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  1. Ah. I just tried all the letters in the alphabet to see what would happen. Here's the result: A - Administrator mode B - ? C - ? D - Not supported E - Not supported F - ? G - Create logfile H - Not supported I - Not supported J - Not supported K - CD Key L - Not supported M - ? N - Username O - Orginazation name P - Not supported Q - Quiet install; Q0: Quiet show exit; Q1 Quiet hide exit; QT Quiet hide all; QNT Quiet with reboot surpressed R - Reinstall S - ? T - ? U - Uninstall; UA Uninstall remove all V - Not supported W - Not supported X - Network logfile Y - Install without copying Z - ? (An messagebox appears with the text: "The source path value is invalid") For example: acmsetup /QNT /N edokter
  2. Anybody knows the hidden switches for acmsetup.exe? One of the hidden switches (those that are not in the usage box, acmsetup.exe /?) is /T <filename>, which specifies an Table File. I need more of those swithes, such as User an Company name. Are there more?