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  1. Thank you BlouBul, after replugging the power it was just a matter of seconds. Backing up data as I write. Finally. Best wishes Daniel
  2. Hi Daniel, With the 7200.11's it is not a problem switching off and restarting if it takes too long. See here I do not think it will be a problem for the ES2 as well. Give it another hour and restart then. Good Luck! Thanks for your quick response. Can I just unplug the SATA power plug from the HD or should I power down the whole PC? And a last question: Do I have to repeat all the required steps then or just the last? Thanks again BlouBul!
  3. Hi folks, i have a Barracuda ES.2 that is bricked. I've read this thread unlocking of ES.2 and it shows that the recommended steps are almost identical. Now my problem is the last step in the Hyperterminal. I typed the last command F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 but then nothing happened. I know it can take a while to complete but I'm waiting almost an hour now. I got the bad feeling it wont work this way. Now I'm asking you how i should proceed! I hope someone can help me. Thank you! greetz Daniel