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  1. Sorry I didn't answer your offer for live-support but as I'm working right now I am not allowed to lurk around the I-Net all the time. And anyway I couldn't have made anything with MSN or ICQ because they are blocked by our Firewall. I gotta say it works just fine for me now. I'm really curious what the problem was. Well thanks for fixing the problem so quickly. Could it have been because I use a multilingual XP and a german w2k version? Sry should have edited the other post ...
  2. I'm not really sure about the IIS- configuration but it seems to work. At least the installation started. For the installation i just used the D:\SUS. Couldn't you tell me where the problem was?
  3. Hey NextWish I tried this tool on a Win XP machine with SP2 on it as well as on a W2K machine with SP4 and it didn't work on both of them. Couldn't you give me an idea?? It always says it can't open the PatchedSUSSetup.msi but I don't see it at all. I suppose the problem might be in either the msi2xml.exe, the sed.cmd or the xml2msi.exe but most probably the problem is in the msi2xml.exe