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  1. I finally got a chance to spend some time looking into this issue of Windows 8 BSOD's. Unfortunately, it didn't do much good. There seems to be no special pattern for blue screens appearing in Win8 (that's what I was hoping to find), they happen for all sorts of reasons. But I can say that a Google search for "windows 7 bsod" gave back 5.78 million results, while a search for "windows 8 bsod" produced 4.9 million results... and Windows 8 has only been out for 17 months, if you include the preview versions. (A search for "windows vista bsod" came back with 3.46 million results. ) I thought we were told that Windows 8 would be so much more stable than any previous edition of Windows? Sorry I wasn't more help. --JorgeA it was so funny No way..w8 is unsurpassed in regard of BSODs. Im a living witness
  2. Man, oh man -- the parallels to "1984" do keep coming. This is an exact, digital-era version of the memory hole. Wow. --JorgeA As I always said..w8 is nothing more than a w3.11..full of gapes.
  3. That was funny, I'd never seen that video. Somebody expert should investigate your issue with all the Windows 8 BSOD's. I would be curious to know what's causing them. --JorgeA BSODs r not so frequent, but in regard of w7, they r.. e.g., in W7 BSOD never occurred. Also, there is no rule, simply it happens without any logical conclusion, i.e. clue . btw,I expect a 'BLUE' thing or SP1 would b a solution. I'm no expert on such deep technical issues, but I'll look around and see what turns up with respect to Win8 and BSODs. --JorgeA bru,10x a LOT, oppinion, on a such delicate _M$_ issue, wolud b..(as u know)..there is no obligate worrying until SP1 came up. I believe, all probs. would b settled down then. In any would b appreciated.
  4. That was funny, I'd never seen that video. Somebody expert should investigate your issue with all the Windows 8 BSOD's. I would be curious to know what's causing them. --JorgeA BSODs r not so frequent, but in regard of w7, they r.. e.g., in W7 BSOD never occurred. Also, there is no rule, simply it happens without any logical conclusion, i.e. clue . btw,I expect a 'BLUE' thing or SP1 would b a solution.
  5. <C> Then we heard of Windows "Blue" a month after Windows 8 launch: Windows Blue is Microsoft's future low-cost OS with yearly updates ( 2012-11-28 ). Now let's review what the color "Azure" actually is. Wikipedia: Azure (color) Obviously: Azure == Blue ( color ) == Cloud Services == Windows "Blue" and other application Updates So it should be pretty simple now to disregard as propaganda the Windows Update called "Blue" and instead associate it with Cloud instead. Perhaps finally the long suspected pushing of subscription models into all their products, in fact I'd say it is patently obvious this is the direction. First they offer both Office Desktop and Office 364, then phase out the workstation software as the company suicide proceeds. Then, take next product, rinse repeat, continue until all products are subscription and all normal users hate their guts. ( Ironically with the crazy pace of Windows releases at almost every 3 years since Win3x, you might say we already have a subscription model, just divide the price by 3 to see what your annual bill already is. The same exact thing can be said for Office obviously in the identical time frame. ) However, this isn't the mistake I was thinking about, though indeed the subscription thing is a mistake. No, the mistake ( also noticed by at least one Register commenter ) is the 3 year ongoing evolution to all things "Blue". IBM owns everything blue, at least in spirit but more likely in copyright as well. Big Blue is IBM, so perhaps Little Blue is Microsoft? The mistake is actually two-fold ... (1) another possible Metro-like trademark infringement, and (2) the obvious bad idea of opening up themselves to all manner of parody - BSOD ( blue screen of death ), Singing the Blues, and even the Titanic sinking in a Blue Ocean. Okay, I'll start ... EDIT: typos ..yep, thats what Im talking about,bru. Since w3.11, there is no such a numbness BSODs. Take a look @ the near past: doubt, culprit must b an Apple looks like, windows navigator
  6. This 1 is straight in a head.
  7. Wow. Stability is paramount for an operating system that's promoted as simple enough for "the masses" to use. If what you're experiencing starts happening to a lot of people, it will be another nail in the coffin for Windows 8. --JorgeA Im not the only one complaining about BSODs.. W8 'simplicity' is just another u know..
  8. LOVED that logo!!! Anybody feel like printing up a few thousand of those on adhesive backing, then going around to computer stores and sticking them on Surfaces and new PCs? --JorgeA Sincerely,ive didnt saw so much BSODs..since w3.11 (in regard of w8)
  9. Despite what I've been told by PC store techs about how the Win8 desktop is "just like 7," and that Metro is simply built "on top of it," obviously it is not. A program (like Registry First Aid) that you used fine in 7, seems to screw up 8. Hmm, if RFA stops all Metro apps from working... ...then maybe whatever they do could serve as the foundation for a Metro killer. B) The problem that you report, may become the solution for Windows 8! --JorgeA Im fed up of trying to catch up with a w8 clues..Ive had it! I doubt it, coz..what 4 probs as Ive been mentioned before..? It was meant 2b a strawberry on a top of a tart,but its not..Metro isnt in a state of the art..obviously. Solution would b downgrade to w7,till the day w8/SP2 rise up. ..the easiest way culprit 2b found. Its a troll, how classic&pathetic!
  10. Stalking probs throughout a system,like everyday,became nauseous As far as I know, RFA (RegistryFirstAid) is a crisp in registry-tweaking, tho.. Yesteryears, including w7, RFA obeyed any reg. task, without a complain.. When Ive tried the same in a W8, all Metro apps stops working..omg..only sys.restore brings all stuff in a previous state. Actually, Ive applied RFA's default trigger tweaking, regardless, thats screwed up some Metro related keys in a reg.base. Any hint on appropriate reg. tweaking app for a w8 ? btw, Ive just saw a thread about a _win8 reg mod. please, move it to there.
  11. Ditto. Rather than drive new computer sales, the Windows 8 price increase will probably drive eBay auctions. So far there are a few. Some show retail in box and some mention digital, but I see no clear way to filter them at the moment. One is listed as $31.99 with no bids and 2 days left. Hmmm, is it possible that buying it low at $39 before the increase to $199 still isn't a sure bet. Man, that would be telling if it can't even sell at eBay above the sale price. The other problem is the huge mess of SKU choices. Even reading through Thurrott's detailed explanation is still clear as mud to me, I can imagine what it's like for the non-Techie and n00b. P.S. Anyone notice the crazy changes to Google images? Where are all the choices for alternate sizes? Artificial tug a price is nothing but yet another upsy daisy, forged by M$ HQ.
  12. I use Safari,(my default browser) everything works like a charm..
  13. Yes,that would b mine opinion,also..thats a salary we must 2 pay. Dont know what means 'a different Metro-style browser' ? There is only Metro IE style, no others. Yes,Ive tried to return IE's default values in Control Panel,..tried to manage with Internet Options (in a desktop IE) restore all prefs..but nothing happened.
  14. Hi to community. My opinion, after a month using of a Windows 8 is as follows: 1) Metro UI is not so bad, if it works. What that supposed to mean? Well, as I mentioned already, after a month of using W8, when I tried to do some tweak changes, under the hub, what I get is..regret! My first frustration: When I had pulled off default privileges on IE..instantly, Metro IE stops working as it expected to work. Yet another feign by M$, I presume.. This is a scenario: Clicking on a Metro IE flag, brings it in a focus, but a few seconds after that..metro IE escape in a background (upper left corner), and instead.. disclosure a whole Metro UI in a front..and in a circle..i.e. clicking on a IE ,(in a upper left corner), it appears..but after of a 1-2 secs. dissapear , and brings a Metro UI,instead..and around..and around... WTF!?!?! Tried every possible options tweak, but in vain. Yes, Ive tried, also, to return HIS def. privileges under the ControlPanel..but all efforts r useless. Also,,tried under the Internet Options/Programs/and Advanced to gain a previous state..what u see is what I get Thats about complacency in regard of Win8/Metro UI. ..list of probs will b continued.