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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has an inkling as to whether May 2017 patches from Server 2008 will work on Vista. I would think the situation be completely parallel to Server 2012 patches on Windows 8. It's less concerning to me because the way I've configured Windows 8, my desktop looks very much like Vista (perhaps more like Windows 7 with the classic taskbar), but I also have a Quick Launch Bar. But I can notice a DEFINITE speed improvement of Windows 8 over what Vista gave me. And everything still works
  2. No that's cool. I thought you were trying to say that 8.1 had a leg up over 7, that was all
  3. Unfortunately, even though x64 XP x64 compatibility is touted as a feature, it hasn't worked since v46.
  4. Doesn't Windows 8.1 have the telemetry as well? I thought it was the same boat as Windows 7, no?
  5. I take it phone activation still works?
  6. I guess I'm not as up in arms about this one, only because hardware vendors deprecated driver support for Vista and Windows XP, well before their expiry dates (I know CPU blocking might be unprecedented). My question is, will Windows 7 and 8x install on these CPUs without issue? I suppose if that was able to happen, then Microsoft should let the systems run in a compatibility mode of some sort. But I suppose I wonder why can't Microsoft exercise their "subject to change without notice" clause and say "Look guys. We're in a different business climate now. We need to streamline support testing and maximize profit. In doing so, we need to accelerate the deprecation of older systems, so that we have one corporate vision." Besides, since it's their product, can't they do with it as they wish, even by providing limited support based on certain new conditions? I guess, the only reason I'm not so worked up on this, is that I can run Windows 8 on older but still suitable hardware. Not meant to enrage anyone.
  7. So it's increased by ten months, is that correct? October 10th, 2023?
  8. Well if you have ultra late generation CPUs, and you're running Windows 7 or 8.1 - watch out!
  9. I decided to uninstall both and just reinstall the security only update. It seems to run more brisk and responsively. I hope it's not just my imagination. Perhaps there are server only improvements that don't translate well to Windows 8 (in the monthly rollup) - just a guess though.
  10. I noticed something slower (but smoother) in video rendering. When I minimize a window, I clearly see the animation. Whereas before, I never saw it (I only used to see it animate the maximize action).
  11. Well it works so I was able to restart. So far, so good.
  12. OK I'll give it a whirl. Cross your fingers! Crap here we go!
  13. I'm alive. Rebooted with this month's updates. And yes I would believe that only the Flash and Security Only are relevant here. However .... Would the Security wrap up (107 MB) contain January and Februay's updates?
  14. OK testing the links you gave for the x64 updates ... rebooting.
  15. Wow! I have been slow on this. I guess after a couple months it hasn't been such a priority I will look later though.