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  1. i dont remember trying to slip SP2 over SP1 or SP3 over SP2 i have just started with regular old plain XP then slipped the service packs on. IMO it just limited potential problems.
  2. <A HREF="java script:;" TARGET="_self" ONCLICK=" ShellExJ('D:/Portable Programs/mIRC/Mirc.exe -portable')">mIRC</A> is the line i want to use and itd be no problem if it werent for the -portable switch. how can i make it so its something like the regular target box in a normal shortcut. normal shorcut format is like this: "D:/Portable Programs/mIRC/Mirc.exe" -portable if i add quotes and leave the -portable out then its invalid or something. this is for purposes of an active desktop setup. not remote use only local. so theres no issue about calling to a local file. also when loading the file i get a bunch of script errors but everything validates in dreamweaver so i dont know.
  3. does 1.4.5 beta 2 have the correct dll to be able to integrate the dll patch into the iso?
  4. funny that the dll never got redownloaded on mine.
  5. i opened wlmbrand.dll with resource hacker and removed all the Qwest graphics and saved it then reloaded messenger and it didnt have the branding graphics there and didnt change background colors and everything. I have this same problem as well, but I can't find that file. I am running Live Beta 8.5.1238.0601 on Vista. Any suggestions just search on C for wlmbrand.dll and it should come up. i dont use vista so i couldnt tell you what exact folder itd be in so just search.
  6. i opened wlmbrand.dll with resource hacker and removed all the Qwest graphics and saved it then reloaded messenger and it didnt have the branding graphics there and didnt change background colors and everything.
  7. that was one option i checked. Mess Patch has no option for debranding or removing a Qwest specific button. only has options for the default install of Live Messenger. EDIT: well i fixed it by resource hacking the dll file and removing all the Qwest stuff so theres nothing for it to brand with
  8. few days ago i restarted and all of a siddenly my Windows Live Messenger is labelled Qwest Messenger. also theres a "Go To Qwest Live" button in the top panel as well. i wanna get rid of all the branding stuff whenever i restart so it doesnt come back. anyone know how? i have figured out a temporary solution involinvg removing the dll file and some registry entries but it keeps coming back. i have contacted Qwest and they said that it sounds like something i should talk to MSN support about so i have done that and they couldnt help either. i searched google and found theres some deal MS and Qwest made so i figured thats why it is happening but i want control over stuff on my computer and i dont want stupid advertising on my computer. really annoying. it changes the window title, color, adds an icon in the top panel and changes background for convo windows GRRRR
  9. well im not sure how to make nero portable but for the reg entries all youd need is 2 .reg files, one to add them to run it then another to remove them after youre done using nero or something.
  10. any chance of making a portable version of this? btw really nice work comrpessing this and cutting all the unneeded crap out
  11. this is for an English OS and the username was one word, no spaces. its weird htough i went and put Administrators in "s and ran it on my computer and checked the user groups and it worked fine so out of curiosity i went and removed the quotes and ran it again and it still worked fine so now im confused why it didnt work int he unattended operation. however could it have had anything to do with i tested the iso in VMWare instead maybe
  12. i have set it to create a new user but when i got it installed and logged in i found out they were just a User not Admin heres a copy of my useraccounts.cmd course "EndUser" isnt the real users name
  13. Will this work with the actionscript build into flash? no idea. havent coded flash myself. this was just the code in the prepackaged active desktop thing i got a while back and modified to my own needs slightly
  14. code for the command line box is: <div id="console" style="position: absolute; left: 351px; bottom: 1px"> <span class="title">c o m m a n d l i n e : : . .</span><br /> <input type="text" class="textbox" onkeypress="if(event.keyCode==13) { ShellExJ(this.value); this.value='' }" /> </div> code for running a program is (Unreal Tournament 2004 as example) <div id="progList" style="position: absolute; left: 1105px; top: 61px"> <div align="right"> <span class="title">G a m e s</span><br /> <a target="_self" onClick=" ShellExJ('C:/UT2004/System/UT2004.exe')" href="javascript:;">UT2k4 :: </a><br /> </div> </div>
  15. twas the royale one that wasnt officially released i guess by MS