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  1. Hi guys and girls! OKI I know I am likely to get shot down here......been there got the t-shirt...... I have a Swedish version of Vista with sp1 integrated and would like to rebuild it with latest updates and sp2 included. I know there is a ton of stuff here and you guys and girls are great...just that I have so many customers with crashed Vista laptops, broken restore partitions etc.. Just want an updated version with both sp's and most updates to save me time when reinstalling their computers. I don't mind doing the work...just wondered if someone could cut some of the corners for me to save an old fart a bit of time... Any help will, as always, be greatfully received....
  2. sorry abou my english... I would like to know how to put an icon of the active network connection in the systray (side the clock) like is possible in Windows Xp? there are some way to make this or some program for this?