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  1. Trying Otter right now. I'm rather impressed. I went to a previous version just to get the old skins/icons. Are there any other icon sets/skins available?
  2. I think v53 is out now.
  3. We should be defining what is considered to be "working" on XP though. I would say that it should only contains modern browsers that render the modern web and receive updates. Which means Chrome is out. Does Opera v36x get updates? I think it does. Internet Explorer should not even be mentioned. Besides using it for Windows Updates, Internet Explorer 8 is useless. And Pale Moon v26 should not be considered either since the Atom version is caput. The way I see it, the list should include SeaMonkey v46, Firefox ESR v52, Cyberfox ESR v52, and Waterfox (since the author intends to fix the XP x64 compatibility issue) - there are other I'm sure, but we should want to deal with current software. Browsers NEED to be current.
  4. Why didn't you add this to the other thread? It hasn't been forgotten but perhaps no one got around to update it.
  5. Well I think he intends to be "for real". Perhaps he's feeling out the level of interest first.
  6. Well I've started to be doubtful. A Facebook Page? And no download link?
  7. We'll see if this has any worth to it, or if it's a lot of hot air. I'd be hopeful that an opportunity for an XP-like secure, modern OS could be reality. .
  8. So can the release of MS just before these nags still be used on Vista (similar to v4.4.304 on XP)?
  9. Also, there seems not yet to be any .NET downloads in the Microsoft Update Catalog, though I understand that there should be some from the announcements.
  10. OK so April 2017's updates have been installed for the most part. I installed the Security Only (KB4015548) and the Flash Update (KB4018483). I've sourced an Internet Explorer 10 update (KB4014661) but it's a cumulative update. Are there no security-only styled monthly updates for Internet Explorer?
  11. I thought this was confirmed:
  12. I think they already install manually just fine. The only thing that doesn't work is Powershell, and some 2008-specific updates. That's what I understood.
  13. Although, this only provides text only, text and icons, or icons. Darn I'll have to try a portable SeaMonkey and see what text on the side is.
  14. ooooooh a pref you've listed. I wonder if that works in Pale Moon. I'll try it when I get home from work. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Hi folks: If anyone is running SeaMonkey, can you check the menus and tell me what is the name of the setting that allows small icons with text displayed on the side (like Opera used to be). I want to see if there's a setting or other method of implementing this on Pale Moon. I'm not getting any response there yet.