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  1. Yes, that might be it. I'm obviously not so good with tables. Thanks, dencorso!
  2. Hm, maybe I haven't sleep enough last night, but I just can't figure out from that post what exactly are those 3 hotfixes. There are so many numbers... @glnz Well, I have noscript, adblock plus and better privacy of those firefox addons, and haven't experienced any of problems with this site You've mentioned. It might be one of other addons or something else.
  3. That's what happens when you don't read enough, thinking you already know everything. I've completely forgot that "WindowsEmbedded" registry key was not at the same place as WEP and WEPOS registry keys. Everything's fine now, POSReady updates showed up almost instantly. Thanks bphlpt, and heinoganda
  4. I've had no time to check it earlier, and sorry I was a little vague. Last updates to that windows XP sp3 are from February 2016: KB3134814 for IE8 and KB3126593 as in pcalvert's case. And system is not able to receive any later POSReady update. Windows Update and Microsoft Update for some reason obviously consider it as XP sp3 instead POSReady, despite the POSReady registry entry. I have installed both updates you have suggested (KB4025252 and KB942288-v3) to no avail. Now I really have no idea what to try next.
  5. Similar problem here with my aunt's laptop. Around February 2016, I've applied POSReady hack to that computer and installed all security updates that were available for POSReady. Now that I'm servicing her laptop, problem has appeared. Now, first thing I've done is removing WEP and WEPOS registry entries as I successfully did long ago with my laptop. I removed those registry entries, but here that didn't work at all, still no POSReady updates. I have tried to remove SoftwareDistribution folder and get it back, nothing works, Windows update, Microsoft Update all the same, just optional Windows XP updates are are offered, same as with pcalvert. Any ideas, guys? Thanks
  6. @glnz Eh good old Spider, haven't seen that program in ages. I just stumbled on that forum post, searching why I don't get MSInfo update, until I remembered that I removed it before installation. @dencorso XP is my only OS on this old laptop, but I often don't wait more than a day or two until You guys try updates out, then I jump in too. So far, much less problems with POSReady updates than there was with XP updates before it. I used to dual boot XP with Arch Linux before, but my old Hard Disk suddenly died and I haven't found enough time and will to go through painstakingly setup of Arch the way I want it.
  7. Maybe this could be cause of your minor problem with MSInfo: http://discussions.virtualdr.com/showthread.php?111211-msinfo&p=547276#post547276 Author of the post found a solution in his/her case. I can't check it, because I don't even have MSInfo anymore. But I doubt security update would address things like that. Me too always wait a little to see is everything alright with the updates. I let the brave ones install it first, or those who don't use WinXP as their main OS.
  8. Thanks for the info, I had no time then to look it up. Many years ago I've used nLite to customize and remove many to me unnecessary and some security risk components from xp sp3 cd. Apparently, MSInfo was one of those components. So besides I don't need it, I lack some files and services to even run it.
  9. At my place it took half an hour, which is not that bad for my 9 years old core 2 duo laptop. I've got all updates except kb4025398, strange. Now I'm not sure should I install it manually or i don't need it at all?
  10. Finally, they made it available for our good old systems. I had to undo some custom changes I've did to mitigate this vulnerability. Anyway, at my place standard problems with this batch of updates, high CPU usage, and .NET Framework 4 update long installation, but eventually it all came through. EDIT: It's a funny way they put it: "to protect against potential nation-state activity". (NSA)
  11. I agree with your conclusion. But, what I wrote before is that there is apparently another, more precise way to deal with EsteemAudit exploit. Anyway it's good that even if Microsoft doesn't care, users around world can find solutions to various vulnerabilities.
  12. Hm, heinoganda and other members of the crew, what do you think about mitigation of EsteemAudit vulnerability proposed in comment section of page: https://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/2017/05/unit42-dissection-esteemaudit-windows-remote-desktop-exploit/ by commenter Jean-Claude Dusse: Interesting solution, and he too claims that Windows XP computers that are not part of a domain are practically not exposed to the exploit.
  13. Well I'm not nearly that knowledgeable as the team leaders here. But short answer to question 2 is that KB982316 just adds extra protection for not that likely threat. Mathwiz and heinoganda explained it in more details. I guess it all depends how paranoid you feel. I think I did manually what this patch does, but i was just tinkering a little bit for fun.
  14. No, there's not that key in registry, because I never installed it. But I did change manually permissions for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Telephony and accordingly to it's subkeys (unchecked full control for Network Service users). So if that's all update KB982316 do, then I guess I'm good.
  15. Thanks Mathwiz, and heinoganda for clarifications. So if I manually change permissions (remove full access for Network Service users) for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Telephony and it's subfolders (subkeys) :), I don't really need to install this update?