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  1. Have a nice traning days XPerties! A bit too late for post, i though board was still down.
  2. babis, it's not the demand for Arabic restourants, it's just the Edgware Road near Marble Arch is Arabic street, I mean like China town for Chinese near picadilly. I like Arabic food, go there sometimes to have some kebabs and specialy to get the best watermelon you can get in London(big & sweet).
  3. The specs are: Pentium 4 - 2A GHz Motherboard - ASUS P4T-E RDRAM - 1256MB Video Card - Hercules Prothit II Ultra 64MB Sound Blaster Live! Platinum. Network Card - NETGEAR FA311 Firewire card Modem - SpeedTouch USB 576Kb/s CD-R - Plextor PX-W2410A NEC DVD-ROM DV-5700A IBM HDD 60GB NEC HDD 45GB Windows XP Pro I think that's it...
  4. Yeah, Conan! That's what I've done later, the results were better, but still worse then BAH's benchmarks. We have almost the same specs. only is that my P4 is 2.0GHz 512KB L2. It should've been at least the same benchmarks.
  5. I tested my PC with Sandra 2002, but I don't like the results. Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my PC? When I was testing, the next programs were running(eDonkey, Explorer, IE) may be it's effected benchmarks. >>>[b:26655f4399]I deleted my benchmark files[/b:26655f4399]<<< Thanks
  6. I've never tested my PC, I mean I tried but it usually took to much time, so I was canceling testing. Tell me which program to use, and I'll test it tomorrow. Mother board is ASUS P4T-E Regards...
  7. Didn't test it yet! it's 500MHz more that I had, but what I like is, that I upgrated from 423 to 478 with the same memory. I think it's not about speed, but about how you feel? feels great, thanks for asking. FthrJACK, would you suggest any type of testing, to see how it's working. I've never test my PC properly. may be 3D Mark?
  8. Reference: Reference: Great! I'll probably have it on Tuesday... without Reference: I've just put it all together. P4 - 2A GHz. And MSNwar please don't (Reference) my English, I doubt you know Russain language at all.
  9. Great! I'll probably have it on tuesday...
  10. O.K. then I'll order 2.2 tomorrow. BAH one last question - do you suggest the same Mother board you have ASUS P4T-E? Thanks for help...
  11. SO what do you think about Intel - will they change Mother board again in around 3 - 5 GHz processors?
  12. BAH, do you know appx. when this "next gen 2.5ghz Northwood" will be in UK shops? thanks for all info...
  13. Thanks MSNwar! That's what I've done in the end. Because of Drive Image 5, I reinstalled it just 10 times not 20. I have a lot of different soft, so I tried to install it all before Drive Image it and in the end there was something wrong. Especially because Video Card problems I reinstalled it so many times, untill I found out that it's Video Casrd. Now everything running fine even perfect. O.K. got to go... see you
  14. Thank you very much, very helpfull. Will consider what you said. Thanks
  15. Could be anything, the best and worst way is to delet WinXP and the inatall it again. After that, install the programs one by one. For example when I installed Easy CD Creator 5.0 and update to 5.02. after that I couldn't burn CDs at all, even after uninstalling it. Oh... I've been installing and uninstalling XP about 10 times back in decembe. Keap trying, something will come up. Regards.