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  1. Helllo my Drive was not found anymore on my computer! I read much bout firmware problems. I build some parts to contact the drive, Here is the output of putty: Rst 0x40M RW: Disc Ctlr Initialization Completed. MC Internal LPC Process (P) SATA Reset User Data Base 00991AE8 MCMainPOR: Start: Check MCMT Version: Current MCMainPOR: Non-Init Case MC Seg Disc and Cache Nodes: 4011985C 4011796C Seg Write Preamble VBM start: 000010A7 end: 000010CE Footer - start: 000010D0 end: 000010F7 Seg Read Preamble VBM - start: 000010F9 end: 00001120 Footer - start: 00001122 end: 00001149 Reconstruction: MCMT Reconstruction Start Max number of MC segments 22E0 Nonvolatile MCMT sequence number 00004548 [RSRS] 09EF Reconstruction: EXCEPTION: Segment Overall Sequence Number Mismatch 00001BA4 00000000 [MCMTWS] Reconstruction Fail: Burly Case MCMainPOR: MCTBufferPtr->Header.MCStateFlagsDisc = 00001001 MCMainPOR: MCTBufferPtr->Header.MCTStateFlags = 0000002A MCMainPOR: MCStateFlags = 00001001 MCMainPOR: Feature Disabled... No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 0002A1E1 Can anyone help me ? What commands i had to type?