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  1. Hello to everybody in this forum, I'm new here (registered 5min ago), but I follow your work since W7RC was released. First I will thank you for the inspiration, improvements, advantages making winpe better. Compared with you guys (developpers, administrators), I'm a newbie/greenhorn. I cant programm, assamble, compile, develop things - so I do not understand every thread in this forum. Most of you, I think, trace a winemb-feature-package integration into a winemb install.wim and applies the traced information (files/reg-keys) over a Win7 setup install.wim to finally copy it to the winpe.wim. This is effective but time expensive and difficult. Because of my "enduser"-knowledge, I would microsoft tools do the job for me and would share me success with you. I decided to try the reverse way ... 1.) I mouted winpe.wim (round 8000files / 774MB) and install.wim (round 48000files / 4.3GB). 2.) I copied everything to a temp-working directory (except sxs, framework, driverstore) = 1.15GB. 3.) I deleted some things, winpe does'nt need (SAT, MIGWIZ, SPP, WUA, SLIC, NLS...) = 550MB 4.) The remaining files compared with the files from winpe.wim (525 duplicates -100MB) =450MB 5.) I copied all the files into winpe.wim and applied as much regkeys as I found 6.) the final winpe.wim growed from 112MB to 329MB A.) The booted winpe.wim consists of explorer-shell, IE8, controlpanel, mediaplayer, mmc, networkcenter, fax/scan, vss, printer, remotedesktop, directx, ......ect.....ect. B.) Now I mounted winpe.wim again integrated WMI-package, and enabled Service-Profiling C.) After unmounting I booted once again and executed every bat, com, exe, vbs, msc, services ....etc. D.) Now I used wpeutil to save the profile E.) I mounted winpe.wim a third time and applied the traced profile, which removed additional 100MB (big disadvantage - the winpe.wi is'nt serviceable anymore from this point) Finally I ended up with a 270MB winpe.wim including 80% of the original W7 in about 3hrs. Last but no least I would thank you guys again for the great work. Hope to see you in W8 :-)) Bye tom