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  1. hi guys i am new at autoit, but i can't find how to add exe file in the script... I am create script and whan i compile my file is only 295kb but program is 19mb... program is VLC 1.1.5 when i start script from the autoit everything is fine and install work perfectly, but only in the autoit working, i have write "RUN" and the vlc is in the same folder and then is perfectly, but what i need to type to get vlc inluced in the script whan i compile, exe compile file just run and run, in the task manager i have cca 15 VLC apps runing, but how i can inlcude vlc in the script, what options file install, installer? sorry if i have mistakes in the english i am croatian thnx in advanced
  2. New at WPI

    when i set wpipath and add to the end "/S", everything get installed, but thnx for the links
  3. One more time, hi to all! I am new at WPI and need some explanations. how to get auto install some programs, i download wpi latest, and VLC 1.1.5...but i don't understand how to install automaticly... ok i start with wpi > than "add" vlc into "details" tab i set default, under applications category...i set the wpipath under commands...now the problems when i select under wpi VLC and press "begin install", i must manually click next > next...i thing that you now about i talking thnx in advanced, if i post topic in wrong section plz moved or set link for explanations EDIT: Does this have something with switch??? what "parameters" i need to type to get automaticly next - next...
  4. Hi!

    Hi i am boris, i come from croatia. I hope that i will spend good time on this forum. WPI is for my something new and every help is very helpful