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  1. Seagate FreeAgent Go 500 Gb, first partition is 15,8 Gb (which is used for setup files) and second is 450 Gb for my files.
  2. @ilko_t QEMU doesn't work at all, seems to me. I checked "Test in QEMU", then "GO" button. Nothing appears in next 5~7 seconds, and then it says "Job done". Renaming migrate.inf has caused BSOD, image attached.
  3. Hi everyone! Please, help me! Here is my problem. I've made USB stick with Win XP SP3 (using 1.0.7 beta) and USB HDD from one windows source. Weird, but stick works fine, except USB HDD. Here is my TXTSETUP files. P. S. Please, forgive my bad english Oh, sorry, almost forgot - it says "cannot load KBDUS.DLL" TXTSETUP.7z