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  1. For many years i've used mplayer builds from MPlayer on Windows (win32) on my Windows 98 SE. I have Celeron 1,4 (tualatin) and Powercolor Radeon 9100L and usualy no problem playing 720p on my pc. (sometimes it lags when there is a lots of action - but only for a bit). Use it with -lavdopts skipframe=nonref:skiploopfilter=all:fast=1 in command line (quality is a bit worse).
  2. Any idea where i can download I wanted to test it on Opera since at least one of pages that i visit have so much graphical and flash content, that it freezes my pc (with 768MB RAM). All links that are in this topic show error 404.
  3. I just installed version 9.7.2 (for first time) and have a strange problem. I use Sherpya mplayer SVN-r32735-4.2.5 for playback and since i instaled RP, mplayer keeps creating USERPROFILE_FONTCONFIG_CACHE in current directory. I did have this problem with Kovensky mplayer, but no problem with Sherpya builds till i istalled RP. Uninstalling RP didn't help. I use 98SE with KernelEx 4.5 RC1. ............... Found a workaround: there is a file fonts.conf in mplayer/fonts/ directory. if you look inside it, you'll find USERPROFILE_FONTCONFIG_CACHE - just have to replace it with any folder you wish to store font cache in f.e. ~/.fontconfig or c:\windows\temp But i still have no idea what installation of RP changed in my settings that mplayer started to create USERPROFILE_FONTCONFIG_CACHE in every dir i played files with it.