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  1. I read that there are several problems with the development of Sevenize, but at least for the icons change of various system shells, Vize 2.0 work fine on 7, on x64 platform too. Just use the trick / ignoreCondition during installation
  2. In effect I scanned the file with VirusTotal and Jotti Online malware scan and result 0 malware, it confirmed that's a false positive. Thanks. News on Sevenize?
  3. I replaced some dll with Vize 2 and run a scan with Malwarebytes, it found Write.exe in C/Windows/System32 as trojan.fakems, is it a virus or a false positive?
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  5. No objections, but when comes out this Sevenize, is now a year and a half that W7 was released...
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  7. Anything news?