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  1. So far that appears to have fixed things. Thank you UCyborg!
  2. I think we have a winner I'll uncheck to run ASAP if missed.
  3. No sorry. Real Time Protection is ON. Let me check though to see if the task runs when missed.
  4. Very interesting and very helpful Just to make sure I'm clear, the Windows Update service is on, but Automatic Updating is off. So I only update Windows Defender either manually, or with Task Scheduler. This error appears to have gone away now that I don't include Windows Defender in Ccleaner, so that's maybe one down. But when I boot my system and login to the desktop, after about two minutes, Windows Defender starts scanning my whole system. How can I stop that scan from happening? Again, so far the help has been terrific. Thank you so much
  5. I was looking at Q4OS. Do they use Debian repositories or software packages? I like the idea of installing it to an ARM device, but I'm not sure what Debian build is needed for that. I checked out the link that Q4OS provided, but there are a few ARM entries.
  6. You "nailed" it on all counts jaclaz
  7. I was about to link to this. It appears that a few of us need to line up face against the wall and prepare for a lashing. Please whip gently
  8. And they can remove the installed payload of "Removed Components" using the DISM command, but be careful with this one.
  9. Okie Doke. I'll just PM the link to one fellow there. And then I'll post the new version in a few days.
  10. Also with Dibya's ExtendedXP setup, apparently Pale Moon v27.3x can run. I'd like to find out more information about that for sure.
  11. Is this ExtendedXP setup of yours available somewhere? Some folks from the Pale Moon froum might want to know.
  12. Wait a sec though, are you saying that you made Waterfox work with compatibility mode?
  13. Now that is good to know. A lot of Waterfox users would want to know that. Even though I think XP and the Internet should now divorce each other, there are still those seeking a 64-bit browsing option on XP.
  14. So if I were running XP or Windows 2000 on a FAT32 partition (which I actually did back in the day), are you saying I'd be immune to Wanna cry(pt)?
  15. Thanks greenhillmaniac But really, the work you're doing is appreciated. I'm just debating whether or not to go back to Vista on this old PC until I get a new machine.