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  1. Alot of people can run far cry on windows 7. I downloaded one far cry from the torrent and installed it. It worked except everything was BLUE when i load a map. When i saw tthat i need to install a patch 1.4 i done it. But the game wont run again. So i reinstalled it. IT WONT RUN EITHER
  2. SO. I installed far cry 1 on my windows 7 x86Ultimate Machine and when i run it nothing happens. I checked the task manager and i see farcry.exe and rundll32.exe. Farcry.exe doesnt use any cpu time while rundll32.exe uses 50 % or 1 core. When i end rundll32.exe farcry.exe closes too. So after that i tried many compatibility modes. None work. Tried run as admin. Also doesnt work. I tried turning off DEP. Didnt work either. Tried installing patch 1.4 Not working. Tried using cracks. Nope didnt work. Tried reinstalling. Didnt work. Tried reinstalling and installing directx. Fatal error. maybe because my direct x is up to date and i tried over writing existing data. I dont know what to do anymore. Game just doesnt work. No splash screen. No nothing. Just farcry.exe doing nothing and rundll32.exe using 50 % cpu time.