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  1. Seemingly nice , but also Opera cannot seemingly download it . If you can, you should provide an alternate download. Additionally, you may want to start a NEW thread here: where it is likely it would get more visibility. jaclaz Yes you're right, I provided a alternative link for download Please try again LINK REMOVED Thanks for the feedback!
  2. For everyone who wants to install Windows XP on SATA controller I recommend the following application: LINK REMOVED The best method so far! 1. is free 2. not require modification of the Windows installation files 3. is rapid 4. is easy 5. no floppy emulator or USB floppy is required The method involves using a USB drive to load F6 drivers, they are put in FDD.ISO floppy image. The application comes with "UniATA driver" that works with a lot of SATA controllers. You can add your drivers editing the image FDD.ISO. Installation involves booting from USB drive and choosing the location corresponding to the Windows XP installation files. Good luck!
  3. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR THIS WORK, with all due respect.