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  1. Google XP drivers CD. You can download an ISO for free. It contains virtually ALL universal XP drivers. You can point your sound device to the CD in Device Manager and it will search and install automatically. Then you can use windows update for the most recent driver.
  2. In the BIOS there is a setting that changes the SATA HDD to run in IDE compatability. Change the setting and your done. Install XP and your good to go. There is NO NEED to search high and low for SATA drivers.
  3. have you tried using an ip address in the browser? is If it works than you have a DNS cache issue. Flushing the DNS cache should resolve the issue. I come to this conclusion based on your statements. Pining an IP address works fine. Using a name in a browser does not. Can you ping another computer on your network by name? My guess would be no. Command line C:>ipconfig /flushdns
  4. Have you tried to select the partition the OS is installed on? The next screen should give you the options to creat, delete partitions. There is a repair option there too. Thats the one you want. It will simulate an install. Don't worry it does NOT destroy files. It overwrites the OS files only.