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  1. yes!! finally worked! it was the 6to4 microsoft adapters that was the problem... i had 690 of them (see picture), used devmanview and was able to uninstall them all in a few mins and the cpu usage went down. i seem to have quite a large amount of copies of different other devices too but im not sure i want to mess around with that at this point since it seems to work quite well, is a total 287 devices in the device manager alot? it would however be nice to know why this happened to i can stop it if it is still going on... any ideas? /marko
  2. hey again, thanks for the help earlier. unfortunately the driver update did no difference. i did however read somewhere to look if i could see "tunnel adapters for ISATAP, 6to4, or Teredo" when running ipconfig /all, which i tried, the odd thing was that instead of a few lines with the usual ipconfig stuff i got a long list of (roughly translated): Tunnel connection: Connection to local network* 1 State: Disconnected Connection specific DNS-suffix: ___ (as in nothing) Tunnel connection: Connection to local network* 2 State: Disconnected Connection specific DNS-suffix: ___ (except for the last one where its said LAN) and so on until 680ish. im guessing that this isnt good and could be whats draining the cpu, right? Any advice on what this means or how to reduce or remove these tunnel connections? Thanks
  3. Thanks! http://www.mediafire.com/?bp37a9ryhnau10o Hope it works
  4. Hi, I'm using Windows 7 64-bit on a laptop with a wireless internet connection. Im having similar 100% cpu usage problems because of svchosts. The cpu is constantly at 100% for atleast 20 mins after startup or rebooted network connection, if the computer is left alone to run the services. Once everything is running its fine and the cpu settles at 20-30%. According to the processmonitor the problem seem to have something to do with iphlpsvc, netman, lanman and possibly some other service, which are the services that run during the problems. I've seen people with similar issues with for example Win 7 beta but havent found any fix. Any help would be VERY appreciated! Thanks