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  1. Thanks allot ;D This is easier for me to understand even though its coded in C#... I will try to code on my own in pure C++... Thanks again =)
  2. Base 64 or base 24? So I need to decode the every letter using base24/base64 algorithm first and then just reverse it? Cause usually product id is in this format 12345-123-1234567-12345 unlike Product key... Product key is in this format >> FFFFF-GGGGG-HHHHH-JJJJJ-KKKKK... Thank you ;D EDIT Thanks but the only problems is that I don't know VB. I am coding in C++... Can you answer me on above question? Thanks again ;D
  3. Is there any chance you can post your source code or at least explain how does the encryption/decryption algorithm goes?