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  1. Firefox Quantum

    I do live in Southern Ontario, just north of Toronto.
  2. Malwarebytes-is older better?

    No updates on this I guess? Would running an update v1.75 still be safe?
  3. Firefox Quantum

    Hmmmm I tried Quantum on Nightly and again yesterday as a release. Bookmarks were in the top left. As for add-ons, I only needed uBlock and that has been ported to WebExtensions. But the speed increase is quite perceptible. My plan is, I'll stay on the Moon until I replace my machine, and then I'll move to Quantum full-time. There is some usrChrome.css code I use to place the tab bar underneath the address bar. But I like the Photon interface.
  4. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    One other thing regarding.NET updates. If I install the Quality Rollup for v4.5.2, how far back does it update the component? Four months? Five months. So on a clean install of Windows 8, after I've updated to January 2016, can I just install the last Quality Rollup?
  5. Artificial AMD driver block on Windows 8.0

    I haven't read everything, but does the 2012 version install?
  6. Tsk Tsk! I was very nice to you in that thread hotnuma, so there's no need for that first statement (I will maintain that wasn't trolling). Moreover, I credited those behind these contributions, and even tried it on my mom's old computer when I was visited last. The progress made on New Moon was quite commendable I admit.
  7. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

  8. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    I think maybe it's best - right or wrong, for me to take a break from this for awhile. I think I'll stick to contributing to the Vista and Windows 8 update threads once a month. This will calm the waters. It saddens me, but it's probably for the best. I find it odd @Destro, that your bothered by my touting Windows NT 6x class systems, yet you run Windows 7 (judging from your avatar). But that's OK. You should feel comfortable where you post online, and if you think it's best not to have this sort of conversation, then I can go elsewhere. Well folks, much appreciated.
  9. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Well first off, I'm not spewing anything. What I'm saying has merit. There are indeed good reasons, especially on modern hardware, to move to an NT 6x class OS and leave Windows XP behind. When I say that, I'm not talking about any fake news, or social injustice stuff or whatever. On modern hardware, it's my view and experience that even Vista SP2 is more solid in day-to-day operation than Windows XP. And quicker boot times (which used to be important to me, aren't as much anymore), because I'd rather have a more solid foundation to work on top of, and longer uptime. Usually I just log off my workstation, so the OS rarely needs to be rebooted. You don't see it that way? - perfectly fine, but that doesn't make what I say spewed nonsense. I don't see how my deferring preference to XP is toxic in any way. Why do you see it that way? So if I have to "fall in line" and say only positive things about XP, aren't you saying I have to be disingenuous about my feelings? Isn't that toxic? There was a post (a very supportive one I might add) that mentioned I might be enlightened by positive views about XP, Not only is that true, but I already see value in Windows XP, especially the x64 Edition. That OS worked extremely well. But I have to concede that my PC runs even better on Windows NT 6x incarnations. I'm not bashing anyone by saying that. So why does that bother you? Why can't we actually have a discussion? Why is that "toxic" to you?
  10. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    That clears a lot up. I do Security only updates, so I guess I'll stick with the cumulative IE updates. Thanks so much Greenhillmaniac
  11. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    So IE Security-Only Updates are called "Quality" updates? How would anyone have realize that this was for IE 10?
  12. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    Thanks for the heads up Greenhillmaniac So does the IE 10 security only update remain listed in your repository for the last month, or is there a backup of all previous ones? I know for the Flash update only the last one is needed. I also find the .NET listings on the Microsoft Catalog confusing. I just want the security only updates for the default installed .NET Framework (which is v4.5 right?). But it seems that updates for v4.6x and v4.7x also install.
  13. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    That's unfortunate that you feel that way. I respect you having your two cents, but I think it's sad that you feel that any open thought like that is trollish, because to me it's conformist to have to be agreeable all the time. No one grows that way. But I've made my points clear. That will all from me.
  14. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    See what you're saying is actually more heated and argumentative than anything I have ever said. Basically you've called me "clueless". I have been several places where debate can be handled nicely. Grown-ups disagree and learn from each other. But it shows that all you wish to do is stick to your club house mind set, and that no other opinions are allowed. That's too bad. It's almiost as if you're more interested in saying "We showed him guys - get that trash outta here". And it's perfectly OK for you to say Windows 10 is crap - this forum has a thread DEVOTED to it. Fine close the thread. MSFN should not be about saving XP or or legacy operating discussions. It should be about open discussion and thought or debate. It can include the topics about legacy OS systems, but shouldn't dominate it, because it make visitors and contributors think that they should conform to a mandate - that is NEVER right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a by the way, @Dencorso, can you tell me what "upvote" specifically means?
  15. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Noooooo wait Dibya! I don't want to muzzle you. You have a right to speak, just as much as I do. Your attitude isn't stupid. I disagree with some of your thoughts, but you make lots of contributions here (New Moon for example and the XP layers). I can't criticize that. I think XP has had its day, but that doesn't mean your opinion doesn't have value. I'm saying the same for me too. That's all. So don't feel your not allowed to talk. We all can praise and criticize each other. That constitutes open and fair conversation.