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  1. Would this one work? Or is that for a newer version of Windows?
  2. Yea it runs pretty awesome it boots in like 10 seconds and how would I go about making an image? I already set the MaxPhysPage to that value with success and it shows correctly to along with the processor speed! I will set the other value also and by the way thanks
  3. It does show that the drive is in DOS compatibility mode and yes I am running without that file renamed.
  4. Here it is PICTURE.zip
  5. Yes there are some exclamation marks around some "IDE devices". I will post a screenshot later. But does Kernel X add this dll? What would happen if I tried to install a driver using the compatibility mode thing for windows 2k? Like running the installer with it? Might I have a chance hunting for the drivers using the device manager?
  6. I tried to install a driver and it gave an error: PSAPI.dll missing. I also tried to install Kernel X and setup said I need Microsoft layer for Unicode. Do I get this of microsoft.com?
  7. Can Windows ME use Windows 2000/XP drivers?
  8. IT BOOTS!! After all the frustration with windows 98 and the fact that I'm not sure I want to invest money (patch) into this, I gave windows me a try and I set the values in system.ini and it boots!! So... Before I screw something up, what should I do? Do you think I can install kernel x? I think when I tried it before the driver installs all gave errors and then the system blue screened the next time booted. I might have been using vista drivers though. Does kernel x even help with driver installations?
  9. I never got to a workable desktop. It crashed before the last reboot before you get the desktop. Is there an updated windows 98 cd or something that I could use? Might I have more luck with windows ME? I remember trying it once and that actually made it to the desktop without much tweaking besides the maxphyspage but none of the drivers worked... but then again I might have used vista drivers... I got windows 2000 to run once though with all drivers installed successfully. Didn't ME and 2000 get released at about the same time?
  10. OK setup finished with me renaming the file and setting those values. Another problem has arose now though. An error came up that said something like An error occurred while setting up the control panel. C:/windows/system/timestamp or something like that.idk is missing. The message came up pretty quickly and I barley had time to read it before it disappeared. the system froze after that and now when I try to boot the system hangs again. WHAT?!? Does this have to do with the file i renamed?
  11. OK... I believe this is the order that I used to get the system to boot before: 1. Reinstall 2. At first restart, set MaxPhysCache to 30000 3. After setup completes, when the system tries to boot for the first time, install the ram patch Does this seem right? And this time I wont try the usp again...
  12. Wow. You sure know how to persuade. I will keep trying after some resting Thanks for the inspiring Words! Just give me a day or so...
  13. I'm sorry to have to say this but I'm going to have to give up. It seems that most drivers are incompatible even if we get it running so it just doesn't seem possible. Thanks for everything, though.
  14. "1. Try renaming the ESDI_506.PDR file in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS folder and rebooting." Rename it to What?
  15. It still won't boot. I tried both