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  1. I have an old HP DC5100 of similar specs, except it has 1 GB of RAM installed. XP was on it, so I just updated it with the unofficial SP4, stripped out the .NET stuff, and put an automated radio station software on it. I hooked up an FM transmitter, disconnected the Internet, and it's good to go. Despite XP being a tad outmoded, the Internet should still be within grasp on such a machine. What do you consider it poor at running?
  2. I agree that it's an evolution of thought bphlpt. But I don't see where I was being negative. I see it as: In 2014, I saw things one way. Then the landscape changed. Now I see a different way. And I'm just expressing it. That's all. In fact, it's no more negative than referring to Win 8 as an abomination, right? Noel and I both know you're joking. That's why I placed smiley faces in my posts. I even qualified one of my posts with, "I know it sounds like I ... on and on", just to clarify that I realized I might've sounded smug, but didn't mean to be.. So I haven't meant to not be friendly about it, I promise. But if someone feels they've started to "see the light", can't they express that, even if it's a different viewpoint than most others hold? That was all I meant to do. I'm sorry it turned off a number of people. No bad feelings intended. I just wanted to express my change of mindset, that was all.
  3. No I am not scurrying to the computer shop for a free upgrade. I don't run an eligible OS anyway.
  4. I use Sumatra Dibya. And I use Pale Moon. I guess I find I'm just seeing better value in newer versions of Windows, whereas I hadn't before. Now, I'm not sure I'd call Windows NT 6x universally a lame horse. Windows 8 is running well on my Windows XP-era hardware. Just about as fast to be honest. Yes, I've placed Classic Shell on it, and rid of the Start Screen and even a lot of the Metro apps, but I haven't used NTLite or anything. It's not a pig on my older machine. It runs well.
  5. Like Chrome, Adobe products, many x64 browsers don't work with the x64 version. Twitter vids don't play embedded in the browser. Lots of stuff Dencorso. And of course I don't mean without tinkering, I mean as is I wasn't trying to be dislikeable at all. I just feel a sense of moving on, you know.
  6. But by Microsoft's "stance" on POSReady2009, the OS is not intended as a desktop platform, so Flash does not need to work on such an OS. So the way I'd see it, Adobe no longer needs to give a darn about it. I know it sounds like I've started to take a "Just let XP die now" viewpoint. I suppose it's because now there's so much that no longer is working on it now, that I've begun taking a "meh" attitude towards it. And I find once you get used to Vista and now Windows 8, XP seems so archaic now. That's just me though.
  7. I don't think he'll be as hard-fisted towards Windows NT 6x based systems as they drop off. Windows 8 still works and should for the foreseeable future. He had mentioned once that he does not intend to yank Vista support too early. So that's promising. I don't think that Moonchild and Matt Tobin are that big of fans of the newest "metrofied" Windows builds like 8x or 10. They seemed to be squared right in on Windows 7. That doesn't have that long of a future. So what will their position be in January 2020? Dencorso, comparing their stance on post-support OS releases VS breaking away from Firefox is a tad different. The browser they have forked is still up to date rendering-wise, and has security releases made for it. Pale Moon is still fully completely compatible with today's web. Old Windows version on the other hand can't work with all of today's hardware or applications, and you may say, but if vendors created drivers and made apps compatible, then they would work. But that's no different from any other OS in the past, is it? And old DLLs can be demonstrated to be more exploitable. The moment you guys say, "I love Windows 2000, but DON't BANK online with it", then you've agreed that the OS is no longer up to snuff in some small way or form, right? I guess now that I've moved to Windows 8, I'm happy with it. I was still sympathetic to those wishing to save XP. up until Server 2003 support bit the dust. After that point, I could see that many applications and codecs were no longer being supported in the same way. So the fun ride seems to be over now.
  8. Well the updates for Server 2012 are distributed using file names denoted as Windows8-RT-KBxxxxx. So saying they are not the same codebase as Windows 8 would be untrue. Moonchild (over at the Pale Moon Forums) vehemently disagrees with this philosophy. He does not, for example, recognize Server 2003 x64 and XP x64 as one and the same (meanwhile many of the updates were for both OSs.). To him, Vista and Server 2008 are not one and the same either. But their updates do work, trust me.
  9. I have automatic updates on Windows 8 turned off completely. All I do is download the standalone installers for Server 2012 updates, and I use those to patch Windows 8 (it has been working since February 2016)
  10. See, I would've just skipped updates that were relegated to Server only features. I am fairly certain that the updates for PowerShell 5.0 will fail on Windows 8, but I cannot confirm that. But I would expect that updates for any server feature would fail on the workstation OS.
  11. @bphlpt: Even so, the updates are not for Windows Server 2012 (initial release), and thus not for Windows 8 (initial release). Interesting just the same. The point is that I'm NEVER offered updates at all, unlike what Dencorso might have thought. No biggie. Windows 8 is out of support, no differently than Windows XP is.
  12. No Dencorso, Windows 8 does not receive Automatic Updates (Windows 8.1 does). I have to go search out all of the Server 2012 updates and use the Standalone Installer. Is KB3170735 a telemetry update or GWX daemon? If so, then Windows 8 does not get those at all.
  13. The only one that predictably did not install was the update for .NET v3.5 (which I do not have installed). Otherwise, all good.
  14. Okilie Dokilie. So here's what I downloaded, and I'm about to install: OS Updates KB3168965, KB3169704, KB3170377, KB3170455, KB3172727 Flash KB3174060 IE10 KB3170106 .NET (3.5) KB3163246, (4.52) KB3163250, (4.61) KB3164023 See you all after the system restart.
  15. Good morning. I suppose tomorrow is patch Tuesday. I'll be out of town, but back by Wednesday to experiment with July's updates. Wow! Six months of patches.