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  1. Not exactly. To push further, Moonchild figured it would be best to use a new base version of Firefox to create Pale Moon from. I think v25 and v26 were originally adapted from Firefox v29 (the last pre-Australis version). But I guess he was running in to roadblocks adding codec support and security fixes to that older code. So I think the current 27x build is based on Firefox 45x. Then he reworked the older non-Australis interface and other customizations into it. It's no different than how K-Meleon releases a new build based on a newer Gecko, right? And the deloper tools were removed because support is gone for those types of JetPack extensions now. I have to say, v27 runs a lot smoother so overall it's a better experience. But Moonchild does seem to think that Google and the likes of such should bend over backward to not using agent sniffing as a compatibility measure. Moonchild refuses to realize that he is a small player, and thus no Google or other corporate giant will care to cater to small players when they are pushing their own browser.
  2. So wait! Is Windows XP x64 Support still available with v50x? It almost sounds as if support disapeared after v46x.
  3. Now here's something I think has yet to surface that could prove interesting. As it stands, Waterfox is the only xFox build that supports Windows XP x64 Edition. Will that also shift to the ESR branch, or cease completely?
  4. Now to be fair, that's because there are more installations of Windows NT 6x, right? Obscurity doesn't make XP more secure in it's own right.
  5. Well it appears that Moonchild decided to release v27.0.2. And if you look the release notes linked below, I think you (that's you NoelC will have a little giggle.
  6. Close. There is a pref you can add for each site in about:config. So say I set my rendering engine to Goanna (the default in Pale Moon), I would add a pref for Google, MSFN and others to render as Firefox. A bit of a nuisance.
  7. I've got to try this when I get home too.
  8. Is this issue still happening? Noel was mentioning in an XP/Firefox thread that Windows Update runs in a single core and throttles CPU throughput ... And the updates NEVER come.
  9. What is outlined there sounds more than fair to me, no?
  10. Your welcome Dave. It was especially confusing because on the first moth of this new format (October 2016) I was able to get the update on a web page actually devoted to it, then in November it was only available via the Catalog.
  11. 10-4. I won't be too hasty.
  12. I download the Security Only update which is not a month to month rollup. Only the security updates for that month are wrapped up in one file. It is not served to the user through Windows Update. You have to go get it from the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  13. But then why the announcement? It was already known than v27 was a no show. Unless they're just getting users to prepare for v27, but that's not how it sounded.