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  1. That would be my BIGGEST concern. Now I understand why Microsoft (in addition to most other tech companies) feels that desktop computing is no longer a priority. I hate it too, but mobility is where it's at, and I don't see it changing. Young people 40 and under just are NOT voluntarily using PCs. Anecdotally, all I see are devices. They only use Windows 7 at work because they have to, and even that's changing slowly. So, since I know I'm not along with the tide of popularity, I'll stay with a Windows OS release that seems under the radar a bit. That "a**-emblers" crack was quite clever.
  2. How did the OP get USB working? Was it just for mouse support, and has that been added by someone experimentally? Would Firefox 2x be just as cumbersome to use as Internet Explorer 6?
  3. Nope I completely think it's valid. Funny I was just posting on the XP forums, and there are times that I felt that I wasn't able to post my two cents on here. But for example, I no longer condone running XP, so I express it (and yes the same caveats apply - YMMV and all that) but at some point you should be able to state what's on your mind point blank. That's what makes us all different. I am enjoying Windows 8 though Dencorso. Come 2023, I'm not quite sure what I'll do. Maybe I'll keep a disconnected Windows box around for my older audio apps, and go Linux for Internet. But it's nice to have them integrated. Or one never knows, just like I've had a change of heart on XP (which I used to love) and Windows 8 (which I originally loathed), maybe changes may come around in Windows 10 that may draw me to the OS. Could that possibly happen?
  4. Can you really disagree with that though? The ESR release will run on XP and Vista for quite some time. Besides newer mainline versions will likely lump in together stuff that XP won't want or need anyway. Isn't being able to run Windows XP until 2019 good enough? Would you REALLY want to still run it past then? It will be 18-year old software then. And before you say I'm being disparaging with my remarks to XP users, yet you're thinking, "Wait, didn't this guy fret over security issues when XP ran out of support two years ago?". And yes, you'd be right. Windows XP x64 Edition was likely one of the best environments on my HP xw8200. It was a perfect match. .... but that was two years ago, and things change. Windows 8, when tweaked (and even Vista to an extent) are WAY BETTER environments to perform daily work on. And you have to adopt the mindset that times move on for hardware too. I used to be one of those that HATED how much bloat the Component Store (WinSxS folder) took up in Windows Vista and higher. I HATED when others said, "15 GB is now the norm for an OS installation and HDD space is plentiful, so get used to it." Because in my mind, even XP's 3 GB footprint was too much. .... but then I realized, wait! The Component Store actually makes sense. It really does cure DLL Hell, and so what if it's a bloated method of doing this? It works. And now with Windows 8, I can clean the wasted space in The Component Store quite easily. Plus hardware has come a long way. So an OS REQUIRING 2 GB of RAM is really no big deal. It used to irk, and then I asked, Why? So what? So I no longer am bothered that RAM and disk requirements are higher. I would never use less than 4 GB of RAM nowadays any way. Go to the Windows 8 forum on here, and see all of the effort that NoelC (who seems quite brilliant in a lot of ways, and has a very sensible approach to things) is putting forth to getting the most out of Windows 8.1. It really is quite a notch above XP. I'm not saying don't use XP. But saying it's the most secure OS out there, or wanting to use "XP Forever" is a stretch. Saying that since no security apocalypse has maligned XP over the last two years, that means that security concerns are FUD, I can't agree with that. We have nuclear power plants in Pickering, Ontario and I do believe they pose a certain level of danger. Is that any less true because there hasn't been an explosion yet? Again, it's just a change of mind, and I feel that I've learned to see Windows NT 6x as having merit, and I suppose that I'm starting to understand why Windows XP is rightfully being left behind. No harm meant, but I will express my opinions likewise.
  5. Gosh between audio and tech forums, I'm on a ton of them: All of the DM Forums for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. There is the Windows XP Forums at Pale Moon Forums, Mozilla Forums and K-Meleon Forums MSFN Forums TapeHeads and AudioKarma, Canuck Audio Mart, BoomBox Forums, SOWNY (for radio), and Quad Cities Radio Forums Radio Discussions Forum Cheers!
  6. But from what I've seen in recent documentation, Server 2008 (non-r2) will be shifting to unified servicing as well. I'm sure if Server 2012 updates work on Windows 8, that also Server 2008 patches will work on Vista too. (er, I hope)
  7. Other than the ICMP and Japanese character-mapping issues, it appears I've got everything else covered with the Security Only updates. Thanks for that link greenhillmaniac
  8. I'm surprised that there was no separate .NET Monthly Rollup Also the Monthly Rollup includes "Reliability Updates". What exactly are those? Drivers? I just can't be sure.
  9. Well it worked. Both the Flash and Security Only update installed without issue. So I wonder what I passed up by not installing the Monthly Rollup for October? Now a tad off-topic, but what does the mean for Vista come April 2017? Vista retains the old separate update model, while the classic release of Server 2008 adopts the unified update model. I wonder if Server 2008 Security Only updates will install to Vista?
  10. My bad: The IE 10 update is included in the security only update. Silly me.
  11. I was about to post similarly. Now before I install, as of ** right now ** what is the difference between the Security Only and the Monthly Rollup? As of right now, should they not be identical? The Monthly Rollup is slightly bigger. For the test I have only downloaded the Flash, IE10, and Security Only. From what I understand, the .NET updates are included in the Security Only. So if I had v3.5 installed, I'd only need the single file. Here we go!
  12. Well it's not up on the page yet (11:26 am EST) I'll keep checking.
  13. Tomorrow we shall see if this experiment survives the unified update model. My concern is that perhaps with the new rollup format, Microsoft may introduce checks on Server 2012 rollups that will identify Windows 8, and halt installation. I will try extracting the updates with 7-zip to see what's inside. Perhaps standalone installers for each updates can be extracted and ran separately. Tomorrow will tell.
  14. Actually when I used XP x64, I used the Vista/7 64-bit MSE and it worked fully. And I used the x86 version of the Vista/7 install on Server 2003. I know that the Server 2003 arrangement I described still updates on v4.4.304. I just wondered if the XP x64 setup still did.
  15. Well Frank Barone (of Everybody Loves Raymond fame) was supposedly told he required a cone of silence when he felt "Bad Frank" coming on.