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  1. Do you have this update installed? KB3163589 Out of Date Notification is all it provides. Remove it! Hope that helps
  2. I think the reason for lag on those CPUs is less internal CPU cache. So less instructions can be quickly recalled. Someone else may be better to chime in though.
  3. Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks to SFC /scannow. I was able to update, but because it reset WinMail.exe to the original file, I have to re-apply the Windows Mail hack to get it working again on Windows 8. Oh and also MS Paint - I need to grab that again from Vista Thanks to everyone for their help. Cheers All!
  4. Crap. I was almost hoping someone else had the experience. I just wonder what's missing on my system, especially when EVERY OTHER update works. Wow, I just can't figure this one out. I was even trying to go through the DISM and the CBS log just to see if I could decipher anything. EDIT/UPDATE: Went through clearing out the Software Distribution folder and re registering all of the DLL components for Windows Update. Still no improvement. If worse comes to worse, I will try both the rollup and security-only for August, and see if it updates.
  5. Valiant attempt at a suggestion my friend, but alas it still failed. Now I had run a reg hack awhile that hid Libraries. When an update makes libraries reappear again, you can experience renaming directory issues. I re-hid the libraries again, thinking maybe this was causing file directory structure issues for Windows Update, but no, that wasn't it. Oh well, don't stress yourself greenhillmaniac, but do I appreciate your suggestions. It was a weird one. Maybe others will chime in with their experience.
  6. Oh well. I'll have to further extract this cab, and then see if there's anything inside there. I can see the Cat files, and all the stuff that ends up in the component store.
  7. I will do that later this morning. My cat woke me up early - It's 6am here and I've been up for two hours
  8. I attempted installation of the monthly rollup. It has also failed. Be mindful of the fact that I've attempted uninstalling this month's Flash, IE10 and last month's security-only update. I then ran a cleanup of my Component Store using the DISM command discussed earlier. Then I installed the removed updates after a restart. They all worked. But not this month's rollup or security-only patches. It has to be something specific to this month's updates. One added not. I attempted running the Windows Update Repair Tool: Sadly, it also failed with a 0x80070002 error.
  9. I also have an Error 2147942402 showing in the Event Log
  10. Yes after several attempts (and making sure that I have the right update), KB4025343 (which is the security-only update for Server 2012) does not install on Windows 8. I get a 0x80070002 error show up in Event Viewer. Trying to run "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth" to see if this fixes the issue, but it's just the single update Edit/Update: After cleaning the Component Store, the update still fails
  11. Hmmm the main update did not install (KB4025343), but I'll have to check it out when I get home
  12. Well I have updates for Adobe Flash (KB4025376), IE 10 (KB4025252) and Security-Only (KB4025343). The only .NET Framework updates appear to be for Windows 10. So time to install. I'll see you on the other side of the boot.
  13. Does anyone know how I can source the Windows Defer 4.9 engine? I wonder if it will install and update on Windows 8 RTM.
  14. Props to 2008WindowsVista, Burd and VistaLover for straightening out all of this. It's very helpful, but it's also illustrating the lessening options for x64 browsing on Vista.
  15. Apparently, Waterfox and Cyberfox 52x both support Vista. In both cases this should include x64 support. Waterfox regular release post-52x have not been running on Vista however. Edit: Cyberfox v52.2 has removed Vista support. It was removed after v52.0 (however the developer cites that even the x86 version does NOT work - yet Firefox v52x does - WTF???)