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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply,but i am sorry that i had format my partition after i find the assignment error.so i can't give u my reg file But i used another inst tool and everything goes well (I choose both Inst & boot drive as C),It is also based on Fujianabc's NT6 Fast Installer,but Its interface is Chinese... hope you can find its code and get something useful. http://www.mediafire.com/?6of8xdbm9lmusfb
  2. I use it to install windows 7 from pe(XP based) and select both the boot drive and installation drive as C(first and primary partition of hdd) OK everything goes well... Then after installation finished,I go to "my computer" and I found my OS partition becomes the letter D ..... and it's unchangeable ... I tried again with other option such as change the instdrive to D or mount installation drive as D,but still have some letter errors: in my computer there comes a virtual partition B,it is the same as C(now C is the OS partition)....