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  1. Dear Sir, I am new membr of this forum so i dont no which is right place for this post ... i have so picture and i dnt know how to change that background and i dnt knw what exctly name of .dll,.exe .. etc so plz can u provied me list of that dll, exe etc Please ....... Here is picture Thnk u in advance
  2. thnks guys its working :thumbup
  3. ricktendo64 i follow up this link and then what to do after ... and need to u put somthing inside winnt.sif ? or not sorry my bad english
  4. thank Kelsenellenelvian dude for replay , i follow up our information for wpi . i follow up this link and then what to do i dont no and i put programe also in install floder .. still not working plz ,,, if u have video for how do make wpi plz give me a video .......... thanks for replay
  5. go here and use this software guys WinntbbuEd
  6. spoledbrat thank i already download driverpack then i dont no how do put driver pack in my xp .......
  7. hi guys thans for before help .. i knw this is worng section please same one tell me how do i put drivepack ni my xp chipset wlan lan sound A sound b graphis A & B and other please give same information if possiable with video ..... please thnks
  8. Hi can u give somebody wpi with programme ..... here its programe list office 7 or office 10 flash player eset anti virus utral iso winrar wmp11 vlc media player java codec yahoo beta or 10 nero foxit reader or pdf reader alive video converter with reg (seriel keys ) photoshop ... other thanks for advance please please help me and themes lool like awesome plz .... and give me full information ..... when i put this wpi and what to do ......
  9. hi bro r u nepali please replay me