011134 and KB4011125 are for Word Viewer, not Word. Should we run them for Office 2003 ????
  12. Six installed and all seems OK. What will I DO for the next 28 days? (Well, there'll be another SpywareBlaster update.) Thanks, SD73 and dclem.
  13. OK GANG !! This is what I got: Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4039384) Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4036586) Microsoft Office 2007 Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB4011063) Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4011064) Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB3213644) Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB3213641) So ... who's going first? Not me! Oh no no no.
  14. den - thanks for good news - I hope. But see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista And your chart shows 52 coming to an end on June 26 2018. Will we stop getting security updates for FF after? Well, Mozilla is not clear. They must have learned English at the Microsoft School of Languages. What do you think?
  15. I just for the first time noticed that Firefox on XP will not get any more security updates after this month. Is there an alternative secure browser for our super-annuated XP machines?